Top Tips for Hosting a Business Event in Lisbon

by Akshayaa RaniM,  29 August 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 29 August 2023
Top Tips for Hosting a Business Event in Lisbon

Hello, event planners, and welcome to our handy guide full of top tips for hosting a business event in Lisbon. In the next few minutes, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to make your next business event in the vibrant capital of Portugal an absolute hit!

You’ve got the first part of planning a stellar event down by choosing Lisbon as the destination for your business event. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and warm, welcoming atmosphere, Lisbon is no doubt the perfect place to host a business gathering.

But, location isn’t the only thing, is it? You’ve got to take care of all the minute details. This is where we come in. This article will share some top-notch tips and insider information to ensure your business event in Lisbon goes off without a hitch. So, let’s get reading!

1. Understanding Business Etiquette for Events in Lisbon

Understanding business etiquette for events in Lisbon via. Unsplash.jpg
Understanding business etiquette for events in Lisbon via. Unsplash

One first top business tip for Lisbon is to master the business etiquette in the city. Every country has its own do’s and don’ts - and as event planners, it’s so crucial to ensure that you familiarise yourself with the cultural and business etiquette so that your clients and your guests feel comfortable and respected.

But don’t fret. We’re here to help you pass business etiquette in Lisbon with flying colours! Let’s start with how to greet your colleagues and guests during an event in Lisbon. Like most countries in Europe, a firm handshake is the standard form of greeting in a business setting.

Speaking of business settings, timekeeping is highly valued in Lisbon’s business circles, so make sure you arrive on time for meetings and events. This shows that you’re both professional and courteous. Now, if you’re the one hosting the event, ensure that everything runs on schedule.

Finally, it’s normal in Lisbon to engage in some small talk before you get down to business, so don’t be alarmed if your colleagues indulge in some conversation before your meeting officially begins - they’re not being nosy, that’s just considered polite in Lisbon!

  • Bonus reading: Okay, you’ve got Lisbon’s business etiquette down pat but if you really want your business event in Lisbon to stand out, the venue matters. Check out these unique event spaces in Lisbon for some great ideas.

2. Event Catering: The Key to a Successful Event in Lisbon

Event catering - the key to a successful event in Lisbon via. Unsplash.jpg
Event catering - the key to a successful event in Lisbon via. Unsplash

Lisbon takes its food quite seriously, and no Lisbon event is complete without an excellent meal. That’s why, if you really want your business event in Lisbon to be a smashing success, we recommend that you pay extra attention to your event catering.

Not quite sure where to start? Not to worry, we’ve got a list of some of the finest caterers in the city that are sure to elevate the experience of your food.

Casa do Marquês: This renowned catering company has been delighting Lisbon's event-goers for over three decades. With a focus on high-quality ingredients and innovative culinary creations, Casa do Marquês offers a wide range of options, from traditional Portuguese cuisine to international flavours. Can you say yummy?

Petiscaria Ideal: We love that this event caterer has the word ideal in their name because their food is certainly ideal for business events in Lisbon! Give your guests an authentic Portuguese experience with Petiscaria Ideal. They specialise in"petiscos," which are small traditional Portuguese dishes, similar to tapas, bursting with local flavours. From bacalhau (codfish) to chouriço (sausage), your event will be a delicious journey through Portugal's gastronomic heritage.

Savour Lisboa: Here’s another event caterer in Lisbon that showcases the best of Lisbon’s culinary traditions. With an emphasis on using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, Savour Lisboa crafts menus that celebrate the city's rich food culture. From seafood delights like grilled sardines to hearty stews and pastries, their offerings are a love letter to Portuguese cuisine.

Go Natural: Now, Portuguese cuisine can be slightly meat-heavy, so if you’re catering to a vegetarian crowd or if you’re looking for a more healthy and sustainable catering option, Go Natural is the perfect choice. They’re known throughout the city for their organic and vegetarian fare, with a focus on fresh and nutritious ingredients. Their salads, smoothies, and plant-based dishes are not only delicious but also a great option for health-conscious attendees.

Silk Catering:Moving on from Portuguese cuisine, our next event caterer brings a touch of international flair to your business event in Lisbon. Silk Catering is great at providingan extensive range of cuisines from around the globe, including Mediterranean, Asian, and Middle Eastern delights, they cater to diverse palates and dietary preferences.

Lisboa à Prova:As the name suggests, Lisboa à Prova (Lisbon on Trial) offers a delightful sampling of Lisbon's culinary treasures. They curate menus featuring the city's most iconic dishes, from pastéis de nata (custard tarts) to bifanas (pork sandwiches), showcasing the best of local flavours.

3. After-Work Ideas to Take Your Lisbon Event to the Next Level

After-work ideas to take your Lisbon event to the next level via. Unsplash.jpg
After-work ideas to take your Lisbon event to the next level via. Unsplash

Congratulations on a successful event in Lisbon! We’re sure your business meeting attendees had an excellent time, but if you really want to take your event to the next level, you’ve got to come up with some fantastic after-work ideas. After all, that’s where the best networking happens, right?

Well, we’re in luck because Lisbon makes finding cool after-work ideas a breeze. It’s a city that truly comes alive after dark, and here’s just a small idea of all the amazing things you can do with your meeting attendees after work.

Fado Night:If you want a quintessential Lisbon experience, treat your meeting attendees to a Fado night. Fado is the soulful and melancholic music that embodies the essence of Portuguese culture. Take them to one of the city's charming Fado houses, where talented singers will serenade them with heartfelt tunes while they indulge in delicious Portuguese cuisine and local wines.

Sunset River Cruise:Sunsets look different in every city, don’t you think? And if you ask us, Lisbon’s strategic location along the stunning Tagus River gives it one of the most beautiful sunsets. That’s why a sunset cruise is a must-do after-work experience. Charter a private boat or join a group tour, and let your guests revel in the breathtaking views of the city's landmarks, such as the Belém Tower and the 25th of April Bridge, as the sun dips below the horizon.

Ginjinha Tasting:Another unique experience in Lisbon is a Ginjinha tasting. This traditional cherry liqueur is a famous local speciality that can be experienced in a charming Ginjinha bar. It’s a bonding ritual like no other and will give your attendees a chance to toast a successful event in Lisbon with this sweet drink served in tiny chocolate cups.

Rooftop Cocktail Party: Lisbon boasts an array of trendy rooftop bars, perfect for an unforgettable cocktail party. Choose a chic venue with panoramic views of the city's skyline, and let your guests mingle while enjoying expertly crafted cocktails and delectable finger foods.

Historical Walking Tour:If parties aren’t quite your thing, another option is to explore Lisbon’s rich history and architectural wonders with a guided walking tour through the city’s old quarters. Stroll through the charming streets of Alfama, Baixa, and Chiado, and let the expert guides share captivating stories of the city's past.

4. Event Entertainment to Be The Best Event Host in Lisbon

Now, after-work ideas are a must to host a successful business event in Lisbon, but how about some entertainment at your event? Not only does this help break the monotony in a long event, but it can also energise your participants and give them a refreshing break.

Here are some event entertainment ideas for business meetings in Lisbon.

Have a Lisbon-themed photobooth:Photobooths are always fun, but to give your photobooth a unique touch, create the space with Lisbon’s iconic backdrops, such as the historic trams or stunning views.

Your event participants will have a blast posing for photos, and as a bonus, they’ll also get to take home the pictures from your event as a lasting memory.

Host a live Fado performance: The soulful sounds of Fado, a traditional Portuguese music genre, is synonymous with Lisbon’s culture. Entertain your event participants with a live Fado performance to capture the essence of Lisbon’s musical heritage.

Have a tech-inspired landmark projection:Projection mapping can be used to transform a portion of your event space into a virtual tour of Lisbon’s famous landmarks. Your event participants can take a break from the order of business to take a visual journey through the city, without even leaving your event venue.

Host a dance workshop as a side event:Offer workshops where event participants can learn traditional Portuguese dances like the Vira or Corridinho, encouraging active participation and cultural immersion.

5. Stage Design and Event Decor Advice for Business Events in Lisbon

Now, let’s get to setting the stage for a successful event in Lisbon, literally! Stage design and decor set the tone for your event, and we want to make sure you get it perfect! Here are some tips for stage design and event decor that will help you set the scene for your business event in Lisbon.

Decide on a colour palette:Your colour palette is the first step to having harmonious stage design and decor.If you’re unsure where to start, why not draw inspiration from Lisbon's lively atmosphere by using a colour palette that includes vibrant shades like turquoise, terracotta, and sea blues, reflecting the city's coastal charm?

Add a nautical touch:Speaking of coastal charm, it’s also a great idea to pay tribute to Lisbon’s coastal location by adding nautical decor. Elements such as ropes, anchors, and shells not only look good, but they’re also completely in line with a maritime theme.

Make use of traditional tile patterns:Lisbon is famous for its traditional azulejos (decorative ceramic tiles). Make use of these gorgeous intricate patterns by working with your event production team to use them as design elements for stage backdrops, signages, or even table centrepieces.

Go local with your floral arrangements: Use local flora and fauna in your floral arrangements to infuse the event space with Lisbon's natural beauty. Bougainvillaea, olive branches, and succulents are excellent choices.

6. Event Advice Lisbon: Marketing Ideas for Your Event

Okay, so you’ve now planned a fantastic business event in Lisbon, so let’s make sure that we get as many participants as possible to ensure your hard work isn’t wasted. Here are some marketing ideas to help you promote your event and get more mileage for your hard work.

Local media outreach:Never underestimate the power of local journalism. Reach out to local newspapers, magazines, and online publications in Lisbon for coverage. Pitch the event as a valuable addition to the city's business calendar.

Localise your content: Create content specific to Lisbon, such as blog posts, videos, or infographics that showcase the city's attractions, culture, and the business event's relevance to attendees.

Leverage local partnerships:Collaborate with local businesses, chambers of commerce, and industry associations in Lisbon to co-promote the event. Their networks can help expand your reach within the local business community.

Be smart with your use of hashtags and geotags:Up your social media game by using popular Lisbon-related hashtags and geotags in your social media posts to increase visibility among your target group in the city.

Wrapping Up

We’ve now reached the end of this helpful guide of top tips for hosting a business event in Lisbon. We hope you’re now armed with enough insider information to make your event in Lisbon a smashing success.

We’ve also got a list of spectacular event venues in Lisbon, in case you’re looking for the perfect place to host your event.

Good luck!

  • Bonus reading:Great pictures not only capture the memories of your business event in Lisbon. They can also be used as marketing material in the future. Don’t miss this opportunity, hire one of these top photographers in Lisbon to capture your event.

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