Lisbon's Top Outdoor Reception Venues for Team Parties

by Akshayaa RaniM,  23 February 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 23 February 2024
Lisbon's Top Outdoor Reception Venues for Team Parties

So, you're on the hunt for outdoor corporate party rooms in Lisbon, well, you've just struck gold.

Imagine kicking back with your colleagues in lush gardens hidden away from the city's hustle, where the only soundtrack is your laughter and the clinking of glasses. Or, how about toasting your team's successes on a rooftop with the Tagus River in the background? Lisbon has it all: nature, charm, and unique spaces to celebrate your wins.

And we have to talk about the food, it's straight-up culinary magic! From fresh seafood that tastes like the ocean breeze to perfectly prepared bacalhau, your team celebration will be a feast that'll have everyone talking.

It’s time to get down to business. We’re about to look at the best outdoor reception venues in Lisbon — they’ll have your team cheering viva Lisboa!

Let’s make your team party one for the books, shall we?

1. Astonishing Outdoor Venue With an Alluring Ambience in Lisbon
Astonishing outdoor venue with an alluring ambience in Lisbon via Eventflare.jpg
Astonishing outdoor venue with an alluring ambience in Lisbon via Eventflare

In the heart of the city, just a casual stroll from the Restauradores subway, there lies this astonishing outdoor venue, and it’s an ideal pick for outdoor team soiree spaces in Lisbon.

This isn’t your average venue. It's decked out with elegant furniture, snazzy paved floors that catch the light just right, and beautiful gardens that feel like a slice of paradise in the middle of urban Lisbon. Plus, it’s spacious enough to handle a big group, up to 200 people, so space isn’t an issue.

Now, about the bar — it’s a standout feature. It’s well-stocked and has a welcoming feel to it. You know, the kind of place where you can easily mingle, grab a drink without fuss, and it sort of becomes the hub of the evening. If your guests are into classic drinks or looking to try something new, the bar caters to all tastes.

And don’t sweat the details! With fast WiFi and a sound system that delivers, your event will be smooth sailing.

What do you say? It feels like this could be a space where you make some of those remember-when stories, doesn’t it? Drop us a line for the details!

2. Open Terrace With an Airy Atmosphere in Lisbon
Open terrace with an airy atmosphere in Lisbon via Eventflare.webp
Open terrace with an airy atmosphere in Lisbon via Eventflare

Perched up at Santa Catarina Belvedere, with close proximity to Bairro Alto, you’ll come across this dreamy terrace with an airy atmosphere.

About how this place looks and feels — it keeps things sleek and cosy. Imagine lots of open space, clean lines, a laid-back vibe and a tad upscale.

Then there's the breathtaking view: old townhouses, sleek modern buildings, the Tagus river flowing by, the hustle and bustle of the harbour, that famous 25 de Abril bridge, and sunsets that look like they're straight out of a movie.

Let’s talk about party essentials. With the bar serving up everyone's favourite beverages, essential water on tap, and chic minimalist furniture, it's easy for your guests to mingle and relax.

So, if you’re looking for outdoor party venues for teams in Lisbon that have it all: style, views, and key amenities, this space is a no-brainer.

Interested? Shoot us a message, and let’s get your next celebration on the calendar.

3. Stylish Tent Overlooking Boxwood Gardens in Lisbon
Stylish tent overlooking Boxwood Gardens in Lisbon via Eventflare.webp
Stylish tent overlooking Boxwood Gardens in Lisbon via Eventflare

Next, we have a picturesque stylish tent we know you’re going to love.

So, imagine a tent, but not just any tent. This one's got clear walls and a roof that let in all that glorious Lisbon Portugal sunshine, making the whole place light up naturally during the day. And as evening rolls in, it transforms with seriously magical lighting that gives everything a dreamy atmosphere.

When it comes to the style, it’s like stepping into an outdoor elegance magazine spread. The space mixes that open, airy feel with some classy touches. The furniture? Oh, it's modern yet comfortable, perfect for relaxing and chatting.

Plus, it’s all set up in the middle of these incredible French-style boxwood gardens. And the best part? It’s only a 15-minute hop from the city centre!

Whether you’re planning a big bash or a more intimate gathering, this spot can handle it all, fitting up to 500 seated or 900 for a mingle-friendly event. It’s one of those outdoor team celebration spaces in Lisbon that you’ll keep coming back to.

Got you interested, didn’t we? If you wanna hear more about this magical venue, just give us a shout!

4. Fabulous Outdoor Venue With Views in Lisbon
Fabulous outdoor venue with views in Lisbon via Eventflare.webp
Fabulous outdoor venue with views in Lisbon via Eventflare

Have you heard about this amazing outdoor venue near Santa Maria de Belem? It’s a gem for anyone planning a celebration, especially if you're eyeing outdoor group gathering halls in Lisbon that are a bit out of the ordinary.

Picture this: you're all chilling on this spacious terrace, over 200 sqm, with the Tagus River as your backdrop. It's like Lisbon decided to show off just for you. The transparent roofing and walls mean the sun and stars are part of your decor, lighting up the place with natural beauty, and when the city lights start sparkling at night, it's magical.

The blend of modern vibes and classic Lisbon charm here is incredible, ideal for everything from a big celebration for 220 people or a dinner for 150 — it fits the mood you're after every time.

And let's not skip the amenities. The terrace has a fantastic bar where skilled bartenders shake up your favourites, top-notch catering services with tasty and tailored menus, and plenty of comfy seating so everyone can relax and chat. Don't forget, the WiFi’s solid.

5. Terrace With Stunning Views in Lisbon
Terrace with stunning views in Lisbon via Eventflare.webp
Terrace with stunning views in Lisbon via Eventflare

Ever been to a terrace in Lisbon where the panoramic views make you forget to check your phone? This space overlooking the River Tagus does just that.

What's great about this place is how it plays with contrasts. Inside, you're greeted with a cool industrial chic look — we're talking exposed beams, polished floors, and sleek steel that catches the light just right.

Then, step outside onto the terrace, and the style shifts. It's about minimalism out there, clean lines, and open outdoor spaces that let the River Tagus and Lisbon's skyline do all the talking.

This exclusive venue is a real find, especially for outdoor team event locations in Lisbon, because it’s set up to host a big crowd — think 1000 people for a standing event or 540 if you’re planning a dinner.

And it comes with all the perks: stylish and comfortable furniture that fits the mood, high-speed WiFi, and even catering and sound equipment if you need them.

Sounds great, right? Contact us now and secure this beautiful terrace!

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, the cream of the crop when it comes to the best reception venues in Lisbon. We hope you're as excited about these spots as we are for your celebration!

And hey, this is just a teaser; our platform's jam-packed with even more event venues in Lisbon.

Oh, and before you go, why not check out our ultimate Lisbon food guide? Because what's a celebration without some delicious grub to go with it?

See you soon!

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