The 5 Best Event Florists in Helsinki

29 January 2023
29 January 2023
The 5 Best Event Florists in Helsinki

Come one, come all, on our journey to discover the best event florists in Helsinki.

Here you’ll see everything from avant-garde conceptual flower arrangements to classical table bouquets.

Oh, and we’ll also explore two bonus alternatives to sourcing external florists in Helsinki. So whatever you’re looking for, dive in and enjoy!

1. BUD

BUD Florist in Helsinki via Hellobud

BUD is the brainchild of Rebekka, a self-confessed unconventional florist in Helsinki. Here, you’ll get work that strives for asymmetry, strange lines, depth creation, and juxtapositions.

If you’re interested in seeing their creative expression, they produce an online magazine called BUD-Zine. And if you’re really interested, you can book a workshop to learn the art of their creative process for yourself.

And as for events, BUD is perfect for creative and cultural occasions of any size and style.

2. Hey Look

Hey Look Flowers in Helsinki via Facebook

Hey Look has been creating event flowers in Helsinki since 2011. Their philosophy is to rebel against the tradition of “just putting some pretty flowers on the table.”

Their unique and creative solutions range from minimalist floral decor in the background of sets to full-scale conceptual garden tables.

Their services include brand shoots, content creation, corporate events, creative workshops, and weddings. And being the modern company they are, they also specialise in influencer events.

3. Wild Things

Wild Things Floral design service Helsinki via Facebook

Wild Things is a floral design service in Helsinki inspired by the natural world, with a relaxed, bohemian-ethereal style.

This creative was started by Natalie back in 2016. Since then, they’ve gone on to make greeting cards, candles, soaps, matches, gift boxes, honey, watering cans, prints, slippers, and more.

And Wild Things doesn’t just offer magical floral decor, they also provide hip graphics, illustration, and branded merchandise options.

4. Kampin Kukka

Kampin Kukka Event Florist in Helsinki via Facebook

Up next, we have Kukki, a hip floral design service in Helsinki. They’re great because they can source a huge range of flowers and plants, giving you – the customer – an eye-watering amount of choice.

Another thing we love about Kukki is its awesome plant library. It has an intuitive search and filter function and gives you expert knowledge and care instructions for hundreds of seasonal flowers and house plans.

Plus, they also have a hot newsletter, a gift box service, branded confectionery, and fun party decor.

5. Parone Design

Parone Design Florist in Helsinki via Facebook

Our final event florist in Helsinki today is Parone (Baron) Design. A perfect florist for those who are looking for a traditional flowers-on-the-table service.

Their style is typified by old-school luxury and nostalgia, and they always produce the goods. What we also love about this floral design service in Helsinki is that they are good at working on tight schedules and keeping to a budget.

Parone Design does everything from weddings to corporate events, private parties, and individual floral services.

Pre-Furbished Venue With a Floral Design Service in Helsinki

So, we promised you two more solutions to achieve the perfect flowers in Helsinki for your event. The first is to book an event venue in Helsinki that comes with flower arrangements as part of the deal.

This solution takes away the stress, expense, and hassle of sourcing your event florist in Helsinki externally.

If this interests you, just ask one of our local experts to sort you a tailored list of venues that can facilitate this. Easy peasy!

Hiring an Event Production Company for Your Florist in Helsinki

Your second option for sourcing a top-quality floral design service in Helsinki is to hire an event production company.

For starters, event production companies are pros. Plain and simple. And secondly, production companies – like ourselves at Eventflare – also offer a whole host of other useful services you will need. We cover everything: marketing, winning sponsorship, stage design, entertainment, post-event analyses, and the rest.

So for peace of mind – and quality assurance – merge all your various event planning chores into one lump and hand it over to someone else. All you have to do is enjoy the results!

Wrapping up

And that’s all, folks. How did you like our guide to the best event florists in Helsinki?

It’s been short but sweet. So for those still hungry for handy expert advice, here’s an article covering the best event videographers in Helsinki. Because once you’ve gone to all this effort to find the prettiest flowers in Helsinki, you need to capture them forever.

And finally, make sure you book the best possible event venue in Helsinki with us here at Eventflare.


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