6 Cool Warehouses For Hire in London

02 September 2021
02 September 2021

We started this company because we were tired of dull corporate event spaces. We spend so much time at work, so we deserve exciting places to host our events.

The humble warehouse is a great example of why we love what we do. The disused warehouse is not consigned to rot and live out the rest of its life waiting for demolition. The warehouse embodies the glory of rejuvenation.

These spacious venues tell a story of a life well-lived; everything you could want from an event venue! So without further ado, we present 7 cool warehouses for hire in London.

1. Former Brewery For Warehouse Events in London

Former brewery venue for memorable events
Former Brewery For Warehouse Events in London via Eventflare

Kicking off our guide to cool warehouses for hire in London is this former brewery. There’s nothing fancy going on; it’s just a big factory space with a simple honesty to it.

As if being in a former brewery with the stills in pristine condition wasn’t cool enough, you’ve also got the Mini Cooper in the corner to drive home that classic British feel.

This venue has a maximum capacity of up to 150 people and is ideal for after-work events, conferences, private dining, receptions, and workshops. It has an array of layouts and is versatile to your plans, and of course, there is a bar on-site!

2. Grand Warehouse Venue in London With Breakout Rooms

Grand Warehouse Venue in London With Breakout Rooms via Eventflare

Up next, we have this grand warehouse venue in London with breakout rooms. It has an unashamedly industrial vibe that makes a statement of wearing its raffishness with pride.

This venue is perfect for large events. As well as accomodating lots of people, it has a talent for hosting mini-events in amongst your overarching activities, thanks to its breakout rooms and pop-up partitions.

It’s a blank canvas venue that can accommodate any kind of corporate event your heart desires. What’s more, it can be a massive one as well, with a maximum capacity of up to 2,500 guests and 2,244m2 of space.

3. Victorian Style Warehouse For Hire in London

Victorian Style Warehouse For Hire in London via Eventflare

We’re travelling back to the Victorian era with this warehouse for hire in London.

You’ll notice that it’s been given a wholesome makeover into a beautiful white blank canvas venue. The skylights can’t help but add to the bright and chirpy aesthetic.

It’s located right in the heart of London’s much loved Shoreditch. Once there, you’ll have a wide range of amenities, including an excellent WiFi connection, an ambient sound system, weight tested trussing and spot track lighting are at your disposal.

And finally, you’ll have up to 548m2 to host all manner of events, such as conferences, exhibitions, photoshoots, private dining, receptions, and more.

4. Unique and Sturdy Warehouse Venue in London

Unique and Sturdy Warehouse Venue in London via Eventflare

If you really want to give your guests an authentic warehouse feel, you’ll love this unique and sturdy warehouse venue in London. It’s great for occasions designed to rebel against traditional corporate events.

It feels so real you’d expect lorries full of goods to come through its loading gate at a moments notice. The many loading bays make for unique entry features or event pop-up stalls. Plus, it even has a spacious outdoor area for breakout sessions, receptions, or private dining.

Its 1,407m2 is ideal for hosting conferences, exhibitions, product launches, and more—this venue also has superb lighting, catering, sound, and music equipment.

Capacity wise, this event space can host up to 1,200 people for a standing event. For private dining and theatre setup, you can invite a maximum of 750 and 1,000 guests, respectively.

5. Raw and Industrial Venue For Warehouse Events in London

Raw industrial venue in South Bank
Raw and Industrial Venue For Warehouse Events in London via Eventflare

For those that get joy from playful contrasts, take a look at this raw and industrial venue for warehouse events in London.

And by playful contrasts, we mean the colourful and serene art that plays against this former factory’s decaying bricks and steel. Plus, it’s versatile to host any kind of event you want, so what’s not to love?

You’ll find this memorable warehouse venue in London in the lively and central area of South Bank, boasting a surface area of 1,400m2 and a capacity of 450 people for standing events.

6. Stylish Studio Warehouse for Hire In London

Stylish studio in Shoreditch for various events, London. Venue for product launches, exhibitions and private dining.
Stylish Studio Warehouse for Hire In London via Eventflare

Our final warehouse for hire in London is this stylish studio. The corrugated roof is a much loved and nostalgic British style. This venue is an ‘all-rounder’ as the English would say, in that you can host any kind of event you want here!

It’s a classic post-war garage that was once very popular in England. It’s reminiscent of wheeler-dealer types, charming working-class sole traders that are still part of the nation’s fabric.

Its intimate area of 167m2 is right in the heart of Shoreditch and can accommodate up to 150 guests. What’s more, you’ll have high-speed WiFi, security staff, catering options, free parking, and first-class AV equipment.

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap. If you’ve found yourself getting excited about these spaces, then you can check out the rest of our Event venues in London right here.

And if you have guests to entertain after hours, then why not take them to one of the coolest karaoke bars in London?

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