The 5 Coolest Food Trucks in Dubai For Your Event

31 August 2022
31 August 2022
The 5 Coolest Food Trucks in Dubai For Your Event

One thing you can be sure of is that there is no shortage of food trucks in Dubai. It stands to reason. It’s a city famed for events and recreation, after all.

But narrowing down the very best could take some time. Well, we’ve saved you the search by doing the research for you.

Below you’ll see everything from wagyu beef burgers to authentic Mexican cuisine and classical Europan brunch fare.

So whatever kind of event catering in Dubai you’re looking for, there’s something here to set your stomach rumbling. Enjoy folks!

1. Piazza 17
Piazza 17 via Facebook

So first up, we have Piazza 17. It’s a food truck for hire in Dubai with an Italian soul. Piazza 17 is loved by the locals and streamlined for corporate events.

They have an expansive menu including breakfast, appetisers, pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, dolce, gelato, hot and cold coffees, and mojitos.

Their most popular dishes are the Pizza burrata rucola e pomodorini, pizza pesto, lasagne, avacavo gelato, and the lemon gelato.

As well as being super tasty, they make for a great choice for your event catering in Dubai as they are dedicated to going “Anywhere, anytime at your convenience!” Plus, they even do a customisable menu.

2. Loca Lito
Taco Fish
Loca Lito via Locauae

The next bit of street food in Dubai you need to know about is Loca Lita. If you like authentic Mexican cuisine, you’ve found a winner right here.

Their mission was simple. To challenge the dominance of ‘Tex-Mex’ as the overriding image of Mexican cuisine around the world.

And what a job they’ve been doing. Since 2009 these chefs from Mexico City have been wowing the city of Dubai with sincere and authentic Mexican food.

Your guests will love their extensive menu that covers everything from breakfast to dessert. They’ll have the options of classics like Huevos Rancheros, Tacos al Pastor, Banana Empanada and a whole lot more for them to enjoy!

3. Salt
Salt via Visitdubai

The next food truck in Dubai you need to know about is Salt. They do amazing sliders, burgers, and fries. Your guests will go crazy for them we guarantee it.

Plus, they’re also well known for their heavenly shakes and icecreams. They’re bursting with colour and flavour, so if you’re planning a chill outdoor event, it could be the surprise treat that makes your event one to remember.

Another cool thing we love about Salt is the cool branding and the vintage trucks, sporting a streamlined shining silver body.

4. Alpha Burger
Alpha Burger via Facebook

In a completely opposite direction, how about a military, Post-apocalyptic themed food truck in Dubai? Yes, Alpha Burger has a style all of its own, and the food is pretty spectacular too!

As well as a unique branding experience, your guests will fall head over heels for their signature wagyu beef blends. They also do fried chicken burgers and veggie burgers if beef isn’t your thing.

We also love their incredible crispy fries and their array of toppings, with some of the most decadent portions of bacon and cheese we’ve ever seen on a burger!

5. 1762
1762 via Facebook

And last but certainly not least, we have 1762. It’s event catering in Dubai that is perfect for occasions that require a touch of class; for events with just the subtlest of nostalgic themes.

It’s a gourmet experience showcasing classic European snacks, brunch and lunch cuisine: from BBQs to deli snacks, croissants, pizzas, canapes, eggs benedict, and more. We just love it.

Plus, as well as a customisable menu, one of the standout features is that it’s not a food truck at all, it’s a bus! Yes, a double-decker bus in classic British racing green. It’s a thing of beauty, an original Routemaster bus from the ‘60s: a terrific experience for your guests, no doubt about it.

Wrapping up

So that’s a wrap on our guide to the coolest food trucks in Dubai. We hope you’ve found the perfect street food for your event in Dubai. If you’re struggling to choose just one, here’s an idea, why not hire two? In fact, there’s no reason why you can’t hire them all, just saying.

But moving on from food, don’t forget, you also need a location. Well, we can help you there too, as we have a fabulous selection of Venues in Dubai in every size and style.

And to help you get to grips with the city, please enjoy our guide to the best areas in Dubai [ADD LINK WHEN PUBLISHED]. Goodbye, and good luck!

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