The Best Cocktail Party Venues in Lisbon

14 December 2020
14 December 2020
The Best Cocktail Party Venues in Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that screams character. They’re very proud of their nightlife – and rightly so. From dancing to silly o’clock, or relaxing as you gaze over the Tagus, there’s satisfying depth ahead. See for yourself in this guide to the best cocktail party venues in Lisbon.

Inspiring Rooftop With a View

Inspiring Rooftop for Cocktail Parties With a View
Inspiring Rooftop With a View via eventflare

This inspiring rooftop has a magnificent view over the Tagus. As a co-working space, it’s a top pick for day to night workdays.

The venue specialises in building creative spaces. They are passionate about venues that inspire business creation and cultural consumption. They focus on making spaces conducive to productive working, so your energy is not wasted. So, it is ideal for digital nomads. 

The relaxing rooftop is available for any event your imagination comes up with – from live concerts to gentle cocktail parties. The venue’s service is unique and can be tailored to your events and requirements. 


Couple enjoying a drink on a rooftop terrace with a view in Lisbon
TOPO via facebook

TOPO is located six floors high above Praça Martim Moniz. Its a trendy rooftop bar in a city defined by rooftop bars. 

TOPO offers indoor and outdoor seating depending on the weather or what you’re feeling at the time. They are delighted to accommodate private groups for cocktail parties, so all you have to do is message them! 

TOPO Chiado is so popular because you get unreal views of the Mouraria neighbourhood and São Jorge Castle. The DJ sets bring the evening to life, and the drinks and food are very well regarded. The bartenders here are the same bartenders from the prestigious Black Pepper & Basil beverage company, so it’s certainly worth a visit! 

Incredible Cocktail Party Venue

Incredible Cocktail Party Venue in Lisbon
Incredible Cocktail Party Venue in Lisbon via eventflare

This incredible cocktail party venue in Lisbon has a clear vision; it’s “an oasis in the centre of Lisbon.” The garden terrace alone is worth the visit for its glass walls that offer spectacular views. 

The space combines colourfulness with grace and subtly. It has the perfect touch for your after work event. We recommend this space for a small and intimate private dinner.

The menu is a guaranteed hit for your colleagues and guests. I mean, who doesn’t like Mediterranean and Asian food? The Prawn Curry and Veggie Samosas are stand out. 

The best part is, they have a range of affordable cocktails and hot drinks. We love the mango milkshake – it just tastes so good. 

Quirky and Unique Venue With a View

Beautifully set table with quirky and bohemian accents
Quirky and Unique Venue With a View via eventflare

This quirky and unique venue perches on top of a 19th-century mansion. It’s full of vintage art pieces and has a superb rooftop bar with a killer view. 

They love hosting unique cocktail parties in Lisbon. They’re able to host events of all types for up to 65 people. They even have a dedicated events team, so you know you’ll get a professional and tailored service. 

The Insólito keep you on your toes with their motif of discovery and surprise. You’ll experience this through their food. We guarantee a unique interpretation of Portuguese food here. 

The cocktails are extremely creative, too. Taking inspiration from the classics, the bartenders sculpt creative signature cocktails that will appeal to everyone.  


View on a Lisbon rooftop bar
PARK via facebook

PARK is initially a bit confusing. It is not actually a park – it’s a parking lot. To the uninitiated, it may seem like a regular car park. But stick with us, and you’ll know better! 

It’s one of the most popular hangouts in Bairro Alto. And we wish we could see your face when you get to the top. The view stretches wide across to Lisbon’s Alcântara area. Together with the simple wooden decking and matching furniture, it’s a delightful spot for a cocktail party in Lisbon.  

We recommend that first-time visitors try their famous sweet sangria. But maybe it’s best to share, especially during happy hour. For our bolder readers: be careful, it’s strong stuff! 

Toca da Raposa 

Bar with an industrial, but modern feel
Toca da Raposa via evasoes

Toca da Raposa has a simple ideology: whoever returns becomes a friend. They aim to make the world a little brighter. 

Their chief method is through their innovative cocktails. Crafted with local and seasonal products, they go down a treat with one (or more!) of their vegetarian snacks. 

You can also get involved in their research and development sessions. These sessions take place every Wednesday. But be quick: there’s a limit of 12 people. 

So if you’re looking for a bespoke cocktail party in Lisbon, this could be it. 


Close-up of an artsy cocktail
MONKEY MASH via facebook

MONKEY MASH presents the intriguing concept of Tropical Modernity. Their main objective is “the consumption of fresh, fruity, tropical and exotic drinks, providing a young and relaxed environment”.

As you may have guessed, the aesthetic of this cocktail party venue in Lisbon combines modernism and tropical themed decor. The clean and smooth lines invoke an atmosphere of quick, hot, fun. 

Their menu is geared towards sugar cane and agave spirits. They have a range of exotic drinks inspired by many different destinations. Their only stipulation is it has to be a place where monkeys are from! 

Drinking is a good thing to indulge in. But why not up the tempo by learning to make the drinks yourself? MONKEY MASH offers cocktail making masterclasses for you and your colleagues. 

Educate your (responsible?) consumption, learn the categories of cocktails and become a knowledgeable cocktail consumer.


Outdoor terrace with tropical vibe
Ferroviario via grupochamp

Ferroviario translates to Railway, a nod to its history. In 1961, it began life as a series of events promoted by the Portuguese railway workers and the CP Administration. It wasn’t until 2010 that it became an out-and-out bar.

It’s in a central location, and you’ll experience one of the best views of the Tagus river. You can watch their rich programme showcasing the best emerging talents from the city. Enjoy music, cinema, photography, painting, plastic arts and gastronomy.

Ferroviario was recently renovated to become the perfect cocktail party venue in Lisbon. Their new space has two different stages, a bar, a concert hall, and a huge 500m2 outdoor terrace. 


Outdoor snapshot from after-work bar in Lisbon
Musa via © Ana Viotti

Musa is in Lisbon’s old industrial area. It proudly declares itself a factory on account of it producing 250,000 litres of craft beer every year. They also have an impressive 14 beers on tap. 

Musa’s menu is unpretentious, it’s indulgent… it’s, simply, amazing. There are made-to-order Portuguese and Brazilian crowd-pleasers, like traditional codfish fritters. The rest of the snacks are equally as tasty, and unapologetically greasy—the perfect partner to a cold beer. 

Their music events are so much fun too! If you fancy it, you can stay here until the wee hours dancing away. Each night is different, from samba to traditional fado music. They showcase the best from Portugal’s music scene, from the emerging to the established. 

Bar Foxtrot

Close-up of a cocktail in a cocktail bar with cosy and warm atmosphere
Bar Foxtrot via portugalconfidential

Bar Foxtrot is one of the oldest cocktail party venues in Lisbon. You’ll find it in São Bento. It’s only 38 years old though, so it’s still young, really. Regardless, it’s famous among locals and tourists alike. 

The concept is based on the idyllic English pub. There are four rooms with moderately lit, art deco decoration. The background music keeps the tempo just right. 

When the spirit – and the weather – moves you, take advantage of the garden. You can always move in close to one of the fireplaces if you feel like heat. They have perfect hot drinks to match. 

Do you like steak? Do you think any of your guests or colleagues like steak? Yes, that’s what we thought. Lucky, the Foxtrot serves it’s signature Foxtrot Steak until 3am. It is a delicious loin with cream and mushroom sauce and a side dish of potato chips or Portuguese style salad.


Quirky and bohemian outdoor terrace in Lisbon
JNcQUOI Asia via lisboa

JNcQUOI Asia is hard to describe until you see it. It’s cool. The attention to detail in the design goes above and beyond what you’re likely to have seen before.

The Terrace has taken on the difficult task of recreating a stroll down the iconic streets of Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. As you can see, they’ve done a really nice job. Just look how sweet and inviting that terrace looks! It’s not a bad place to grab a drink or a bit of food when the sun is up, that’s for sure. But be smart, and reserve first!

The Red Bar, on the other hand, doesn’t take reservations. But if you have to stand, then so be it. Because friends, it’s still worth it. The plates of both oriental and Portuguese origin are just darling. And the selection of wines, cocktails, sakes and Japanese whiskies is one of the best in the city – perfect for your next cocktail party in Lisbon.

Don’t sleep on their menu, though. It celebrates the seafaring and adventurous explorers of the country’s past. They showcase an Asian menu, with sushi, dim sum, curries and the rest.

Wrapping up

Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Of course, we know more than anyone the importance of a cocktail party. But to have an after work, there needs to be, well, work. 

Don’t groan; it doesn’t have to be a chore. When you’re planning your corporate event in Lisbon, we’ve put together a guide to the best seminar rooms, so your work can be as lively and inspiring as possible!

Featured image: Musa via © Ana Viotti

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