London Venues With a View

03 October 2020
03 October 2020
London Venues With a View

Depending on the type of event you’re planning and the number of people you’re expecting, you need to look for a venue that offers not only all the amenities necessary for a comfortable, modern event but also an inspiring view showing the unique contrast of history and modern living that London offers. 

Here are some other venues with the best views in London. Not only is their service and event space amazing, but their unique location allows them to offer a viewpoint of the city that no other place has.

A contemporary space with a refined vibe
contemporary space with refined vibe
Refined event penthouse via Eventflare

This event penthouse is a light-filled and contemporary space designed to offer generous open spaces and versatile furnishings for all types of corporate events. Aside from the industrial-chic décor that gives off a laid-back yet refined vibe, this venue has a gorgeous view of the London skyline and the Shard.

Conveniently located close to the London Bridge Underground station, this venue offers catering options for any time of the day or night, making it ideal for product launches, training days or even a photoshoot. Complete with a full AV kit and a capacity for up to 60 people, this private penthouse will give your event the exclusive experience you are looking for.

A unique experience aboard an old war veteran
A unique experience aboard an old war veteran
Retired WWII warship via Eventflare

Located on the deck of a retired WWII warship, this venue offers panoramic views of the Thames, Tower Bridge and central London. All while you finely dine on the exquisite dishes served by their experienced kitchen staff. 

The venue’s unique history and beautiful views provide for many interesting conversation starters and will place your event amongst the top luxury experiences for your guests. 

Sleek, chic and trendy
Sleek, chic and trendy venue
Modern-trendy venue via Eventflare

With a sleek green bar marking the entrance to this modern-trendy venue, this exclusive space offers stunning views of the city’s main landmarks – St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard, the London Eye and the Walkie Talkie. Designed with elegance, it’s ideal for private lunches or dinners, evening receptions or summer parties. It has an adjacent terrace that looks out on to the city, bringing the skyline almost within reach.

London’s most exclusive venue
London’s most exclusive venue
Exclusive venue with an incredible view via Eventflare

Located in the famous London Cheese Grater, this venue has a privileged viewpoint from which to gaze upon the city. With state-of-the-art AV equipment and staff, and an exclusive catering service prepared to tailor their menu to your specific needs, this venue has a capacity for up to 250 people. It is the real deal when it comes to first-class events. Their versatile space is perfect for conferences, seminars, meetings, dinners or receptions.


Inspiring views across the city
Modern rooftop with inspiring views
Rooftop venue via Eventflare

Surrounded by a garden-lined terrace, this rooftop venue is designed to inspire creativity and innovation. Furnished with retro pieces inspired in the fifties and sixties, and infused with peaceful touches of nature both inside and out, you can experience panoramic views of the city that are truly breath-taking at any moment of the day or night. A product launch, presentation or talk would be completely ideal here.


An unbeatable waterfront view
 An unbeatable waterfront view
Relaxed and casual venue via Eventflare

Not only does this venue have a gorgeous view of the Thames and the city skyline but its unique history and connection to London’s only lighthouse give it a notable personality.

Thanks to its triple-height ceilings and exposed Victorian brick walls, this space offers a versatility that not many can boast. With a relaxed and casual atmosphere and capacity for up to 600 people, it’s perfect for receptions, dinners, talks, exhibitions or even a dance.


Private boat venue with a view of the city
Private boat venue with a view of the city
Boat venue via Eventflare

This venue allows you to impress your guests with a private event aboard a boat on the River Thames. The tables have certainly been turned in this exclusive floating event room, giving you the opportunity to look from the Thames towards the city.

Ideal for dinners, receptions, weddings, parties or even charity events of up to 200 people. Thanks to their delicious catering service and expert team on board you’ll be cruising in style down one of the most famous rivers in the world.

Views that take your breath away!

As you can see this city is truly chock-full of awe-inspiring views from wherever you look. Its unique skyline and the blend of historic and modern buildings make for some beautiful backdrops for your events. Do you have a favourite?

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