The 7 Best Food Trucks in London

by Akshayaa RaniM,  17 November 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 17 November 2023
The 7 Best Food Trucks in London

Picture this: you're strolling through the vibrant streets of London, and your nostrils tingle with the irresistible aroma of sizzling street food. What do you do? You follow your nose to one of the city's finest food trucks, ready to embark on a culinary adventure that'll leave your taste buds dancing with delight.

London's food truck scene is nothing short of a gastronomic odyssey, where diverse flavours and mouthwatering dishes await your discovery. In this guide, we're taking you on a tantalising journey to explore some of the best food trucks in London.

From Japanese soul food to irresistible mac 'n' cheese and more, let's delve into the delicious world of street food this bustling metropolis offers. Hungry? Well, let's get rolling!

1. Rainbofood Street Food in London
Rainbofood Street Food in London via Facebook.jpg
Rainbofood Street Food in London via Facebook

First up, we have Rainbo. Rainbo is not just your average London food truck; it's a celebration of Japan's beloved street food that's found a home in the UK.

Founded in 2012 by the husband-and-wife duo Ben and Xochi, who had a passion for gyoza, katsu, bao, and more, Rainbo quickly became a symbol of Japanese culinary delight. In 2016, James took the reins, leaving behind his corporate City life to follow his passion for food.

Rainbo has since grown into a thriving business with four permanent sites, including Boxpark Shoreditch, Hackney Bridge, Canary Wharf, and Leadenhall Market, along with a bustling festival and events team.

What sets Rainbo apart is its commitment to serving fresh, vibrant, and delicious Japanese soul food, all while prioritising excellent service and delivering the best customer experience possible.

2. Anna Mae's London Food Truck
Anna Mae's London Food Truck via Facebook.jpg
Anna Mae's London Food Truck via Facebook

Anna Mae and Tony, the founders of London's Original Mac N Cheese Dealers, have been serving up mouthwatering, scratch-made mac 'n' cheese since 2010.

Their culinary magic happens on the streets, at festivals, and even in your own backyard. They wield giant, cast-iron skillets and roll around in their 1986 GMC Vandura 'Burt Reynolds,' their 'Mac Not Crack' trailer, and a mini neon MacShack to bring you delectable mac 'n' cheese delights.

As far as we’re concerned, they really are one of the best food trucks in London for your next corporate event. But don’t just take our word for it…

Their creations have been lauded as "simple and absolutely delicious" by the Evening Standard, "intensely moreish" by The Sunday Times, and "the best festival food of all time" by GQ. Buzzfeed even cheekily noted that it's "better than Kanye West thinks he is," while The Guardian has ranked them among London's top ten street food vendors. When it comes to mac 'n' cheese, Anna Mae and Tony are the true maestros.

3. Yummies
Yummies - One of The Best Food Truck in London via Facebook.jpg
Yummies - One of The Best Food Truck in London via Facebook

This next food truck for hire in London is famous for its work serving the booming British film industry. But don’t scroll on just yet. Yummies is no stranger to the corporate world either!

Nichola, the founder of Healthy Yummies, brings the essence of a lively and warm household to the world of film sets. With a backdrop of music, 'Abigail's Party' style food, love, and laughter, Healthy Yummies embodies an extension of this joyful atmosphere.

In the hustle and bustle of a film set, which can be both magical and stressful, there's a central place that feels like home – Healthy Yummies. Their goal is to ensure film productions have a healthy and happy set, where the cast and crew are well-fed, hydrated, and in good spirits, and where employees feel supported to go the extra mile.

Healthy Yummies takes pride in serving food that's inherently healthy, with every morsel made from scratch, bursting with vibrant and inspiring flavours. This nourishing food is presented in a welcoming and joyful environment, with dedicated teams that serve as a daily inspiration.

4. Bhangra Burgers Food Trucks for Hire in London
Bhangra Burgers Food Trucks for Hire in London via Bhangraburger.jpg
Bhangra Burgers Food Trucks for Hire in London via Bhangraburger

If you want to give your guests something unique - a clash of cultures, so to speak - then this next team will pique your interest and then some!

Baba G's, the spice alchemists of London's street food scene, have been captivating the city's diners for over a decade with their mouth-watering Bhangra Burgers and vibrant sides, all infused with their unmistakable Baba G flavours.

With five London venues, including a pop-up at Parlez in Brockley SE4, Baba G's has solidified its place on the culinary map. And now, they're taking their talents to events of all kinds, from weddings to birthdays and large corporate gatherings. With their dazzling decor, lively bars, and delectable street food.

5. Pizza Pilgrims London Street Food
Pizza Pilgrims London Street Food via Facebook.jpg
Pizza Pilgrims London Street Food via Facebook

Pizza Pilgrims, owned by two brothers who embarked on a journey after escaping their "proper jobs" in London, hatched their idea for the perfect pizza after a couple of pints at the pub.

Their adventure took them on a tour of Italy, where they acquired a little 3-wheeled van and crafted a self-built pizza oven in the boot. The rest, as they say, is history. While they've since established two pizzerias in London (Soho and Carnaby), you can still catch their beloved pizza van making appearances at various events around the city.

Pizza Pilgrims brings a taste of Italy to the bustling streets of London, delivering authentic, delicious pizzas from their trusty mobile pizzeria. So, if your guests would appreciate a proper slice, this is the food truck in London for you!

6. Mother Clucker Food Trucks for Rent in London
Mother Clucker Food Trucks for Rent in London via Twitter.png
Mother Clucker Food Trucks for Rent in London via Twitter

Our next food truck in London for your consideration comes in the style of hip Americana! If you stroll through Brick Lane's Truman Brewery lately, you’ll be struck by Mother Clucker's eye-catching converted US Army ambulance stationed in Ely's Yard.

Here, they serve their famed tea-brined, buttermilk-soaked, twice-battered southern fried chicken, a delicious treat paired with cajun fries, black-eyed peas, and mac 'n' cheese. For those who love a little heat, smother your chicken strips with homemade hot sauces.

Mother Clucker is your go-to for a lip-smacking, southern-style chicken fix in the heart of London's vibrant street food scene.

7. Rice Guys Food Truck in London
Rice Guys Food Truck in London via Facebook.jpg
Rice Guys Food Truck in London via Facebook

Our final course of street food in London is Rice Guys. The dream of three friends, balancing demanding careers in the corporate world, yearning for the kind of food they'd prepare at home but didn't have the time to make, given their long office hours.

They noticed the absence of a recognisable, affordable, and delicious Chinese quick-service brand in the city, and this realisation left them a little frustrated.

They pondered the reasons behind this absence. Was it the stereotype that Chinese takeaway is often greasy, unhealthy, or unappealing? Or perhaps it was deemed too complex to cater to the masses? In a rebellious move, they took the plunge, left their comfortable jobs, and embarked on a journey to create a brand that would challenge these stereotypes.

So if your guests yearn for authentic Chinese cuisine while in London, call the Rice Guys!

Wrapping up

So now you’ve been introduced to the top food trucks in London. We bet you’re pretty hungry by now, right?

Your next mission - after you’ve had a quick snack - is to book the perfect event venue in London to host your chosen food truck.

And finally, as a parting guide, here are our Top Tips for Hosting a Business Event in London!

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