Great Neighbourhoods in Copenhagen for Corporate Events

15 February 2021
15 February 2021
Great Neighbourhoods in Copenhagen for Corporate Events

As humble origin stories go, Copenhagen’s pretty good. Founded in the 10th century, as a Viking fishing village, it has certainly come of age.

In just 500 years, it became the nation’s capital and cemented its status as the region’s biggest kid on the block.

The Vikings might not have planned for their little village to become a major settlement in this 21st century. But here we are. It’s a hub for international business, culture, tourism, and perhaps your next international corporate event?

This article will show you why you should host a corporate event in Copenhagen and which part is best suited for your requirements.


If the residents of Vesterbro-past could see their area in the present day, they wouldn’t believe their eyes! It was once a very gritty area.

Today, Vesterbro retains its edge. It still serves as Copenhagen’s red-light district. However, it has to be said, not with the same vigour as the counterpart areas of Amsterdam, Hanover, or Berlin.

If you book an event here, you’ll enjoy being in an area in transition. It’s becoming more family-friendly and developing quite the buzzing food scene.

It’s just to the west of the city centre too, which is easily commutable. Your event will be well placed to take advantage of fashionable cafes, galleries, craft breweries and some very pretty parks.

Kødbyen – also known as the meatpacking district – is where Vesterbro is most alive. Your events here will be hip and poised for nightlife.

luxury boutique hotel room
Luxury Boutique Hotel via Eventflare

Where to Stay in Vesterbro

Try this luxury boutique hotel with cool industrial rooms. The raw concrete walls might sound uninviting, but they really work. The rooms and common areas are open and spacious.

The rooms have large windows that offer lovely views of the local area. Each room has Smart HDTV’s, room service, superb WiFi, and a well-stocked minibar.

At the top of the historic building, you have an Italian restaurant with 360-degree views of the city.


Just to the north of the city centre, you have Nørrebro. It’s a multicultural, friendly, and infectious place to be.

There are many international food shops, clothing stores, and vintage places and coffee shops for you and your guests to explore at your leisure during the day.

The diversity in restaurants is pretty cool too. From Michelin-starred restaurants, to pub grub, to international places. Your guests will certainly be well fed!

Ordinarily, a stroll through a cemetery might be quite a macabre affair. But Assistens Kirkegård cemetery is not only the resting place of some of Denmark’s finest – such as Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kirkegaard – it’s also a charming green space that is lovely for strolls.

brewery for events in copenhagen
Nørrebro Brewhouse via noerrebrobryghus

Where to Host Meetings in Nørrebro

Nørrebro Brewhouse exemplifies this area with aplomb. It’s unpretentious, friendly, and chill.

Although it’s an informal venue, it’s super sleek. The wood, brick, glass, steel live in harmony amongst the brewing factory.

It’s great for a team meeting because they have some brilliant beer and quality AV equipment for all your technical needs.

What’s more, you can rent a room for between 4 and 90 people. Or go the distance – rent the whole place and invite up to 350 people!


If you’re skimming through looking for something upmarket, you can stop now. Østerbro is your stop. Likewise, if you’re looking for a local hotspot away from the tourists, alight here.

You and your guests will appreciate the dining and shopping opportunities. The 3-Michelin star restaurant Geranium is a wise choice for those looking to book a dining experience.

And for some choice recreation, you have the colourful homes on Brumleby and Olufsvej, the green oasis that is Fælledparken, and Copengagen’s most eastern set of lakes to explore.

stylish hotel in copenhagen
Stylish Nordic Hotel via Eventflare

Where to Stay in Østerbro

The thing about upmarket hotels in upmarket areas is that some properties overdo it. Too much going on can lead to a despondent sense of tackiness.

That’s certainly not the case with this stylish hotel with its uncluttered Nordic design. The focus is on quality design and build, with the most modern technology available. Anything else is superfluous.

Booking here will give you peace of mind, and ample rest to attack the city and your events.


It’s not just the Dutch that has a monopoly on reclaiming land from the sea. Christianshaven is an artificial island in the city centre that is ever so charming. They even have a canal Amsterdam would be jealous of!

The canal is lined with boats, making it a cracking spot to take some pictures. You and your team can feel like locals when you join them in sitting along the water’s edge.

For a breath of fresh air and some remarkable views, you can go up the golden spiral of the Church of Our Saviour.

Despite its small size, Christianshaven has three Michelin star restaurants. So it is a strong choice if you want to impress your guests with culinary excursions.

multiporpuse space
Multipurpose Space via Eventflare

Where to Host an Event in Østerbro

This multipurpose space for trendy celebrations is in the harbour. The 240-year-old warehouse was restored in 2003 to give it all the amenities and qualities of modern-day event spaces while retaining its historic core.

The wooden beams, vast windows, and open, breathable space give it a real positive vibe. And splendid panoramic views of the Nyhavn and Opera aren’t to be sniffed at either.

If you fancy throwing a seated event, it can accommodate anywhere between 20 and 170 people. And for a standing event, you can host up to a maximum of 250 people. So this venue is well suited to both small and large events.


Although surrounded by Copenhagen, Frederiksberg is technically its own municipality.

It’s famous for its luscious green spaces and beautiful apartment buildings.

The focal point of this area, however, has to be Have. In the middle of this expansive park, you’ll find an 18th-century palace. The park also has a Chinese pavilion, a heron colony, and an elephant viewing area.

This area is really popular, and rightly so. It’s unapologetically posh, with a silly number of high fashion stores and fancy boutiques. The restaurants are elegant to boot too.

As a rule, any area with boulevards lined with trees is usually an upmarket part of the world. And friends, the trees and the boulevards in Frederiksberg are very well maintained.

restaurant with natural light
Haveselskabet via Facebook

Where to Host a Private Dining Event in Frederiksberg

Remember when we said that dining in this area was as elegant as it gets? Well, Exhibit A: Haveselskabet. The team at The Royal Danish Horticultural Society is the same behind the renowned Mielcke & Hurtigkarl restaurant.

They have four unique venues on site: The Paradehus, Brondsalen, The First Floor, and The Orangerie. Events can range from meetings to parties, to receptions.

Wrapping up

Copenhagen is an excellent place for tourists to indulge in Nordic fantasies. But we love how liveable it is. It’s easy to go there and blend in like a native. The combination of tourist wonderland and modern, modest, powerhouse, makes Copenhagen a really cool place to host corporate events.

If you’re as enamoured as we are, you’re probably thinking about where to stay. We can help you with that. Check out our guide to Copenhagen’s best hotels and take your enamourment to the next level.

Featured image: Copenhagen via unsplash

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