The 7 Best Team Building Activities in Lisbon

26 November 2021
26 November 2021
The 7 Best Team Building Activities in Lisbon

So you’re looking for something to do with your team in Lisbon? Well, look no further. We’ve done the leg work for you and compiled this guide to the best team building activities in Lisbon!

The thing is, for a lot of you out there, team building might seem like generic corporate buzzwords. But here’s the thing, if you do it right, they can be a fabulous, fulfilling experience for you and yours!

So no matter your desired team-building outcome, we’ve chosen a diverse range of activities here to satisfy them. Now enjoy!

1. Smash it Room

Smash it Room via Smashitroom

We’re starting with a bang, literally! Smash it Room is a unique team building where you literally just smash stuff.

The concept is simple. You turn up, put on protective gear, choose your weapon, then destroy everything!

It’s a great stress reliever, and a whole lot of fun, doing something you just can’t do in the real world. It can even be eco-friendly by donating old stuff you don’t want to anymore!

And plus, they offer a catering and drinks service, so it’s the complete package!

2. Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt via Kidsvisitor

Challenge your team-building skills, and enjoy the drama of excellent storytelling and fantastic set design with Escape Hunt, Lisbon’s premier escape room experience.

You can attempt to infiltrate a dangerous secret society in Introduction to a Secret Society. Or how about getting inside the mind of one of the most prolific writers of Portugal’s history, The Mystery of Fernando Pessoa

What’s more, if you don’t want to go to them, they can come to you! They have four games – The Heist, A Curious Tea Party, Murder at the Mansion, The School of Magic – that are fully mobile.

They also do virtual and hybrid games to provide crucial team building activities to your remote working teams.

3. Plantar Uma Árvore

Plantar Uma Árvore via Timeout

If you have a team of eco-conscious people, you should set aside some time in Lisbon with Plantar Uma Árvore.

Formed in 2009 to protect and bring life back to the Sintra-Cascais Natural-Park, they focus on the removal of invasive species, plantations, and promotion of native vegetation; natural engineering work along water lines; the management of walking trails; and the raising awareness among tourists, small landowners, and local entities;

They welcome and encourage volunteers to help with one or all of the above missions. So if you are looking for a team-building activity in Lisbon where you get your hands dirty and make a real difference, they’d love to hear from you!

4. Kiss The Cook

Kiss the Cook via Facebook

Portugal is known for – and very proud of – its fabulous cuisine. And it’s expressed no place more than her capital, Lisbon.

If you have a team of foodies, then we recommend Kiss The Cook for your next team building activity in Lisbon.

The range of courses is fantastic, from beginner techniques such as sautéing to true masterclasses. You’re not restricted in cuisines either, as you can choose to learn dishes from all over the world!

They focus on having fun, first and foremost, through good wine and good music as you cook and learn. They aim to facilitate networking opportunities, foster communication, creativity, cooperation, time management, and team spirit.

5. Surf Lisbon

Surf Lisbon via Facebook

Surf Lisbon is a villa school that teaches core values, principles, and motivation through ocean-based sports activities. Sounds great, right?

The emphasis here is on togetherness and having fun, no matter how much skill you have on a surfboard. Their packages include travel, tuition from certified instructors, equipment, insurance, and group photos.

Surf Lisbon isn’t just a workshop to learn how to surf; it’s a hearty experience of togetherness and a good excuse to do some socialising. Enjoy food, drinks, games, and even a stay at their Villa.

6. Dois Corvos

Finisterra Pour
Dois Corvos via Doiscorvos

Dois Corvos is an independent family-owned brewery right in the city of Lisbon. Their distinctive beers are beloved throughout the country and those in the know throughout the world.

You’ll find their brewery in the Marvila neighbourhood, where you can take your team for an authentic and grown-up team-building activity in Lisbon.

The tour takes about 90 minutes and will cover the equipment, process, and ingredients used for brewing. During and after the visit, you’ll get to sample the beers, of course.

And afterwards, you can visit their famous taproom and make your way through their 17 different draft beers!

7. Lisbon Street Art Tours

Lisbon Street Art Tours via Facebook

If you’re looking for a team-building activity in Lisbon that immerses you in local art and culture, then Lisbon Street Art Tours is right up your street.

They have guided tours through the neighbourhoods of the city that last between 2.5-3 hours. You’ll learn about Portuguese and international artists, their styles and their techniques, and engage in the historical, social, cultural and political relations that the art is built on.

And best of all, it’s more than just absorbing mesmerising local art. You’re actively contributing to the survival and thriving of the scene, with money going to the yesyoucan.spray collective, which helps finance new street art in the city.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide on the best team building activities in Lisbon. Your team are bound to love whichever one you choose. And best of all, there’s nothing to say you can’t try all of them!

If you need workshop rooms in Lisbon to host your chosen team building idea, then our collection covers every size and style of venue you could hope for, so check them out!

And our final bit of advice is this guide to our favourite areas in Lisbon for hosting events. It’s full of venue tips, transports advice, and the lowdown on the best places to eat and visit.

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