Our 10 Favourite Team Building Activities in London

19 January 2022
19 January 2022
Our 10 Favourite Team Building Activities in London

Welcome friends, we’re assuming you’re on the hunt for exciting activities to do with your team? Well, look no further. We’ve done the research and compiled this guide to the best team building activities in London!

This guide argues against the idea that team building is a generic corporate buzzword. Because if you do them right, they can be an exhilarating, fulfilling experience for you and your team!

There is a medley of different team-building outcomes, so we’ve chosen a diverse range of activities here to achieve every one of them. Now get to it!

1. South London Wine School

South London Wine School via Londonwineacademy

We’re kicking off our team building activities in London is the South London Wine School. Because firstly, who doesn’t like to drink wine? And secondly, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn some impressive skills.

The best part is, you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience with wine. They take on beginners, experts, and everyone in between.

There are wines and lessons covering every part of the winemaking world including Alsace, Germany & England tour, or maybe you’d prefer to take your guests to Italy or France.

They’re open 7 days a week too, with a special price to suit all budgets from£30 to £200!

2. Funicular Productions

Funicular Productions via Facebook

For those that love a murder mystery series, this is the team building activity for you. Funicular Productions presents the Murder Express. It’s a homage to the swingings 1920s.

Drama, mystery, we’re all enamoured with an excellent who-done-it story. Plus, the set and production value is exemplary, with professional actors in stunning costumes bringing the experience to life.

As well as an immersive live-action drama experience, it’s a culinary experience, too,with a new menu by Masterchef Professionals finalist Louise Ellis.

3. Roller Nation

Roller Nation via Rollernation

Roller skating – particularly roller disco – has been taking the world by storm in recent times.

To incorporate this hot trend into a team-building activity in London, just visit Roller Nation, the city’s biggest and most famous roller skating nightclub.

It’s a nostalgic and wholesome experience, with huge disco balls, flashing projectors, and funky music. We recommend hiring one of their private booths to get the best experience.

And yes, you and your colleagues may fall, and people may laugh. But hey, at least there is excellent public transport options.

4. Bounce Ping Pong

Bound Ping Pong via Bouncepingpong

If you’re looking to book a team building in London where everyone can join in, then Bounce Ping Pong is a great idea. That’s the great thing about table tennis, anyone can join in, even if you’ve never played and especially if you’re not good.

The venue itself is very cool. There’s a whole blend of different styles coming together to give guests something they’ve never seen before. The clash of styles is most evident with the portrait of Napoleon crossing the Alps. See how they’ve traced his outline in neon.

We’re huge fans of their American style diner booths and intimate enclaves. There are lots of spaces to explore here. In short, it’s a great night out that will your colleagues won’t forget in a hurry.

5. Flight Club Darts

Flight Club Darts via Flightclubdarts

Our next team-building activity in London is a quintessentially British experience: darts. What was once the exclusive domain of smokey pubs is now a globally growing phenomenon.

For the best darts experience in London, we recommend Flight Club Darts. Not only do they have fun booths to play a good old game of arrows, but there are also TV screens that count and display your scores, American bar food, and a great cocktail selection.

What we love about darts for team building days out is that it’s such a dramatic game, and like table tennis, it’s easy to pick up for beginners. There’s drama, tension, and all the best things you associate with the competitive spirit. So get down there and give it a go!

6. Brigit’s Bakery Bus Tour

Brigit’s Bakery Bus Tour via Viator

While we’re on the theme of team building activities that are quintessentially British, how about something unique to London?

Take a look at Brigit’s Bakery Bus Tour. Here you’ll get to see the best of central London, on one of the city’s greatest icons, the vintage double-decker red bus.

This experience is excellent, though, because of the renowned baked goods you can stuff your face with. The only thing you need to decide is whether you’ll be taking them with tea, champagne, or perhaps even both?

This fabulous high-tea extravaganza begins in Covent Garden, one of Londons most loved locations. Plus, there are also gluten-free, halal, vegetarian and vegan options, so it’s suitable for everyone and anyone.

7. Master Peace

 Indfulness Ainting X
Master Peace via ElizabethDhokia

Everyone loves a clever name. Master Peace is a play on the word masterpiece, is the next offering of our team buildings in London.

The outcome here is one of unwinding and recalibrating. It could be ideal for fast-paced teams that are looking to relax.

The concept is simple.  Sessions are by a professional artist, and you can get involved with as little as a bit of paper and pencil. You don’t need an easel and oil paints.

Each session is unique and tailored to your team’s needs, So whether it’s for fun, for wellness, or just to get some creative energy going, it will be a personalised experience.

Their CV is impressive too, having provided services for the likes of Natwest, Barclays, American Express, and Geneve, so you’d be in good company.

8. Swingers

Our next team-building activity in London has another clever name. Swingers. Before you start getting ideas, it’s just crazy golf.

Everyone loves crazy golf. It’s such great fun, but more than that, it’s a game where anyone can win. It’s cruel at times, a game where you need to ride your luck. And more often than not, it feels like a lottery.

The venue has a creative and quirky course design, and it even has a spacious viewing gallery where you can watch the drama unfold. Plus, they have a speciality cocktail menu and some superb street food!

9. The Crystal Maze

Not many team building activities in London can claim to be based on a TV show. That’s why the Crystal Maze is such an exciting opportunity.

It’s a faithful recreation of the hit ‘90s TV show. The sets are stunning too. So it’s all the joy of being on TV without the embarrassment that lives forever.

We love this team building activity because it’s challenging both mentally and physically. It’s a hands-on experience that demands communication between team members and raises the competitive spirit.

10. Ballie Ballerson

Ballie Ballerson via Ballieballerson

Here we are, the last of our team building activities in London. It’s another funny name, dripping in onomatopoeia: Ballie Ballerson.

This is one big ball pit, plain and simple. It’s a great activity because we all miss kids play areas deep down. Don’t lie.

From throwing balls at your colleagues, swimming, dancing, it’s a good old fashioned ball put just like you remember them. It’s a great stress reliever where you and your team can let loose. What’s more, there’s a big shiny mirror, and silvery lights set the tone just right too!

And finally, after you’ve exhausted yourself, treat your team to their gourmet pizzas and superb drinks packages. Beer, champagne, cocktails, they have it all. So it’s a kids excursion but better, basically.

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap to our guide on the best team building activities in London. Fun for all, we’ve covered our bases here. And best of all, there’s nothing to say you can’t try all of them!

And if you need workshop rooms in London to host your chosen team building idea, then our collection covers every size and style of venue you could hope for, so check them out!

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