8 Professional Seminar Rooms in Luxembourg

15 January 2021
15 January 2021
8 Professional Seminar Rooms in Luxembourg

There are plenty of seminar rooms for rent in Luxembourg. So making a selection can be tricky. Corporate seminar spaces should be efficient and comfortable. But how can you tell? By reading this article.

The hard work has been done for you. The options have been laid out, so you only have to choose. The organisation of your next seminar just became a lot more relaxed.

House 17

seminar room with natural light
House 17 Seminar Room via House 17

House 17 has several seminar rooms available for you to use. The spaces are ideal for private conferences, meetings, luncheons or dinners. The setting is business casual, and the spaces are filled with natural light to boost energy levels.

The rooms come equipped with a TV screen, satellite, HDMI cable, sound system, and video-conference Polycom.

Fourteen guests will be able to take a seat in each of these spaces. For a standing event, you can fit up to 20 colleagues. The friendly staff of this venue will help your set-up and business needs. You can also rent private offices.

Hotel Le Place D’Armes

seminar room with natural light
Hotel Le Place D’Armes’ Salon Vauban via Hotel Le Place D’Armes

Hotel Le Place D’Armes has four private salons for seminars and small conferences. The spaces are located in the vaulted cellars and are made up of natural rocks and carved stones. Despite the spaces being lower-levelled, there is plenty of light to keep meetings productive.

You can book additional equipment on top of the room package; flip charts, whiteboards, beamers, lecterns with microphones, or even extra laptops are available.

If you and your team decide on staying longer, ask the venue for lunch and dinner options. The Gourmet Menu, as well as the Walking Menu, are available to choose from. Their Koshihikari Steamed Rice is delicious!

In terms of capacity, the rooms can accommodate small groups of 6 people to larger teams of up to 30. Ideal private offices or meeting rooms in Luxembourg!

The Office

seminar space in luxembourg
The Office via The Office

The Office has two locations within Luxembourg – one in Charlotte and the other in the city. The spaces are available from Monday to Friday. Business meetings, social events, workshops, and presentations are just some examples of previous events that the crew has organised.

You can privatise the seminar rooms if you like mingling with other professionals. This venue allows entrepreneurs and other business to use their areas for co-working. Members of the space have 24/7 access.

The venues work with caterers that can provide food and beverages for you and your colleagues. Private offices are also available.


terrace in luxembourg
Melusina Terrace via Melusina

Melusina has several spaces that can be privatised for seminars and other business events. The 280m2 terrace overlooks Ville Haute (Old Town) Luxembourg. This open-air space can hold up to 200 people at the same time.

You can also make use of the venue’s lounge area and The Club. The latter would be suitable for larger events.

Does your seminar run longer than expected? You can enjoy several catering options in the corporate meeting spaces, too. The venue is experienced with walking dinners, sit-down dinners, finger-food, and show-cooking.

Campus Contern

modern and bright seminar room
Campus Contern via Campus Contern

Campus Contern has multiple buildings in Luxembourg which can be used by businesses needing office space and more. The seminar rooms vary in size and atmosphere, so it’s a suitable choice for any team.

These spaces come fully equipped with necessary materials such as notepads, a digital whiteboard, large screens and microphones.

IT Support is always included, and catering services are optional. So you’ll be covered on all fronts. You should know that there are fully-equipped kitchens on-site if you prefer to bring in your favourite caterer.


coworking space in luxembourg
Silversquare via Silversquare

Silversquare is a business centre located in the heart of Luxembourg City. This venue offers flexible workspaces in an open space. You can also opt for private offices or shared seminar rooms.

The spaces are ideally located within 5 minutes from the city centre and main train station. The private office spaces are available 24/7, so your team can hold seminars until deep in the night. Clients and colleagues in other time-zones will thank you.

Seminar rooms vary from small to large and come equipped with a TV, flip chart, and even coffee and tea.

Professionals can become a member of the community and use the spaces as per their needs. The community regularly hosts innovative talks and other workshops to keep you entertained and energised throughout the week.


small meeting room for seminars
Breedewee via Breedewee

Breedewee is a venue that offers equipped seminar rooms and spaces for professional events in Luxembourg.

There are four different meeting rooms available for you and your colleagues. All rooms come equipped with a Nespresso coffee machine for caffeine junkies. Projection screens and whiteboards are available in some of the spaces.

The smallest room fits up to 4 people, while the larger space can accommodate 25 people. There are also some private offices.

This venue works with a professional caterer who can meet your F&B requirements. The space also has an outdoor terrace with a lovely view of Grund.

Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal Hotel

small seminar room in luxembourg
Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal Hotel via Sofitel

Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal Hotel has a 60m2 seminar room in Luxembourg that’s perfect for boardroom meetings and informal workshops alike.

This venue is fantastic for international teams; the hotel is only 10 minutes away from the international airport. Also, bedrooms can be booked within the meeting package for a discounted price.

The crew can transform any of their four seminar rooms into various settings, from U-shaped to classroom style. The maximum capacity is 50, but more could join if you are inviting virtual attendees! The room comes with cutting-edge AV equipment.

Wrapping Up

Finding available seminar rooms for hire in Luxembourg can be tough. But now there’s no need to feel the heat from your boss. This selection is brimming with productive and fun corporate meeting spaces and private offices.

Need a venue for a drinks reception after all your meetings are done? Check out this list for event venues in Luxembourg.

Featured image: Hotel Le Place D’Armes’ L’ŒNOTHÈQUE via Hotel Le Place D’Armes

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