The Top 5 Vegan Event Caterers in London

by Akshayaa RaniM,  14 November 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 14 November 2023
The Top 5 Vegan Event Caterers in London

Are you planning an event in London and want to impress your guests with delectable vegan cuisine? Look no further! London is home to a vibrant and diverse vegan food scene, and there's no shortage of talented vegan event caterers ready to make your gathering a culinary success.

From mouth-watering plant-based dishes to creative and sustainable menu options, these caterers are here to show you that vegan food can be as delicious as it is ethical. Whether you're hosting a wedding, corporate event, or an intimate dinner party, these top vegan event caterers in London have got your back.

Let's explore the very best in vegan catering and discover how they can elevate your next event!

1. We Are Planted Vegan Caterers in London

We Are Planted Vegan Caterers in London via Facebook.jpg
We Are Planted Vegan Caterers in London via Facebook

Planted, founded by Molly and Gabriella in 2016, is all about serving up naturally healthy and seasonal plant-based dishes. Their journey began as a pop-up restaurant in Brighton and quickly evolved into a passionate exploration of plant-based cooking. The sisters brought their culinary creations to coffee shops and restaurants, catering weddings and retreats, and expanding into the bustling heart of London.

At Planted, you can expect a menu that's thoughtfully crafted to celebrate the delicious potential of vegetables. From homemade focaccia with whipped garlic butter to cheesy tornado egg baps and citrus nocellara olives, their creations are as vibrant and diverse as the city they call home. So, if you're in the mood for inventive and mouthwatering vegan food in London, Planted is your go-to destination.

2. Clean Kitchen Vegan Food in London

Clean Kitchen Vegan Food in London via Facebook.jpg
Clean Kitchen Vegan Food in London via Facebook

When it comes to catering in London, Clean Kitchen is the way to go, and this top-notch vegan catering service has it all. With a 100% plant-based menu that features vegan twists on classic meaty dishes, they ensure there's something for everyone.

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or canapé-style events, this London-based vegan caterer has graced some high-profile occasions, from London Fashion Week to feeding the cast of Grease for West End Live.

Their services extend to corporate catering for some of the city's biggest online retailers and financial companies, proving that vegan food is not just for vegans – it's for everyone.

So, for an event that caters to all dietary requirements while embracing delicious plant-based creations, this London vegan food is the ideal choice.

3. Masons Kitchen London Vegan Food

Masons Kitchen London Vegan Food via Facebook.jpg
Masons Kitchen London Vegan Food via Facebook

When you're looking for a vegan event caterer in London who takes care of every dietary need, Masons Kitchen is the answer. They offer thoughtful dietary requirement boxes, including options for gluten-free and vegan preferences.

Their vegan seasonal salad box is a symphony of strong, bold flavours, featuring dishes like roast sweet peppers with chickpeas, sweet potatoes with pecan nuts, and roasted aubergine with pomegranate and saffron yoghurt. It's perfect for team gatherings and serves 6-8 people.

The journey of this caterer started with the recognition that something was lacking in London's food scene. They've since evolved into a team of passionate foodies dedicated to delivering top-notch catering that not only looks great but tastes delicious too. Their menus are a testament to their commitment to health and sustainability.

They prioritise the environment by using stylish, bespoke, and totally biodegradable boxes with fully recyclable packaging. Local sourcing is a key part of their approach, ensuring that fresh, made-to-order food is always on the menu.

4. Little Ginger Vegan Event Caterers in London

Little Ginger Vegan Event Caterers in London via Facebook.jpg
Little Ginger Vegan Event Caterers in London via Facebook

Little Ginger is your go-to vegan caterer in London for big flavour and feel-good vibes with 100% plant-powered food. They've taken their inspiration from plant-based street food around the world to create a menu that's both homemade and soul-pleasing.

Whether you're planning a wedding, a party, or any happy event, Little Ginger has got you covered. Their catering is designed to be truly bespoke, whether you want a fully staffed event, a beautiful Rainbow Grazing table to impress your guests, or simply a plant-based feast delivered to your door. They work closely with each client to create a delicious and memorable experience.

As a testament to their culinary prowess, they've received glowing reviews from satisfied clients who were wowed by the explosion of flavours, organised and efficient service, and smiley faces. Little Ginger's plant-based offerings even won over dedicated meat eaters.

5. Yellow Kitchen Vegan Catering in London

Yellow Kitchen Vegan Catering in London via Yellowkitchen.jpg
Yellow Kitchen Vegan Catering in London via Yellowkitchen

Yellow Kitchen is your premier destination for plant-based and vegan catering in London. With a heart set on veganism, they take pride in creating menus that are not only unique but also incredibly delicious.

As a dedicated plant-based lover, Yellow Kitchen offers a fully vegan experience. Their goal is to provide delicious cruelty-free food that satisfies everyone, whether you're ordering nibbles to share or planning a sit-down dinner. They want your guests to relish vegan food and feel like they're not missing out on anything.

Having extensive experience catering events of all sizes, they are well-equipped to serve small family gatherings or larger parties. Yellow Kitchen's strength lies in its bespoke events packages. Their team will work closely with you to discuss your event's menu in detail. If you desire a completely personalised menu for your booking, they are more than willing to create one.

Yellow Kitchen is 100% vegan and uses plant-based ingredients to craft outstanding and unique menus. Whether it's corporate lunches, canapé receptions, sit-down wedding dinners, buffets, street food, finger food, or private events, they've got you covered. If you can't find what you're looking for, they're open to discussing your requirements and creating a menu that fits your needs perfectly.

Wrapping up

Well then, we bet you’re really hungry after our exploration into the top vegan event caterers in London, right?

Now all you need is an excuse to book one of them. Start that journey by booking one of our event venues in London!

And finally, here’s something every event planner should have. Our top tips for hosting a business event in London.

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