London’s Most Instagrammable Venues

07 October 2020
07 October 2020
London’s Most Instagrammable Venues

When planning an event, you want to make sure that every detail looks perfect because so much time and effort goes into making that happen. It’s so rewarding when your attendees are enjoying the experience and even more exciting to see them taking pictures to share on social media. Basically, a well-planned event will create buzz for your business thanks to the satisfaction of your attendees. 

While a lot of the responsibility of creating “Instagrammable moments” rests on your planning skills, the right venue for your event is key in creating a picture-perfect situation. If you don’t know where to start, take a look here and find some of our favourite Instagrammable venues in London. 

Luscious, exuberant elegance

Sustainable venue in London
Elegant and eclectic venue via Eventflare

This venue is picture-perfect from every angle. Its majestic hanging chandeliers, delicate flower arrangements and exuberant plant life surrounding the table make it perfect for any event.

The attention to detail in every space is extraordinary. Your guests will want to take pictures in every exquisite corner of the room, making sure your event makes social media headlines.

Simple, rustic beauty

London's tops wow factor venues
Rustic studio via Eventflare

This studio residing in a former power station and coal store sets an extraordinary backdrop for your occasions. It features a high glass panelling ceiling that lets in a flood of natural light – the number one ingredient for great pics. Its beautiful rustic walls and versatile space will make anything you do here picture-perfect! 

A venue with a whimsical vibe

A venue with a whimsical vibe
Artsy venue via Eventflare

Every corner of this artsy venue is instagrammable. Each detail is carefully thought out to give the space a homey yet eclectic feel. The subtly kitsch artwork on the wall clashes in a delightful way with the whimsical furniture and painted walls. The whole venue comes together wonderfully, with each room decorated in a different style. Your guests will feel like they are exploring a scene from Alice in Wonderland and will want to record every second of their experience.   

A lively, colourful scene

A lively, colourful scene
Colorful transoformed market via Eventflare

Teeming with life and energy, this transformed market has some unique and unforgettable spots. Its relaxed artistic vibe, old shop fronts and rustic bars make for some very cool shots. This venue has the potential to create some very artsy photos. And at night, the fairy lights give it a gentle natural filter that any eager Instagrammer would never let go to waste. 

Trendy and sleek

trendy and upscale bar
Trendy and upscale venue via Eventflare

Instagram loves neon signs and this venue has some very cheeky ones! They go great with their trendy upscale bar and sleek decor. If you’ve planned a party or a casual night out for drinks, your attendees won’t want to miss a chance to snap the ambience of this place for posterity. The playful neon colours and stark shadow contrasts give this venue a great #nofilter status.

A botanical wonderland

A venue with a whimsical vibe
Venue with a whimsical vibe via Eventflare

Even before stepping inside, this venue is photo-tastic. An arch of roses surrounds its main entrance and hanging plants adorn its outer walls. Inside it is a temple dedicated to botanical artistry. Their drinks are carefully crafted from exotic plants in their collection and presented in innovative ways that appeal to the eyes and the camera. Wherever you look you see creativity, delicate beauty and nature’s footprint. 

Back to the future

eighties themed london venue
Eighties themed venue via Eventflare

The 80s have made a big comeback in this venue. Bursts of colourful memorabilia from the decade jump to your attention as soon as you step inside. It’s over the top and we love it! Their tables are giant Rubik Cubes, neon lights are plastered on every surface and there’s graffiti on the bar. 

Named after the Prime Minister that defined the era, you’ll find portraits of her and many other iconic 80s celebrities hanging on the groovy walls. If you’re not taking selfies with every one of them, then do you even Instagram?

Italian decor and live entertainment

 italian pizzeria with wild decor and live entertainment
Italian pizzeria with wild decor via Eventflare

This wildly delicious pizzeria is more than your average Italian restaurant. It offers live variety shows on a stage draped with a red velvet backdrop. The whole venue is surrounded by marble statues and over the bar, you’ll see a Vespa casually hanging from the ceiling. Your guests will love the many photo-ops in this exciting cabaret-style venue.

Go for the Industrial chic look

industrial chic photostudio
Industrial photostudio via Eventflare

This eclectic venue offers a wide range of spaces, filled with clean natural light and stark shadowy contrasts. Every room is decorated differently, but their rustic, industrial boho feel remains the same throughout. Their unfinished walls and old furniture make for perfect backdrops to the keen photographer, just as the blank canvas spaces are the ideal backdrops to your event. 

You’ll never run out of props or angles whilst looking for the perfect Instagram post here. There’s even a portrait of the queen to top off your guests’ London experience!

Natural beauty and exotic destinations

hip and vibrant bar for celebrations
Vibrant bar for celebrations via Eventflare

If you’re looking for a quirky bar for a proper night out, this venue offers so much more than just dancing and drinks. Furnished with unique pieces and decorated with a strong personality, it’s designed to transport you to lush natural surroundings and exotic destinations. 

Your guests won’t want to miss documenting every moment of their experience in this unique and colourful venue. 

Are you #Instagram Ready?

Choosing a venue that will highlight your event is key to creating a memorable affair. No matter the style of event you’re curating, London has the ideal venue for you, with exquisite decor and picture-perfect spaces that will add to your guests’ experience. 

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