4 Gorgeous Galleries for Corporate Events in London

by HarryPrince,  02 September 2021
by Harry Prince, 02 September 2021
4 Gorgeous Galleries for Corporate Events in London

If there’s one thing you can count on in London, it’s the availability of classy venues. To that end, we’ve made a guide to our favourite gorgeous galleries for corporate events in London.

Why? Because firstly, we firmly believe that bland corporate event spaces belong in the past. And secondly, because as we mentioned, London is just exciting!

But be warned, however, these venues aren’t for casual meetings or your standard out-of-office workshops. These venues or for corporate events with pomp and pageantry! So let’s get right to it, shall we?

1. Luxurious Gallery in London With Period Features and Marble Floors
Luxurious space with period features and marble floors
Luxurious Gallery in London With Period Features and Marble Floors via Eventflare

To capture your attention, we’re kicking off with this luxurious gallery in London, sporting period features and marble floors.

Its iconic white columns add stature, and the tall arching windows provide natural light. The venue measures 140m2 and is ideal for mid-sized corporate events. It’s a blank canvas venue, so you can do whatever you like with it, such as private dining and product launches.

Amenity wise it comes with versatile seating arrangements, hair & makeup staff, top-quality AV equipment, and an optional catering service. And finally, you’ll have a standing and theatre capacity of 160 people and a private dining capacity of 56.

2. Gorgeous White Event Venue in London For Creative Events
Gorgeous white event venue for creative events
Gorgeous White Event Venue in London For Creative Events via Eventflare

Up next, we have a gorgeous white event venue for creative events in London. It has the core of classical building that is contemporarily tuned, feeling like a dream-like space. The eye-catching feature of the venue is the tall infinity wall that spreads across the floor and gracefully flows up to the ceiling.

The all-alabaster finish sets a soothing tone – brought to sharp realisation thanks to the natural light from the tall windows. This effect is especially noticed in the case of the arching steel roof.

What you’ll love about this venue is it’s versatile for all manner of events such as private dining, conferences, exhibition, photoshoots, and more. Whatever you have planned, you’ll be able to accommodate 200 people in a standing event, 180 people in a seated event, and 88 in a private dining event.

And what’s more, you’ll have first-class music equipment, a projector, WiFi, and catering options.

3. Colourful and Impressive Venue For Hire in London
Colourful and Impressive Venue For Hire in London via Eventflare

Departing from the idyllic, pristine white gallery, we’ve got this colourful and impressive venue for hire in London.

It’s a unique piece of Victorian architecture given a modern makeover featuring a fascinating multi-coloured concept flooring. Your guests will be in awe at the towering glass ceilings and grand pillars in the true British style.

This venue is perfect for conferences, exhibitions, pop-up’s, private dining, receptions, and workshops. You’ll have a floor space of 540m2 that can accommodate up to 400 guests. Amenity wise you’ll have splendid catering options, free parking, And superb WiFi.

4. Stunning Gallery in London Flooded by Palm Trees
Stunning event space flooded by palm trees
Stunning Gallery in London Flooded by Palm Trees via Eventflare

Our final space is a neo-classical venue that is fantastically unique. It’s a stunning gallery in London flooded by palm trees.

Architecturally it’s quintessentially British. What sets it apart from other venues is the playful tropical blues that line the pillars and glass ceiling and the tropical trees that make a summer atmosphere.

Under the natural light and unique British-tropical setting, you’ll have a capacity of 400 people spread over a space of 540m2. And with great catering options, free parking, and great WiFi, you’ll have the perfect space for conferences, exhibitions, private dining, and receptions.

Wrapping up

Well, those venues were quite marvellous, weren’t they? But don’t worry, we have a lot more premium venues on our platform. Why not check out our selection of after-work rooms in London?

And if you’re looking for another collection of our favourite genre venues – following the classy theme above – how about checking out the best courtyard venues for hire in London?

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