The Best Courtyard Venues for Hire in London

01 April 2021
01 April 2021
The Best Courtyard Venues for Hire in London

The poor British Isles has a reputation as a wet, windy and cold part of the world. But take it from us, London, and the South of England has it pretty good come summertime.

For example, did you know that the average high in the summer is 23°? Not bad at all. It’s courtyard weather, that’s for sure.

You already know London has a great cultural heritage and great venues. So all we need to do is find you the right one, and it’s a deal.

This article is a companion on your hunt for the best courtyard venue for London. Once you find the perfect one, pass your wishes onto our team, and then all you have to worry about is turning up on time!

Japanese Courtyard Venue for Hire in London

Japanese Courtyard Venue for Hire in London
Japanese Courtyard Venue for Hire in London via Eventflare

Hidden away in the luxury of South Kensington is this Japanese courtyard. Its more striking feature is the large glass birdcage that is perfect for a classy team lunch.

What’s more, the authentic brick walls are painted in bold colours. There’s even a model zebra emerging from one! Your guests will love the tiled floor and stylish furniture too.

It’s a small affair, with a standing capacity of 10 people and 6 in a dining capacity.

Unique Courtyard Space for Special Events 

Unique Courtyard Space for Special Events via Eventflare

Indulge your fantasies of the perfect British lunch in this unique courtyard. It’s right in the heart of London too!

This private garden in the West End is perfect for a gala dinner with its grand white tablecloth set up. Your event will be perfectly secluded with gorgeous stone walls and tall English oak trees.

Lastly, it’s a spacious venue with up to 420m2. Capacity-wise, this location can host receptions of up to 250 people and banquets of up to 180 people.

Western Courtyard in London with a Glass Roof 

Western Courtyard in London with a Glass Roof via Eventflare

Host an event at the foot of this iconic industrial warehouse. This western courtyard is a lesson in contemporary elegance.

It’s a heated patio with grade-A sound equipment. You’ll be dazzled by the glass features and refined wooden furniture, marble and turquoise cushioning, and finely curated plates.

It can hold a whopping 500 people for all manner of classy business parties.

Secret Courtyard Venue in London for Summer Events 

Secret Courtyard Venue in London for Summer Events via Eventflare

Cheer up the gloomiest of guests with this rustic and secret courtyard in London. It’s a gentle and homely reprieve from the bustle of Albert Embankment.

It’s an ideal summer venue for tranquil and bespoke corporate parties. Plants, simplistic furniture, funky fairy lights are enclosed by authentic and traditional English style stone walls.

It’s got a canopy for when the English rain pays a visit and has space for a marquee or even a food truck!

Exquisite Courtyard Space with Glass Front

Exquisite Courtyard Space with Glass Front via Eventflare

We hate to call it a day here, but alas, it’s time. We’re leaving you with something fantastic, though. This exquisite courtyard space embodies a combination of themes such as mother nature and modernism.

It’s a triumph of glass, contemporary design with earthy colours and gentle historical touches. It neighbours a historic church, which is nice on the eyes. The jewel of this venue, though, is the inner courtyard where a stone fountain plays centrepiece.

It’s a venue that radiates zen energy and is very versatile for corporate events and celebrations.

All that’s left to say is that it’s 75m2 big and can accommodate up to 50 people for a standing function and 30 people for a private dining event.

Wrapping up

Now you know two things for sure. That London has a somewhat blessed summer, and it’s a city with some phenomenal courtyard venues. You can check out more fabulous venues on our platform, or one of our experts can get to work on your event at one of these venues right now!

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Featured image: Unique Courtyard Space for Special Events via Eventflare 

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