Our Favourite Seminar Rooms in Lisbon

14 December 2020
14 December 2020
Our Favourite Seminar Rooms in Lisbon

Lisbon has a pace and style of its own. It’s the ideal place to hold a corporate event because it’s not the typical city to host a corporate event. But as you’re about to find out, it’s a solid choice.We’ve put together a guide to seminar rooms in Lisbon to prove just that. We hope you enjoy it!

Second Home

Co-working space in Lisbon with quirky and colourful interior
Second Home via thespaces

Second Home slaps conventional seminar rooms in the face. Just look at how bold that blue is. The mid-century chairs and bright lighting make it both unique and comfortable. 

All their meeting rooms are named after people that they admire. From thinkers, designers, and go-getters, you can book the likes of Jane Jacobs, Richard Florida, Edward O. Wilson and Elinor Ostrom.

You can book a seminar room from as little as €35 an hour or €280 a day, for a maximum of 12 people. Each room comes equipped with teleconferencing systems, WiFi, and a TV screen with inputs for Mac and PC. They also have complimentary tea and lovely catering options, so your energy won’t dip. We’re already excited for you. 

Ideas Spaces

Luminous meeting space with theatre seating
Ideas Spaces via coworker

Have you imagined hosting your corporate meeting in a palace? Ideas Spaces could be the place to indulge this fantasy. Hear us out. This is a 2,5000 sqm venue in the heart of the city, and it’s called Sotto Mayor Palace.  

This historical location turned co-working community space is home to more than 300 residents. It’s designed as an organic and invigorating space that will satisfy every business event need; there’s a coffee shop, seminar rooms, a large auditorium for events, phone booths. And that’s just skimming the surface.

Your colleagues will have the pleasure of working in a place that has hosted some big names like Betclic, Dream Shapers, Carlsberg, The Body Shop, Streetbees, Monday, and Volkswagen.


Sleek and modern meeting room with white walls and parquet flooring
LEAP via leap

LEAP is geared towards small and medium-sized companies. They have built a unique space for entrepreneurs to grow. Their goal is to be “more than an office”. 

Their clean and modest seminar rooms are a smart booking for various reasons. Firstly they can accommodate up to 32 people, and start from €25 an hour. 

LEAP has four locations in the city to choose from across the city: Docks, Amoreiras, Santos, and Sete Rios. They are impressively equipped for your event, with good WiFi, flipcharts, projectors, LCD TV’s, parking, and catering. So perhaps this allows you to choose where to stay first instead of the other way around! 

Garagem Infinita

Entrance of co-working with industrial outlook and yellow colour accents
Garagem Infinita via facebook

Garagem Infinita does one thing that not many can: it pulls off the colour yellow in style. Garagem’s unique selling point is its boutique motif. It motivates your team to work by concealing that it’s actually a place to work! 

Their remodelled garage is home to creatives, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and every imagined digital nomad in between. What you’ll like about them is they are ready for your call and will tailor your event as you like it. 

They have ingenious seminar rooms like their War Room for meetings, brainstorming, workshops and so on for up to 30 people. Then you have their gallery, for say an exhibition? Their chill-out area is a lovely area to network or just relax. Check out their other rooms to surprise yourself.



Group of people gathering for a casual chat on a terrace with a beautiful view of the port of Lisbon
LACS Conde d’Óbidos via facebook

LACS asks you to live by that old motto, work hard, play hard. And to LACS we say, if you insist. 

Their Anjos Lounge is beautiful. The bold red walls and carefully arranged flowers add flair without being distracting. It’s a good location for seminars, conferences or workshops. Any team building dreams you have can easily be catered for too. 

LACS know how to organise events for work and play. Once your seminar in their Anjos Lounge has gone swimmingly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you a heads up on their Conde d’Óbidos location. Their rooftop is perfect for an after work in Lisbon and has an unreal view of the Tagus river. 

The Hare and the Tortoise

Small meeting rooms with parquet flooring, wood furniture and warm atmosphere
The Hare and the Tortoise via coworker

The Hare and the Tortoise boasts soft and understated colours in the classy Príncipe Real area. The quiet confidence of the décor creates an elegant environment that will really impress your colleagues. 

They focus on intimate gatherings with rooms capacities of eight and fifteen. The seminar spaces are accessible for guests with reduced mobility, which is a real plus. 

As well as all the corporate event venue necessities, they go above and beyond with extra services. Choose from coffee, tea & breakfast services, a wine & cheese bar, yoga and fitness classes, luggage storage, bicycles and lockers. 

Impact Hub

Team having interactive discussions in a meeting room
Impact Hub via facebook

Gather round all you small groups looking for the perfect seminar room in Lisbon! You’ll find Impact Hub near the iconic 25 de Abril bridge that conquers the Tagus river. It’s a cool and urban space you’ll get a lot of praise for choosing. 

We would recommend this space for workshops, seminars, brainstorming sessions or board meetings. What we love are the large whiteboards that act as communal canvases. 

The rooms can host up to 7 people in a boardroom set-up, and 12 for workshops. You’ve got one medium desk and one large desk for all those precious documents, as well as a projector. Impact Hub offers catering, too.

Resvés Cowork Space

White seminar room in Lisbon with glass walls and yellow accent chairs
Resvés Cowork Space via resvescowork

Resvés Cowork Space has a great motto that they live by – work independently, not alone. 

Their name is fascinating too. Resvés is an old Portuguese expression that comes from the infamous earthquake of 1755. It means something close to the limit. 

This is a modern and trendy seminar room in Lisbon. Their minimal design is perfect for you to decorate to your own taste. 

They can also help you organise events, big or small. From product launches to private dinners, with all corporate event necessities as standard. The lounge and kitchen areas are also the perfect places to unwind. 

Outsite Cowork Cafe

People preparing healthy snacks in the bar of an seminar venue in Lisbon
Outsite Cowork Cafe via outsite

Outsite Cowork Cafe starts you off with sublime coffee. Its charm is in how unassuming and cosy the place is. The white walls, the plants, and the big windows for natural light allow you to leave your stress at the door. 

It’s perfect for small teams, low-key brainstormings, team bonding sessions or seminars in Lisbon. 

It is excellent because it’s in a central location, has space to hold luggage, and has good quality WiFi and plenty of power outlets. 


Luminous and sleek seminar room in Lisbon
Chalet12 via facebook

Chalet12 embodies the good spirit of its namesake and more. You’ll find this early 20th-century chalet in the heart of Sintra overlooking a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So if you fancy a break from Lisbon and a breath of fresh air, we highly recommend this workspace. Oh, and a literal castle and palace are nice things to gaze at instead of your work, right?

It’s pretty big too. Over four floors, there’s a kitchen and dining room and event rooms for seminars, workshops, and brainstorming. There are also several living rooms, a garden and terraces.

Making a big communal dinner together after a long day of work could just be the ticket. Then relax with your team on the terrace. It’s a perfect working holiday home. Don’t get too attached to this place though; they do offer a residency service. So you might just end up staying.

Wrapping up

There you go, we told you! Lisbon will surprise you at every turn. As you can see, they have stunning seminar rooms in Lisbon. Then you have to consider their food is amazing, and the nightlife more so.

So now you’ve basically made up your mind, you’ll need a place to stay.

Featured image:Second Home © Iwan Baan

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