How to Host an Eco-Friendly Event in London

by Akshayaa RaniM,  29 January 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 29 January 2024
How to Host an Eco-Friendly Event in London

Hello, event enthusiasts! Welcome to the buzzing city where double-decker buses roam, and Big Ben keeps time.

But London isn't just about afternoon tea and Buckingham Palace – it's also a hub of sustainability ready to inspire your next event.

Get ready to embark on a journey of eco-consciousness through the charming streets and urban jungles of London. It's time to make your event as unforgettable as the London Eye with these fantastic tips that will have you dancing to the rhythm of sustainable success.

1. Venue

Picture this: Your event in a venue so eco-chic, even the Queen might pop in for a visit. Seek out gems like The Crystal, a sustainable events space with a carbon-neutral footprint, or the quirky Green Rooms Hotel, where upcycling is second nature. Partner with local sustainability leaders like Green Venue Guide for an event venue that's as grand as the Tower Bridge.

  • Statistical Spark: Opting for an eco-friendly venue can reduce water usage by up to 50%. That's like saving enough water to brew a million cups of English Breakfast tea!

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2. Event Blueprint

Before you dive into the whirlwind of event planning, create a sustainability plan that could rival London's iconic Tube map. Set clear goals – whether it's minimising single-use plastics or rocking a zero-waste event. Team up with London-based organisations like Greener Events Foundation to design an eco-blueprint to make the River Thames proud.

  • Playful Pointer: Imagine you're a sustainability detective, unravelling the mysteries of a green event with your magnifying glass.

3. Waste Management

In London, waste reduction is as trendy as a stroll through Shoreditch. Set up recycling stations that could make Banksy jealous and consult with Circular Economy London for tips on becoming a waste-reduction wizard. Create a "Waste Wonderland" corner – where talking about composting is as hip as visiting the Tate Modern.

  • Example Extravaganza: Remember when Londoners transformed disused phone booths into mini libraries? That's a waste of time.

4. Decor

London's blend of classic charm and modern cool is your décor inspiration. Hunt for upcycled treasures at East London's Old Spitalfields Market or partner with eco-designers like Eco Furniture Hire to transform your event space into a sustainable wonderland.

  • Charming Comparison: Your event's décor will be as eclectic and captivating as London's street art scene.

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5. Catering

London's food scene is as diverse as its neighbourhoods. Partner with local markets like Borough Market for a foodie extravaganza using locally sourced delights. Give plant-based dishes the spotlight they deserve – they're as in vogue as a West End show. Collaborate with London-based Foodinate to ensure your event's menu is as sustainable as the Thames.

  • Delicious Data: London's food surplus redistribution efforts have saved over 4,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. That's like removing 1,000 black cabs from the bustling streets!

6. Transport

In London, the Tube is your express train to sustainability. Encourage attendees to embrace the city's public transportation or team up with London's bike-sharing programs for a dose of eco-adventure. Collaborate with Buzzbike for bike routes that will have your guests pedalling through London's iconic streets with a green twist.

  • Whimsical Comparison: Envision your attendees traversing London's bustling streets with the eco-friendly enthusiasm of Paddington Bear.

7. Energy

London might be known for its cloudy skies, but even the sun makes an appearance. Harness its energy to power your event and collaborate with the Solar Trade Association to make your venue a solar-powered sensation.

  • Sunlit Fact: London's solar energy capacity has grown by a whopping 2,500% in the last decade. It's like turning the city's rooftops into a renewable energy playground.

8. Community

London thrives on community spirit, just like your event can too. Partner with local eco-warriors like Greenpeace UK to add a touch of environmental activism and heart to your gathering.

  • Heartwarming Highlight: The "EcoFest Elegance" brought together passionate activists, eco-conscious artisans, and sustainability influencers in a celebration of London's united green spirit.

9. Measuring

Numbers speak volumes, especially about your event's sustainable impact. Calculate your carbon savings, track waste reduction, and create a sustainability report that shines as brightly as London's iconic double-decker buses. Seek guidance from sustainability gurus like Julie's Bicycle to ensure your green stars align perfectly.

  • Statistical Sparkler: Events that showcase their sustainability efforts see a 30% increase in attendee engagement. That's like getting a standing ovation from both your guests and Mother Nature.

Wrapping Up

As you bid adieu to London's charming chaos, know that you've left a trail of green inspiration that winds through its bustling streets. From waste wizardry to solar-powered splendour, you've shown that hosting an unforgettable, eco-friendly event is as stylish as a stroll along the South Bank.

Now, you’re ready to read our ultimate guide on how to host an eco-friendly event and to feast your eyes on these awesome event venues in London!

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