The Ultimate Guide to Getting Around Dubai

04 October 2022
04 October 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Around Dubai

For all of you pondering the best way of getting around Dubai, rest easy. We’ve made the ultimate guide right here.

We consider all of your options, from public transport to car hire. So whatever your budget or your needs, it’s all laid out in plain terms down below.

It’s a modern city with an old soul. The result is a charming diversity when it comes to getting around.

So get reading and enjoy, and make sure to read all the way to the conclusion. We’ll have some bonus expert advice there waiting for you!

Public Transport in Dubai

You’ll be happy to know that the public transport in Dubai is a fully integrated system run by the RTA (Royal Transport Authority). It’s modern, affordable, and reliable.

Metro Dubai via Findproperties

The metro in Dubai is very easy to navigate. There are two convenient lines: a red one and a green one. They will take you to and from the airport and run through all the key areas of the city.

Interestingly, the metro in Dubai is the largest driverless train system. Plus, the carriages are completely air-conditioned, with comfortable seating and affordable prices.

Another low-cost way of getting around in Dubai is by bus. And just like the metro, buses in Dubai go to and from the airport and through all the major areas in the city with over 140 routes. Plus, a key advantage to taking a bus in Dubai is that they run 24 hours a day!

A more recent fixture to the public transport of Dubai is trams. They connect the highly populated residential and commercial areas of Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Media City. It’s one of the cheapest ways of getting around Dubai at a flat rate, regardless of the journey length.

Getting Around Dubai via Alles Over Dubai

Another cool way of getting around Dubai is via monorail. This form of transportation is exclusive to The Palm, connecting it to the main island. It’s a smooth panoramic experience and worth taking even if you have no other business in The Palm.

The final element of public transport in Dubai you need to know about is the ferry. The RTA offers water taxis to cross the Creek as well as the Dubai Ferry that traverses several destinations along the coastline.

Sadly, however, it’s not the cheapest or the quickest way of getting around Dubai. However, it does make for a scenic experience for those who have time to cruise and admire the views.

And the final word on getting around Dubai via public transport is to get an NOL Card. This all-in-one card allows you to use all of the above!

Getting a Taxi in Dubai

Taxi in Dubai via Uitp

We’re happy to say that we can recommend getting a taxi in Dubai. They’re run by the RTA, with distinctive cream bodies, and each division uses different coloured roofs to identify themselves. You’ll find them outside hotels, shopping centres and famous landmarks

They’re convenient and adorable. You can pre-book or hail one on the street.Fares typically start at AED5 (£1.02) and rise by around AED2 (41p) per kilometre.

Alternatively, you can use popular ride-sharing apps such as Uber for getting around Dubai instead of a conventional taxi.

Care Hire in Dubai

And of course, an obvious way of getting around Dubai is by car. It’s very easily navigated by road, with 5 main routes running through the city.

As for car hire in Dubai, it’s all very easy. It’s a competitive market, with all the big names in the car hire game competing for businesses like Hertz, Sixt, and Europecar.

What’s unique about car hire in Dubai is the sheer range of options available in terms of size and style. There are plenty of pick-up and drop-off locations in and around the city and of course at the airport. To that end, we recommend using a comparison website like Kayak to find the deal that suits you best!

Cycling in Dubai

Indeed, cycling in Dubai is a great option for getting around the city. Whether you’re exploring or commuting to and from events.

The city has introduced a number of new urban bike paths that are safe and convenient. And getting your hands on a bike is easy too. The RTA has introduced a mass bike-sharing scheme called Careem BIKE.

An alternative way of cycling in Dubai is to rent a bike from private companies, with Netbike, Byky, and Trek Bikes being the most popular.

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap on our ultimate guide to getting around Dubai. We hope we’ve put all your queries and questions to rest! If you want to know anything else, we’d love to hear from you.

Now you know your way around, your next mission is to choose one of our fantastic venues in Dubai.

And before you go, make sure you read our guide to the best areas in Dubai. You’ll be more knowledgeable and inspired than ever, trust us!

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