The Best Event Caterers in Istanbul

23 January 2023
23 January 2023
The Best Event Caterers in Istanbul

Event caterers in Istanbul are plentiful, and that’s great. But with lots of choices comes lots of time wasted.

That’s where we can step in – saving you a headache – by narrowing down the list. We’re mad about good catering. We’re happy to do it.

And the list we’ve come up with has catering in Istanbul that represents traditional Turkish cuisine, contemporary fine dining, and influences as far away as Hawaii!

Now, without further ado, tuck in!

1. Meat Moot Smoking
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Meat Moot Smoking Event Catering in Istanbul via Facebook

First up for your consideration of caterers in Istanbul is Meat Moot. As you might have already deciphered, this place is all about meat (especially smoked meat).

This Turkish powerhouse only opened for business in 2021, and already they have locations around the world, from America to Saudi Arabia.

Their specialities include lamb shank, lamb shoulder, beef brisket, lamb neck, and ribs. Plus, they have an array of sauces and sides that complement the meat, of course.

And one thing your guests will appreciate is the presentation. From fancy butcher knives, polished wood chopping boards, and side bowls, it’s bound to be an Instagramable affair!

2. Concept Team
Concept Team Caterer in Istanbul via Facebook

If you’re looking for corporate catering in Istanbul with a gourmet feel, then let us introduce you to Concept Team.

For those asking to see some credentials, that’s not a problem. Exhibit A: their menu was designed by two Michelin-starred Belgian chef Michel Beyls. If that isn’t gourmet, then what is?

Their services range from seated dinner services to buffets and finger food. Plus, they have catering options for meatless services too. So no matter the requirements of your classy affair, they have you covered!

3. Bekard
Bekard Corporate Catering in Istanbul via Facebook

Our next corporate caterer for your consideration is Bekard. If you’ve got a large event to oversee, this could be the caterer for you.

They’re trusted by some of the biggest and most prestigious organisations in the country, like Turkish Airlines and the National Government.

As for their food, they specialise in traditional Turkish food made and presented in a homely fashion. Plus, they have a strong environmental policy, so if you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint, Bekard could be the event caterer in Istanbul for you!

4. Pokémate
Pokémate Corporate Caterers in Istanbul via Facebook

If you’re looking for cuisine from a faraway place, then maybe Pokémate is the caterer in Istanbul for you.

Pokémate specialises in the charming dish known as poke bowls, originating from Hawaii. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s large portions of sushi cut open and served on a plate. They’re known for their vibrant colour and pretty presentation.

What’s cool about Pokémate is they do a classics menu, so you can get a true poke bowl experience. However, they also do a Create Your Own Poke service, where you create your own dish with their range of fresh homemade products. Plus, they even do vegan and gluten-free options!

And best of all – making them one very all-encompassing caterer in Istanbul – they also offer other tastes, like smoothies, desserts, and starters!

5. Istanbul Catering
Catering in Istanbul via Istanbulcatering

Our final catering company in Istanbul for your consideration is Istanbul Catering. They’re great for those looking to offer traditional Turkish cuisine on a large scale.

Their motto is “Taste is the work of the master.” And by that, they’re showing off the excellence of their staff.

From pilaf to kebabs, kofte, shakshuka, and more, they do all the familiar favourites to keep your guest happy!

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our favourite event caterers in Istanbul. We’re sorry if we’ve made your stomach rumble. Choosing your favourite is up to you now!

Moving forward, you’re also going to need an equally awesome event venue in Istanbul, right? Well, just follow the link, and you’ll see our collection. You won’t be disappointed.

And finally, to help you get there, have a quick read of our ultimate guide to getting around Istanbul. It’ll help you cut through the city like a local!

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