Our 5 Favourite Food Trucks in Buenos Aires

09 November 2022
09 November 2022
Our 5 Favourite Food Trucks in Buenos Aires

Today we’re going to share with you our favourite food trucks in Buenos Aires. Because sharing is caring, and the food in Argentina is outstanding!

Down below you’ll discover classic street food in Buenos Aires, as well as some tasty influences from far afield.

There’s even a speciality cocktail truck for those that want to get the party started following their event catering in Buenos Aires.

So enjoy, friends, and let us know which one you loved most!

1. Moscu Truck

Moscu Truck Food Truck for Hire in Buenos Aires via Facebook

So here we go. Our first bit of street food in Buenos Aires for you today is Moscu Truck. They are experts in outdoor corporate catering, with a fleet of hip open-top VW Beatles.

They do a medley of cool comfort foods from tacos to burgers, sushi, and empanadas. Basically, anything you fancy, they’ll make it for you! And perhaps best of all for events with a party theme, they do amazing cocktails too!

2. Los del Shawarma

Los del Shawarma Street food in Buenos Aires via Facebook

Los del Shawarma is the next food truck for hire in Buenos Aires you need to know about. This is the perfect event catering for informal events where fast food is what’s called for.

This food truck in Buenos Aires gives you all your favourite classics from the Middle East like Shawarma, Lehmeyun, Baklava, Tabouleh, Turkish Pizza, and more. Plus, your guests will love the authentic vertical spinning kebab grill!

3. Food Truck Argentina

Food Truck Argentina Event Catering in Buenos Aires via Clarin

Food Truck Argentina is a treasure trove of Argentinean-themed sandwiches and hamburgers.

You’ll be able to taste some legendary street food of Buenos Aires like a Patagonian lamb sandwich with caramelized onions and potato or the iconic Pan Choripan.

And on the side, you can have patas bravas, french fries, and outstanding knife-cut Patagonian lamb empanadas.

4. Estoy Comiendo

Estoy Comiendo Food Truck in Buenos Aires via Facebook

Estoy Comiend is the next food truck in Buenos Aires for your consideration. This food truck specialises in warm social events, showcasing some of the best street foods in Buenos Aires, like medialunas, alfajores, and empanadas.

They also make wonderful tacos, paellas, and steaks. One of their signature meals is their huge fully-loaded sandwiches, bound to leave your guests feeling happy.

5. Romero Olivas Sabores Gourmet

 Omero Livas Abores Ourmet Ood Ruck For Ire In Uenos Ires Via Acebook
Romero Olivas Sabores Gourmet Food Truck for Hire in Buenos Aires via Facebook

The final food truck in Buenos Aires to consider today is Romero Olivas Sabores.

They describe themselves as “an exquisite Gourmet concept of noble meats marinated in fine herbs, wine reduction and Asado”

In short, this team have a keen expertise in working with beef. They use fresh bread, with locally sourced garnishes that take their meat expertise to the next level and beyond!

So if you’re looking for that perfect Asado flavour for your event catering in Buenos Aires, this is the food truck for you!

Wrapping up

So there you have it, we hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best food trucks in Buenos Aires.

Now all you need is the perfect venue in Buenos Aires. We can help you with that too. We have a gorgeous selection of locations to suit every occasion!

And finally, before you go, follow up your interest in this city’s food trucks by reading our ultimate guide to food in Buenos Aires.  

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