The Best Restaurants in Lisbon for a Business Lunch

18 December 2020
18 December 2020
The Best Restaurants in Lisbon for a Business Lunch

We’re not going to lie to you. The best reason for planning a corporate event in Lisbon is the food. Yes, they have great hotels, meeting rooms, weather, architecture, history and anything else you could want.

But the food is so good that we would happily hold our events in a cardboard box and sleep in the parks for the privilege.

Now, Portuguese dinners are usually 3-4 course affairs. But we’re sure you can handle it! We’ve put together a guide to the best restaurants in Lisbon for a business lunch.

If you’re near a fridge or about to go to a supermarket, close your laptop. Because you’re about to get very hungry.

Prado Restaurante 

Snapshot of culinary restaurant in Lisbon
Prado via pradorestaurante

Prado Restaurante is a beautiful open space with tall ceilings. The clean wooden decor and heavily featured plant life create a pleasant atmosphere for a business lunch. 

The menu is precisely paired with exclusive, organic, biodynamic, natural wines. The menu celebrates the nation’s seasonal ingredients.

We highly recommend the Barrosa Tartar and Grilled Kale. But if it’s not in season by the time you’re there, we’re sure they’ll thrill you all the same. 

If you fancy a business lunch here, then don’t sit around starving; contact us, and we’ll sort you out!

Lost in Esplanada

Friends dining in a restaurant with a view of Lisbon
Lost in Esplanada via facebook

Lost in Esplanada is specially designed for quiet and intimate business lunches. It’s wonderfully colourful without being too loud. The subtlety of it will bring out smiles in even the grumpiest of colleagues. 

Their goal is to create “an oasis in the centre of Lisbon.” And that goal has been emphatically struck. The garden terrace was our favourite part of the experience; the glass walls offer spectacular views of Lisbon. 

The menu is a courageous and competent combination of Mediterranean and Asian food. The Prawn Curry and Veggie Samosas are our go-tos for the next visit. 

We can arrange a serene and low-key business lunch here to stun your colleagues. All you need to do is contact us!

Restaurante Infame

Modern restaurant with Portuguese influences
Restaurante Infame via facebook

Restaurante Infame is a decidedly Portuguese restaurant with undeniable inspiration from Indian and Oriental cuisine. These ingredients sing off their À La Carte menu.  

Before Infame opened its doors, it began life as an idea. Inspired by wandering the local area. The restaurant is named after a famous event in Portuguese history including the death of a King! 

After witnessing the assasination of her husband – King Carlos the 1st – Queen Amélie d’Orléans defended herself from the Reublican attackers with the only thing she had, a bouquet of flowers. She famously shouted at them, “Infames! Infames! Infames!” 

Their menu is cool and unpretentious. The ‘This Too Shall Pasta’ is one of the standout dishes; the meat is roasted for eight hours! Be sure to get there for their Seasonal Executive Lunch Menu too. 

If this place sounds like your kind of restaurant, get in touch with us to find out how to make Infame work for you!

Boutik Lisbo

Quirky and creative restaurant in Lisbon
Boutik Lisboa via boutiklisboa

Worldly wanderings inspire Boutik Lisboa. The restaurant incorporates surf shacks, lessons, and crafts learnt along the way. Once you go, Boutik will inspire you too. You’ll find yourselves rolling up your sleeves during a lunch meeting here.

The menu is an expression of this earth in food form. You can choose food from Hawaii, Amazonia, America, Bali and all over the place! Our favourite thing was the poke bowls. The colours in that bowl were unreal, honestly.

You can also take the opportunity to shop their selection of fashions, accessories, jewellery, skate, surfboards and the rest.


Modern and sleek spot for working lunches in Lisbon
GoJuu via Gojuu

GoJuu is a Japanese restaurant that specialises in sushi. They offer a lunch and dinner service, and are highly regarded amongst locals and critics! 

The magic of GoJuu is its minimal design and simple culinary philosophy. They offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. 

GoJuu is featured in the Michelin guide and is one of Lisbon’s best restaurants, and yet… They also do takeaway. That’s a remarkable combination, right? Undeniably cool though all the same!


Private dining restaurant with exposed stone walls
Downunder via facebook

Downunder is an Australian themed restaurant created by Justin Jennings. 

The tasting menus go from gentle to full throttle; pork, duck, chocolate and other familiar names are there. But you can sample crocodile and kangaroo next minute. We bet your guests won’t have been to a business lunch like this before. 

The design of the restaurant is simple, with rustic coarse walls, white chairs, and simple wood and light fixtures. This allows the dishes to be the star of the show. They are bright, loud and demand attention, so it makes sense!

Ponto Final

Outdoor dining spot near the harbour of Lisbon
Ponto Final via willflyforfood

Ponto Final is a great excuse to travel across the river. The ferry takes just 20 minutes to cross the mighty Tagus. Once you dock, you’ll need to walk a further kilometre to get to Ponto Final. Yes, there are closer restaurants for a working lunch, but trust us. It’s worth the pilgrimage. 

There is honesty to the Ponto Final. Perhaps it’s the bright yellow and simple decorations. Or maybe it’s the fact that they don’t have a formal website, or because their prices are so reasonable?

We loved the Arroz de Tamboril. It’s a classic Portuguese dish made with rice, monkfish, tomato, onion, garlic, chilli, and coriander. If you have the chance, savour it, and pass on the recommendation.


Eating spot with beautiful traditional Portuguese artwork and ancient stone walls
Alma via theworlds50best

Alma is the physical manifestation of chef Henrique Sá Pessoa’s culinary philosophy. It’s a carefully and passionately put together experience with genuine depth and is considered one of the best restaurants in Lisbon. 

The menu at Alma pays tribute to Portugal’s fish and seafood. Guests are taken on a voyage over a series of five dishes. You can also be the master of your own destiny and opt for Á La Carte. Select a bespoke menu prepared for you and your guests in style.

The wine list is paired with the seafood cuisine. The sommelier team go to great lengths to ensure each region of the country is represented. You’ll find old favourites as well as discovering some new surprises!

Cervejaria Ramiro

Close-up of seafood
Cervejaria Ramiro via migrationology

Cervejaria Ramiro is a place known for seafood in a city renowned for it. So you know this place is legit. It’s so good it even received a seal of approval from the immortal Anthony Bourdain! 

They have preposterously big tiger shrimp, delicious calms, and lovely barnacles. Everything they make comes cooked in an obscene amount of butter and garlic. Not the healthiest lunch, but 100% the heartiest.

Aside from the food, the communal vibe of Ramiro is its major draw. It gives the whole place an honest and unpretentious atmosphere that will make you feel less guilty for getting your hands dirty.

Cantina LX

Snapshot of the industrial interior of a lunch spot in Lisbon
Cantina LX via facebook

Cantina LX is a unique space where the wood oven is centre stage. The smell and the sound of it will make you feel literally and figuratively warm.

It’s a fascinating place from the off. When you visit, you’ll be eating in a canteen that has been used by workers and visitors alike since 1846. Cantina LX was a printing house in its past life. It hasn’t changed much since then, thankfully.

None of the tables and chairs match, which helps build an organic and collective environment. Your business lunch will feel a little less serious here!

The menu changes every day, so go with an empty stomach and let them take care of it. The Cantina makes sure to offer meat, veg and vegan options.


Luminous dining spot with a green touch
Evra via corinthia

Evra would be the result if Mother Nature turned her hand to opening a restaurant. Flowers and foliage are at every turn- from drinks to dishes and décor.

Their menu offers house classics like Cod Tempura and Beef Tartare. The restaurant is also on trend with its seasonal menu.

Regardless of what you fancy, we have one stipulation. Order some speciality sauces. The chimichurri and black roasted garlic and lime mayonnaise are exceptional.

Their cocktails are whimsical from the start, bearing the names of famous rock and pop songs; fancy a Killer Queen or a You Really Got Me Now? We can’t think of a cooler way to set the tone for your lunch meeting.

Wrapping up

So we weren’t lying. After you’ve had your business lunch in one of these restaurants, you’ll almost certainly go into a food coma. 

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you had the perfect hotel to go back for a power nap? Well, we can help you with that too! Check out our guide [ADD LINK WHEN PUBLISHED] to our favourite hotels in Lisbon to find more reasons to lure you to this amazing city. 

Featured image: Alma via theworlds50best

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