14 Unique Event Venues in London

16 April 2021
16 April 2021
14 Unique Event Venues in London

Contrary to popular belief, unique event venues don’t just exist on Instagram. They’re very real, and a lot more accessible than you think!

London has a lot of credentials when it comes to style and design, and; they know how to organise a good party too.

What you’re about to see are 14 unique event venues that we absolutely love. Now let’s get stuck in shall we?

1) Green Outdoor Theatre for Various Events
Green Outdoor Theatre for Various Events
Green Outdoor Theatre for Various Events via Eventflare

Starting our article on unique event venues in London is this green outdoor theatre. Messing with nature has never been this cool. Look at the immaculate tiered cultivation. Magnifique!

This outdoor theatre can further be used as a marquee site. It can host a seated dinner for up to 250 guests with additional space for a DJ and a dance floor!

Amenity wise, the venue comes with a super-fast WiFi connection. You’ll also have an event manager, front house staff and cloakroom facilities.

2) Former Chapel with Original Stained Glass Windows
old venue steeped in history
Former Chapel with Original Stained Glass Windows via Eventflare

The second of our unique event venues in London is this former chapel, featuring original stained glass windows.

This piece of history is located in the vibrant area of Peckham, one of London’s South-East Boroughs.

The raffish charm invokes a sense of heritage that is hard to find. The stained glasses are of course irreplaceable and awe-inspiring.

Its versatility is an asset. Creatives and business people alike can use this space for everything from conferences, to exhibitions, photoshoots, receptions, and so on.

Plus, it has a maximum capacity of 120 in a theatre-style layout and has wheelchair access.

Omet Ouise Jpg

3) Stunning Pool Area for Private Business Events
Stunning pool area for private business events
Stunning Pool Area for Private Business Events via Eventflare

If being able to conduct a private dining event by an indoor pool isn’t an unusual event venue in London, then we ask, what is?

The pool, of course, is the star of the show. But we’d like to take a second to tell you about the roof. Its gentle arch is supplemented by hundreds of fibre optic lights. When they reflect off the surface of the water it creates a truly special atmosphere.

The pillars are strong, invoking a sense of magnificence to your event. Of which, you can host any type you see fit! A well-heeled reception could well be in order perhaps?

Finally, It has a dining capacity of 160 people and a standing capacity of 220 people!


4) Bar with Vintage London Tube Carriages
Bar with vintage London tube carriage
Bar with Vintage London Tube Carriage via Eventflare

This one is for the nostalgists. And why not? Seeing as this city was the first ever to build a metro! Or, as they call it, The Tube.

What you’re looking at is a faithful replica of an old underground railway carriage. This venue is a celebration of this rich story of industrial heritage. To all the people that have drunk, sang and laughed on the tube over the centuries, raise a glass to them.

It’s built honestly and authentically, and we can tell you, you won’t get another venue like this anywhere. This private bar can be yours, with a capacity of 40 people in a private after-work function.

5) Quirky Little Space-age Bunker

We’re piling on the nostalgia once more with this quirky little space-age bunker! It’s both charming and small. The very best of 60s design comes together making something exclusive.

The room is equipped with a projector, a screen, and speakers. Perhaps this could be a great venue to put on a quirky workshop for a company that appreciates style?

Amongst its brace use of light and colour, it has a standing capacity of 70 people and a private dining capacity of 30.

6) Unique Venue Showcasing London’s Rich Transport History
Unique venue showcasing London's rich transport history
Unique Venue Showcasing London’s Rich Transport History via Eventflare

Here’s another of the unique event venues in London that celebrates its rich cultural heritage.

This venue is part of the London Museum, set in amongst the city’s original flower markets. Over two floors you’ll be seduced by the history of London’s public transport. And it’s a storied history. See curations on the first underground railway, the iconic double-decker red buses, trams, and so, so, so much more.

You are offered the possibility to choose from 6 carefully selected caterers to create bespoke menus for up to 150 guests at a seated dinner and 500 at a standing reception.

You’ll have access to AV equipment, an elegant lighting system, and live entertainment. All in the heart of Covent Garden too!

7) Eccentric British Venue for Memorable Events
Eccentric British venue for memorable events
Eccentric British Venue for Memorable Events via Eventflare

Eccentric is a positive word for mad. And this unusual venue in London is, well, eccentric. It’s Alice and Wonderland translated from prose to event space.

You’ll be surrounded by an eclectic collection of arts and crafts, trinkets, tents, flags, and even penny-farthings hanging from the roof.

It’s flexible for any event type, and its floral garden has a retractable roof! It’s an all-weather affair too. And sweet lord, in London that is important.

After all is said and done, this venue can hold anywhere between 20 and 150 people for a private event.

8) Unique Venue with Multiple Nautical Themed Event Rooms
Unique venue with multiple nautical themed event rooms
Unique Venue with Multiple Nautical Themed Event Rooms via Eventflare

The reason why Pirates of the Caribbean is so popular because you get the thrill of adventure without the seasickness and the scurvy. Such is life with this nautical themed unique event venue in London.

Different genres of sea-faring voyages are at play here. There is a cruise liner room, a yacht club motif, a sail ship room, and more!

There are several rooms and private bars that you can choose from, with live entertainment available and an on-site distillery.

Depending on how much of it you want to book, and what your plan is, it has a capacity that ranges from 25 to 400 people.

9) Eighties Themed London Venue
Eighties themed London venue
Eighties Themed London Venue via Eventflare

We’re back again with the nostalgia. This time we’re visiting the ‘80s. An ’80s themed nightclub to be precise. So how does a private karaoke night sound?

As you can see it’s a merry shrine to ‘80s culture. It is named after former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who was in charge of the country over the period.

The drinks are all nostalgic too, such as Pina Coladas, and Babycham. All that’s left to say is that it has a maximum capacity of 180 people, and try not to lose your voice!

10) Japanese Style Meeting Spot in London
Japanese-style meeting spot in London
Japanese Style Meeting Spot in London via Eventflare

Experience the Land of the Rising Sun in the middle of Kensington High Street! If this isn’t a unique event venue in London, then we should pack it in right now.

This cool Japanese-style meeting room is your chance to soak in the culture that everyone adores. It’s a model of serenity and high-quality interior design.

Its authenticity and minimalist credentials are there for all to see and is recommended for brainstorming sessions, meetings, and workshops.

This conference room is ideal for meetups and discussions with learners of the hardest languages like Japanese.Here’s the kicker though, it’s only available to hire for companies whose activities support and promote Japanese culture. If that’s you, it’s fit for a maximum of 8 people and it starts at just £30 per hour.

11) Groovy and Retro Venue for Unique Events
Groovy and Retro Venue for Unique Events
Groovy and Retro Venue for Unique Events via Eventflare

Bring your team to the trendy area of Brick Lane for a cool slice of Americana. Whether you can bowl or not, it’s guaranteed fun. It’s a groovy and retro venue that laughs in the face of seriousness.

Facilities include bowling lanes, a restaurant, a bar, a lounge area and karaoke booths. Their speciality is quality American food. It’s a flashy joint, styled on the swanky rooftop terraces of Manhattan.

If you’re impressed, you can hire the whole venue for up to 130 people.

12) Ice-rink Venue for Team Away Days
Ice rink venue for team away days
Ice-rink Venue for Team Away Days via Eventflare

Is it okay to laugh at a colleague falling out on the ice? Well, firstly it depends on how hard they fall. And secondly, it also depends on how well you know them. If it’s the nervous interns’ first team day out, maybe hold it in. If it’s your work bestie? Never let them forget it.

Hypotheticals aside, this unique event venue in London is a large hockey-style ice-rink. Yes, the ice rink is pretty smashing, but look at the victorian building you’re in! It’s palatial in every regard.

For a team day out, you can get different packages that include tutorials, tutoring and food. Or you can just rent it for skating and have at it!

You’ll be pleased to find out it also has a bar, catering services, WiFi, and parking.

13) Event Space Dipped in Green and Tropical Ambience
Event Space Dipped in Green and Tropical Ambience
Event Space Dipped in Green and Tropical Ambience via Eventflare

This event space is undeniably botanical, and quite rightly deserving of its space in our guide to unique event spaces in London.

What is most impressive is that the two worlds of nature and cosmopolitanism – which are usually at odds – coexist here in perfect harmony.

Plants and flowers are everywhere but it never feels overgrown; you still feel that you are in an elegant manor house.

It’s a treat of wood, brightness, and sparse metal features that make something you aren’t likely to see again. Here you can host anything you like, from after-work parties to private dining events, to workshops. We’d love to hear what ideas you have for this place!

The venue has two floors available for private hire. The ground floor can accommodate up to 140 guests, whereas the first floor can host a maximum of 60 people.

14) Beautiful Glass Venue with Panoramic Views of London
Beautiful glass venue with panoramic views of London. Wood flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows
Beautiful Glass Venue with Panoramic Views of London via Eventflare

If anyone has watched Spiderman: Far From Home, you will certainly recognise this beautiful glass venue. No, in all seriousness, it might be hard to tell from this photo, but what you’re seeing is one of the most iconic bridges in the world.

Secreted in its historic steel structure, you’ll have panoramic views down The Thames, the Tower of London, St. Pauls Cathedral, The Shard, and everything else!

With floor to ceiling windows and contemporary furniture, this Victorian emblem of London is geared up for any corporate event you want.

Each partition can accommodate a maximum of 150 guests for a standing reception. Amenity wise, this lavish space is equipped with an excellent WiFi connection, PA system, and wireless microphones. Other services including catering and LED lighting are available upon request.

Wrapping up

In hindsight, these venues are so spectacular that you probably have to Instagram them, right?

We’ve got so many more venues in London for you to browse through. Check them out using our elegant filter system to find the thing you need, quickly. And if that’s not quick enough, ask one of our experts and they’ll find what you need for you!

If you want more unique stuff to do in London, why not combine it with the necessary ritual of eating? This guide to immersive dining experiences in London has some out there and amazing events to choose from.

Featured image: Eccentric British Venue for Memorable Events via Eventflare

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