The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Side Event at the Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit

by Akshayaa RaniM,  30 October 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 30 October 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Side Event at the Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit

The Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit is just around the corner (29-30th May 2024), and if you're looking to make the most of this prominent blockchain event, hosting a side event can be a fantastic opportunity.

This comprehensive guide offers essential tips to ensure your side event at the Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit is a resounding success!

1. Why Host a Side Event at the Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit?

Hosting a side event at the Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit can be a strategic decision for various reasons:

  • Community Building: Side events provide an ideal platform for building and strengthening the blockchain community.
  • Knowledge Sharing: It allows you to share knowledge, insights, and innovations with like-minded individuals.
  • Networking:Side events offer excellent networking opportunities, facilitating valuable connections with industry experts.
  • Showcasing Innovations: They enable you to showcase your projects, products, or solutions to a targeted audience.
  • Supporting the Ecosystem: Hosting a side event contributes to the growth and development of the local blockchain ecosystem.
  • Attracting Investment:Side events can attract potential investors and partners interested in the blockchain industry.

While hosting a side event may come with its challenges, the benefits of connecting with industry experts, enthusiasts, and investors make it a rewarding experience for those deeply involved in the blockchain world.

2. Choose an Exceptional Event Venue in Istanbul

Selecting the right venue is critical for the success of your side event. Since the Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit is a prestigious event, your chosen venue should match or exceed the standard set by the main summit. Istanbul offers a wide array of event venues, ranging from historic landmarks to contemporary spaces. It's essential to find a venue that aligns with your event's theme and can captivate your attendees.

Why don’t you surprise your guests by booking one of the most unusual event venues in Istanbul?

3. Pick the Hottest Themes for Your Side Event

While the official themes for the Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit may already be set, you can create themes that complement the summit's focus. Addressing emerging topics in the blockchain industry can attract attendees to your side event. Consider themes related to decentralised finance, blockchain scalability, NFTs, or the future of cryptocurrencies.

4. Unique Ideas for a Side Event

The type of side event you choose to host depends on your objectives and the audience you want to engage. Here are some unique ideas for your side event at the Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit:

Blockchain Hackathon: Organise a hackathon to promote collaboration and innovation. Istanbul offers various venues suitable for hackathons.

Blockchain Conference: Consider hosting a blockchain conference, bringing together industry leaders to discuss crucial topics and trends.

Blockchain Workshop: Conduct workshops in unconventional settings to facilitate skill development and knowledge sharing.

Blockchain Networking Gala: Host an elegant gala to promote networking and connections within the blockchain community.

5. Select the Right Speaker for Your Blockchain Conference

Selecting the right speaker is crucial for the success of your blockchain conference. Explore the list of speakers at the Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit and consider inviting some of them to participate in your side event.

Additionally, engage your team, members, or clients for speaker suggestions. Collaborate with our local experts who can help you identify top talent aligned with your event's theme and objectives.

6. Entertainment for Your Istanbul Blockchain Gala

Planning a gala at the Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit? Ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience with quality entertainment options. From live music performances to interactive blockchain demos, there are various ways to keep your gala attendees engaged and entertained throughout the event.

7. Create Eye-catching Swag

Craft unique swag items featuring the Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit's logo or design. These items can serve as attractive giveaways, promoting your brand and leaving a lasting impression on your event attendees. Explore our guide to creating branded event merchandise for innovative ideas to blow away the competition!

8. Find the Best Istanbul Clubs for Your After-party

Don't let the energy fade after your event. Book a top Istanbul club for an exciting after-party that keeps the momentum going. Istanbul offers a vibrant nightlife scene, and our local experts can assist you in finding the best clubs suitable for your team and attendees.

Wrapping Up

We hope you've found these tips valuable for hosting a side event at the Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit. Istanbul offers a wealth of event venues, creative themes, and opportunities to create a memorable experience for your attendees.

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