10 Outstanding Auditoriums for Hire in London

18 February 2021
18 February 2021
10 Outstanding Auditoriums for Hire in London

Conferences in London are the big time. There are more than 1,500 event venues here with more than 140,000 hotel rooms to support them. All this leads to an events industry worth more than £23 billion.

From the first punk rock gigs to the Olympics, world-changing events of all size and style happen here. But which venue will host yours?

Once you’re through with this article, you’ll have 11 outstanding auditoriums for hire in London to choose from. We’ve handpicked some of our favourites here, so we’re pretty confident you’re going to love them!

1) Former Cinema with Art Deco Accents

Former Cinema with Art Deco Accents via Eventflare

Unfortunately for cinephiles, this beautiful auditorium closed for film screenings in the ‘80s. But fortunately for you, it’s been refurbished for corporate events.

As we charge into this new decade, give your guests a blast from the past. Its Art Deco features have aged beautifully.

It has been optimised for events with quality technical equipment for sound, light, microphones and much more.

What’s more, the venue has a trendy bar in an adjacent room and another room that is perfect for breakouts.

It has a capacity of 680 guests for a seated event, and 750 guests for a standing event, which is no small affair!

2) Colourful Venue with High Glass Ceiling

Colourful Venue with High Glass Ceiling
Colourful Auditorium in London with High Glass Ceiling via Eventflare

Welcome to one of London’s most treasured buildings. It’s a Grade II listed building with high ceilings from the heart of the Victorian period. The high glass dome acts as the perfect lid to the impervious walls and column.

We love how bold they have been with the refurbishment. As is the UK tradition, old places are sacred and usually kept as they are. But the colour and contemporary artistry deployed here has laughed in the face of that. And isn’t it wonderful?

This auditorium in London is strong on travel options. Guests can easily hop on the overground or underground. And if you want to travel privately, there are 1,200 car parking spaces on hand.

This grand old place’s 540m2 of space has a capacity of 400 people! If you want a marquee event space that will catch attention, and invoke ambition, this should definitely be on your shortlist.

3) Multi-Functional Bright and Modern Event Space

Multifunctional Bright and Modern Event Space
Multi-Functional Bright and Modern Event Space via Eventflare

This place has a lot of heart! It has an unconventional triangular floor plan, fancy windows, and modern, comfy, and chic furniture that beautifully sets the tone.

You’ll have high-quality sound equipment and AV recording services, as well as a cool video wall.

It has a capacity of 30 people for a seated event and 60 for a standing event. Which means this bright and modern venue could be great for companies that are new and making waves. Or maybe for a big company that wants to hold a refreshing low-key affair.

It’s located just off Borough High Street. A street with an infectious energy that can’t help but bleed into your event.

4) Sleek and Luminous Amphitheatre

Sleek and Luminous Amphitheatre
Sleek and Luminous Amphitheatre via Eventflare

‘Amphitheatre’ is derived from the Greek words amphi, which means on both sides or around, and théātron meaning a place for viewing. In contemporary culture, an amphitheatre simply means an open-air venue.

So, this venue isn’t actually open-air. It’s possibly better. A towering glass wall behind the speaker gives all the visual benefit of being outside. And all the while you’re protected from the infamous British weather.

And besides, you are looking directly onto the Thames. The view from this auditorium is pretty damn special!

We love the wooden tiers that act as benches. They are less formal than lecture seats and give a chill dimension to dry proceedings.

The AV equipment is top class, and so is the projection suite. The capacity comes in at 200, so it’s a decent size.

5) Versatile Chic and Trendy Auditorium

Versatile Chic and Trendy Auditorium in London
Versatile Chic and Trendy Auditorium in London via Eventflare

Of course, you’ll be familiar with the idea of a house that’s fallen into disrepair, overgrown with vines. Well, try to imagine a classy office building reclaimed by nature.

There’s so much cool stuff going in this chic venue, like triple-height windows, the striking transparent ceiling, tiered wooden seating decks, a spectacular 140” video wall, and the adorable city garden.

It’s conveniently located between Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Street stations. Why not choose this buzzing part of the city to give your guests a genuine London experience?

This auditorium in London is modestly sized with a standing capacity of 150 guests or 120 in theatre capacity.

6) Glass Event Venue with a Sustainable Design 

Glass Event Venue with a Sustainable Design via Eventflare

If you can imagine this venue as a set for a futuristic action film, then you’re not alone. That was our first impression too. But as it happens, this is actually a smartly designed sustainable venue in London.

The auditorium was designed using modern technology to reduce its impact on the environment. So, if you want an eco-friendly event, this could be the place for you. As your reward, you’ll get panoramic views of the Royal Victoria Docks and her surroundings.

Its exceptional AV equipment is topped off with a splendid sound and lighting system to give your event an edge like a sharpened chef’s knife.

As well as being environmentally friendly, it’s a venue for big events. It has over 950m2 of space, giving you a capacity of 500 guests!

7) Quirky Screening Space with a Unique Look

Quirky Screening Space with a Unique Look via Eventflare

Do you sometimes miss the naivety of the space age? When we thought we’d have a holiday home on Mars? This auditorium in London will appeal to that sentiment. Its nostalgic decor is ’60s futurism at its peak.

The venue’s design adds to this subtle narrative. The ceiling is akin to space age-related technology, while the rustic walls invite you to imagine the dry ground of a faraway planet.

Now that the story is well framed, the amenities drive it further still. Newly upholstered seats, an impressive screen, stage lights, and high end sounds equipment. Now it’s up to you to tell us how the story ends.

It has a capacity of 307, which certainly isn’t a small affair. You’ll find this location deep in Mayfair, London’s sophisticated and exclusive postcode.

8) Elegant Auditorium with a Stylish Dark Wood Interior 

Elegant Auditorium with a Stylish Dark Wood Interior
Elegant Auditorium with a Stylish Dark Wood Interior via Eventflare

This dark and stylish auditoriumis lush and then some. It’s on the banks of Deptford Creek in South East London, an area popular with artists, students, and entrepreneurs.

It has a capacity of 300 people and is unique in that the stage is appropriate for different event functions, not just performances.

Additionally, a wide range of amenities includes an excellent sound system, microphones, a dedicated event manager, high-speed internet access, a single purchase counterweight system, front house staff and cloakroom facilities.

9) Quirky Screening Room in London

Quirky Screening Room in London via Eventflare

Cow print is loveable. Always. Just look at these chairs. Comfy and cute. The fact that the capacity of this quirky screening room is a humble 45 people only accentuates it.

Visitors will appreciate the modest sophistication of the reception area that radiates colour and groovy patterns. It’s ideal for reception drinks, or as a breakout room to give your guests a spot of relaxation.

The projections and sound equipment is second to none, and they even have quality catering options.

What’s more, it’s right in the centre of the city. So your guests can really say they’ve been to London after they go home.

10) Historical and Unique Auditorium 

Historical and Unique Auditorium via Eventflare

This historical auditorium was originally built as a tunnel below a historical house leading down to the Thames. It’s a unique venue built on the final remaining stretch of an 18th-century cobbled roadway.

The location is well-equipped with a fixed stage, high-quality AV equipment, a 3-metre screen, and a PA system. The capacity is 60 people but can be increased to 70 with additional chairs.

As well as being fantastically historical, the venue is right next to Charing Cross and Victoria Embankment stations. So the whole of London is accessible and yours to explore!

Wrapping Up

So was it love at first sight? Or have we given you some tough decisions to make? Either way, there are some remarkable auditoriums for hire in London here, don’t lie!

Now, how about something silly and fun? Perhaps your guests would love to finish off a great conference at one of London’s top karaoke venues?

Featured image: London Auditorium via Eventflare

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