Our 5 Favourite Event Caterers in Helsinki

01 November 2022
01 November 2022
Our 5 Favourite Event Caterers in Helsinki

If you’re looking for an event caterer in Helsinki, then look no further. Because you’ve just found a guide to our favourites.

All you need to do is scroll down and pick the one that’s perfect for you. We’ve got a taste to suit every palette, from pub food to the taste of the Philippines.

We’re excited for you to check out this guide to the best caterers in Helsinki. Because event food is so important! It could be the difference that takes your event from good to unforgettable.

So get reading, and enjoy. And make sure to read all the way to the conclusion. We’ll have some bonus expert advice waiting there for you!

1. Soupster

Soupster Event Catering in Helsinki
Soupster Event Catering in Helsinki via Soupster

Kicking off our guide to caterers in Helsinki is Soupster. A group Henri Alén said the following about it, “The influence of chefs with international backgrounds was visible: cross-kitchen was born with soul, rage and a message.”

This group’s story started in 1997, and since then they’ve organised over 10,000 events, ranging from intimate private dining experiences for 20 people to galas for over other thousands.

They pride themselves on their case-by-case process when it comes to menu design for their clients. They’ve got a great versatility of style too, offering everything from pre-Christmas to cocktail bites, burgers, vegan, Japanese street food, sushi, buffets, Italian, breakfast, and modern bistro.

2. Treffi Pub

Treffi Pub Caterers in Helsinki via Facebook

Treffi Pub event catering in Helsinki is a la carte dishes with a Scandinavian twist, offering a mix-bag of treats from Asian fusion kitchen to award-winning local burgers.

They describe their food as unpretentious, high-quality, and driven by fresh ingredients. What we also love about Treffi is that it’s a caterer with a distinct style and atmosphere, typified by its authentic charcoal grill.

Their menu is full of fun surprises like escargots for starters, a halloumi salad on the side, fish and chips for a main, homemade ice cream for dessert, and a whole lot more besides that!

3. Paisano

Paisano Event Caterer in Helsinki
Paisano Event Caterer in Helsinki via Facebook

Our next hot selection for your corporate catering in Helsinki is Paisano. It’s a dazzling Filipino kitchen with a Helsinki twist.

At Paisano, they are constantly releasing new menu options driven by local and seasonal ingredients.

Although they primarily give you food inspired by the Philippines, showcasing small dishes from all over the 7,107 island nation, they also make superb pieces of Italian, Afternoon tea, Japanese, Finnish, breakfast, and cocktail food.

And to make your experience complete, they also have a fantastic menu of house cocktails, and well-curated wine selection, and plenty of draft beers for you to choose from!

4. Pobre

Pobre Corporate Catering Helsinki via Pobre

Pobre is another example of the famed Filipino caterers in Helsinki. The Pobre experience is one that emphasises the tradition of Filipino cuisine as a shared experience.

This concept of casual-modern food was created by six young chefs from the Philippines. It’s a concept inspired by street food, designed to be delicious and affordable.

There are so many cool things to try on their menu, from the seafood adobo to the bbq chicken and Timppa’s pork charsiu.

5. Levant

Levant Event Catering in Helsinki via Facebook

And alas, this is the last event caterer in Helsinki for today. But we’re leaving you with an absolute gem! Levant is a kitchen that specialises in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean street food.

We love Levant as they have perfected a traditional menu that showcases all the classics of the Middle East and Mediterranean that we’ve all come to know and love.

Your experience with the will begin with a gorgeous meze that includes all the hits like hummus, tzatziki, bread beans, kibbeh, and grilled vegetables.

Then you have a wide selection of salads like tabbouleh and fattoush. After that, you have the stars of the show – the warm dishes. All your favourites are there, from chicken shawarma to lamb tagine, cumin-spiced salmon, moussaka, and more. And to finish off, how about baklava or some chocolate cake?

Wrapping up

And there you have it, our guide to the best event caterers in Helsinki. Let us know which one was your favourite!

In the meantime, where are you going to host your event? We can help you with that too. Just check out our fantastic selection of venues in Helsinki and prepare to be in awe.

And finally, we did promise you some bonus expert advice. So here’s our ultimate guide to team building.

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