Our 7 Favourite Caterers in Copenhagen

27 April 2021
27 April 2021
Our 7 Favourite Caterers in Copenhagen

Listen up closely, because we’re about to share our favourite caterers in Copenhagen with you.

Why? Because we’re passionate about quality corporate events, and we’re tired of sad buffet food.

Going that extra step for your guests and your team will be worth it, trust us. And besides, you’ll get to partake in the feast too.

So take this as your concise guide to the best event food in the wonderful city of Copenhagen. We hope you’ve had lunch already because this stuff is envy-inducing, now let’s go!

1) Hija de Sanchez

modern dish with avocado
Hija de Sanchez via Lovesanchez

Hija de Sanchez is a Mexican eatery by Rosio Sanchez. The sister restaurant Sanchez is famous in its own right, but you also might recognise Rosio from her appearance on Netflix’s Ugly Delicious.

It’s a contemporary cantina in the heart of Nordhavn. There is an emphasis on respecting the heritage of Mexican cuisine while reaching out a hand to the local Nordic culture.

What makes Hija de Sanchez all the more special is the heirloom corn they use. It comes all the way from Mexico, where they work with partners that use sustainable and traditional methods to ensure a superior final product.

Their menu is short but packs a punch, with classics like tacos barbacoa, and side dishes such as homemade tortilla chips, rice and beans, and of course, lots of exciting salsas.

2) Dining Six

steak with yellow sauce in a white plate
Dining Six Via Facebook

Dining Six is the project of 6 friends, hence its name. Founded in 2009 their philosophy is one that treasures good relationships in work, life, and pride in quality products.

From starting from scratch all those years ago they’ve grown to a fleet of 10 restaurants and a superb private catering service.

The diversity of their services is eye-watering, from traditional Danish food to Spanish taps, from small events to large. They even do cook it yourself if you want to make a team-building exercise of it.

What’s more, they also vary their services for different price ranges, so whatever your budget is they have some exciting options for you.

3) Kokkeriet

elegant dish with caviar on a grey plate
Kokkeriet via Facebook

If you insist on having catering from a Michelin-Starred restaurant, then we can oblige. Say hello to Kokkeriet.

Their cuisine is very much dependent on the season. From light dishes in the summer, to warm homely food in the winter. They try not to be tied down by motifs. You’ll see tradition, innovation, minimalism, over-the-top eccentricity, and so on. Prepare to be surprised regardless.

For example, as of just now they have things like cauliflower with truffle and egg yolk. Or how about Lobster in a carrot bisque?

And finally, they develop a wine list and a menu especially for your event, regardless of the size or the occasion.

4) Wedo 

fresh salade. dry fuits and bottles with juice
Wedo via Facebook

Wedo isn’t just a salad and health food wonder place, they express an encompassing philosophy of life. For them, health is well-being and vice versa.

They specialise in groovy salads but also make some remarkable breads, desserts, drinks, and do meat and fish options as well.

For a taste of their classic salads, we’d go for the Asian, Beef Bernaise, and the Ceaser.

5) Copper and Wheat 

Copper and Wheat
Copper and Wheat via Facebook

Copper and Wheat is a street food atelier that puts a modern take on traditional culinary concepts. Their food has the joys of being both conscious and regional.

It has an unmistakable French accent to it combining rural dishes with an urban twist. Their Belgian style fries are remarkable. You’ll get classics like duck confit, fried chicken, and lasagne.

It’s a great caterer if you want to get in on the excitement of the food trucks and street food scene.

6) Gaudium 

Gaudium via Facebook
Gaudium via Facebook

If you want to experience some authentic Nordic cuisine then we think you’ll love Gaudium.

Believe it or not, it’s Denmark’s best-rated catering company. And that’s no surprise considering their menu is designed by renowned Nordic Michelin chef Robert ”Fabio” Petersen

Their range is incredible, being able to accommodate everything from student parties to Christmas celebrations. And not only is the food sublime, but they also put an emphasis on good value.

So if you like the sound of tender beer served with mushrooms, shallots, lemon and garlic followed by chocolate cake, then Gaudium is perfect for you.

7) Chef at Home

Chef at Home via Facebook
Chef at Home via Facebook

Chef at Home isn’t just private catering. It’s a private chef. Whatever your event, chef Frederik Sundberg will be there from start to finish, allowing you to live by his motto, “Eat, enjoy, relax.”

The menu is specially designed to your wishes and your needs, regardless of the size. It’s an extravagant affair too.

You could be eating the finest caviar and truffles you can get your hands on. Or how about steak tartar? There’s also a passion for desserts and tailored wine pairing to make it an all-encompassing culinary experience.

And after your wine, you could always hit up one – or more – of the best bars in Copenhagen?

Wrapping up 

Anyone else hungry? Same. But it’s over now, you can go snack now. We hope you’ve seen something that resonates with you here.

If you’re in the market for exciting event spaces, or maybe just curious, you can check out our Venues in Copenhagen on our platform.

We’ll leave you with a curveball. Why not ditch getting caterers in and go out to them? You can check out our guide to the best private dining rooms in Copenhagen if you want to make an event of the meal instead of your meal being part of the event.

Featured image: Dining Six Via Facebook

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