10 Inspiring Exhibition Spaces in London

30 March 2021
30 March 2021
10 Inspiring Exhibition Spaces in London

What can we say about London that hasn’t already been said? That’s the thing about this city – it’s not a hard sell.

In fact, it’s ranked the number one city in (EMEA) Europe, the Middle East and Africa for meetings and event activity. What’s more, it’s projected to grow!

Let its prowess in culture and business rub off on your exhibition, and it’ll glow red hot!

This article has a simple and noble purpose. We’re going to show you the riches that are London’s best exhibition spaces. Who knows, love at first sight could be right below.

1) Gorgeous White Event Venue 
Gorgeous White Event Venue
Gorgeous White Event Venue via Eventflare

We’re beginning with a mesmerising white event space. The glow from the white decor and large windows are remarkable.

The terrazzo-floored mezzanine is to die for. And you’re vaulted by a huge white arching roof. The alabaster material gives a serene vibe that needs to be seen to be believed.

The large photoshoot screen is enormous. It’s a blank canvas venue for you to design the exhibition in your imagination.

This venue is quite sizable, with a standing capacity of 200 and a seated dinner capacity of 88.

2) Eco-Friendly Blank Canvas
Eco-Friendly Blank Canvas via Eventflare

This eco-friendly venue’s centrepiece is a large trailing screen that starts high up on the wall and covers the floor.

The venue is decorated in a bright white that is emphasised by its many windows. As a blank canvas venue, it is totally customisable for your exhibition event.

The space boasts an area of 1,600m2. It is equipped with an excellent WiFi connection, a digital suite for post-production, a common kitchen, an integrated Meyer M1 sound system, a digital wall-mounted control system for sound, lighting, windows and blinds.

You can also treat your guests to some delicious food from the venue’s organic caterers.

3) Scintillating Gallery Space
Scintillating Gallery Space
Scintillating Gallery Space via Eventflare

It’s big, pearly white, and it’s scintillating. This is a gallery venue that takes pride in changing shape. It’s versatile to your plans and has separate spaces and rooms for you to downsize, upsize, and offer depth to your exhibition.

The venue, all in all, can accommodate up to 1,500 guests. The venue also has excellent catering and staffing options to optimise your guest’s experience.

Chelsea is the archetypal area of West London that even the grumpiest cynic can’t help but fall in love with. It’s right by the National Army Museum as well.

4) Japan-Inspired Venue 
Japan-Inspired Venue via Eventflare

The alluring nation of Japan has inspired this venue. And it will inspire your guests too.

The clean and contemporary look is a strong starting point to showcase your business in an exhibition setting.

It is located just off Kensington High Street, so the location is absolutely superb! Kensington is a rich and exclusive neighbourhood that everyone wants to be seen in.

And speaking of exclusivity, it has a standing population of 170 people. So it will be by invitation only.

5) Impressive Chelsea Venue 
Impressive Chelsea Venue via Eventflare

Lean on the charisma of history to bolster your event at this impressive venue in Chelsea. One can almost taste the thrill of champagne just looking at a photo of this space.

The smoky white walls are dignity incarnate. The paintings on show are historical and sport fine gold frames. The matte flooring and high ceilings only intensify the sense of grandeur.

Amenities include a lighting grid and a sophisticated sound system. You’ll also have an excellent WiFi connection and a modular exhibition system at your disposal. Other services, including catering, are available upon request.

The capacity for a standing event is 500, so it will be quite the event when the big day comes!

6) Bright and Contemporary Space
Bright and Contemporary Space via Eventflare

Oh, to be on the bank of the Thames. Choosing this venue will see your event sitting on the South Bank, London’s literal and figurative heart.

What we love about the venue is its brightness and simplicity. As you exhibit your work to the chosen few, passers-by will see it in all its glory through the floor to=ceiling windows that run the entire length of the wall.

They’ll walk by in envy as your event gently brightens up you and your guests’ experience. There is quality WiFi and sound equipment on hand so you can put on quite the show too.

7) Spectacular Bright Room for Corporate Events
Spectacular Bright Room for Corporate Events via Eventflare

If you want an exhibition space on the smaller end of things, we can heartedly recommend this venue.

It has a raised and open projection balcony that recalls an art deco diving board. The three round-topped windows bring the joy of sunlight to proceedings, and the rustic wooden floor is a beautifully dark affair with underfloor heating.

The venue has good WiFi and catering services, as well as projection facilities. It’s located across from Westminster, the seat of all British political power, and has a capacity that ranges between 100 and 150 people.

8) Rustic Blank Canvas with Natural Light 
Rustic Blank Canvas with Natural Light via Eventflare

Let your guests live out the life of a cosmopolitan elite at this rustic blank canvas.

You and your guests will be part of the exhibition, too, as outsiders will gaze on in envy through the panoramic windows that open up to the little cobbled street outside.

The venue is split over two floors, which means there’s more to explore. The exposed brickwork is precious, and the lighting fixtures are nostalgic.

The capacity goes up to 160 people, and it comes with a high-quality sounds system and strong WiFi. You’ll find it just around the corner from the Boujie streets of Soho, too, for added flair.

9) Characteristic Space with a Unique Look
Characteristic Space with a Unique Look via Eventflare

Just like fashionable people wear ripped jeans and chefs embrace the ugly-delicious concept, not everything has to be as perfectly manicured as Cinderella’s ball gown.

Artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs of all types are increasingly taking their business to Peckham, where you’ll find this unique space full of character.

Give your guests an alternative experience in this derelict house that has been finely tuned to host stylish corporate events.

With several floors, rooms and a garden to play with, this venue is great if you like putting your own spin on a place. Just remember, though, you’ve only got a guest list of 100 people!

10) Bright Victorian Townhouse
Bright Victorian Townhouse via Eventflare

This house has survived since the reign of Queen Victoria. But Old Vicky would never recognise this modern incantation of brightness.

What we’ve got for you here is another one of Soho’s treasures. Six open floors, all waiting to be tailored to your will.

And when we say bright, that’s not speculation. We mean it. From floors to ceilings, it’s been decorated in the most brilliant white they could find. It’s honestly quite the spectacle.

The whole space is 300 m2 and has a maximum capacity of 150 guests.

Wrapping up

So was it love at first sight after all, or have we had a headache overload with these awesome venues?

Maybe after a successful exhibition, you’ll need a good night out to celebrate? How about a karaoke night? If that’s what you’re after we wrote an article on the best places in London to do it!

Featured image: Eco-Friendly Blank Canvas via Eventflare

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