5 Unique Event Venues in Madrid

20 May 2022
20 May 2022
5 Unique Event Venues in Madrid

Welcome event planners to this handy little article on unique event venues in Madrid. From meetings spaces to conference venues, after-work locations, and more.

Why? Because life’s too short for boring event spaces. That’s why we started this whole platform. And to show you how exciting corporate event venues can be, we present this little article for your pleasure.

Here you’ll see many of Madrid’s faces: old and new; grand and humble, large and small. So whatever kind of venue you’re looking for, we have something to make you smile down below.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

1. Unique Venue in Madrid With Panoramic Views

Unique Venue in Madrid With Panoramic Views via Eventflare

So here we go, the first of our unique event spaces in Madrid. Say hello to our duplex location, right in the heart of the city centre.

It’s a sleek venue with contemporary fittings, including the floor-to-ceiling windows and refined furnishings.

The views are, of course, outrageously good, emphasising that luxury feel. Plus, it has a balcony and lots of open lounge areas.

It also has some fantastic amenities, including free parking, sound equipment, a tasty catering service, TVs, high-speed WiFi, and more.

And finally, you’ll be able to host a standing event of 70 people and a seated event of 60 people.

2. Charming and Luminous Unique Event Space in Madrid

Charming and luminous venue for corporate events
Charming and Luminous Unique Event Space in Madrid via Eventflare

Up next, we have this charming and luminous wonder, located in the city centre, around the corner from Atocha railway station – the biggest in the country.

It’s this striking pavilion-style construction that makes this a unique event venue in Madrid. You have an indoor space that feels like it’s outdoors, with an abundance of natural light thanks to the glass roof and the bountiful collection of tropical plants.

This space is versatile to host any kind of corporate event you want, from meetings to after-work parties. It even has a private bar and a top catering service.

And finally, over its 300m2, you’ll be able to host an event of 120 people in a standing event and 105 people in a seated event.

3. Bright and Versatile Unique Event Venue in Madrid

Bright and versatile venue nearby Gran Vía
Bright and Versatile Unique Event Venue in Madrid via Eventflare

If you like the idea of exclusive corporate spaces at the top of tall buildings in the centre of one of the most prestigious cities in the world, then you’ll love this bright and versatile location.

This unique event space in Madrid is on Gran Vía, no less, one of the city’s most iconic squares. What’s more, from this luxury perch, you’ll have panoramic views of the city.

It’s a blank canvas venue, meaning you can style it how you like. And it’s already piling on the style, as you can see, from the retro arching windows, all-white interior, and sleek black furnishings.

Capacity-wise, you’ll be able to host up to 50 people here, and finally, it comes with versatile furnishing options, TV screens, great catering options, and excellent WiFi.

4. Unique Venue in Madrid With a Chic Touch

Unique Venue in Madrid With a Chic Touch via Eventflare

If you’re intrigued by clashes of style, then might we interest you in this unique venue in Madrid?

At its core, it’s an industrial venue, made all the more intriguing by its flamboyantly chic touch. You’ll find it near Plaza dr Castilla, with up to 300m2 to work with and a total capacity of 250 people.

As you can see, it’s been manicured with great care and craft. The walls have been left fashionably raffish, and the industrial roof truss remains but in a bold gold finish.

There’s tropical plant life and bespoke furnishings, too, so you know that whatever kind of event you throw here, it will be stylish!

5. Charming and Unique event Space in Madrid

Charming multi-purpose event venue
Charming and Unique event Space in Madrid via Eventflare

Sadly, we’ve arrived at our final unique event space in Madrid for today. However, we’re finishing with a flourish because this charming multi-purpose venue is fantastic!

This is one with a yearning for rustic and rural aesthetics. Here you have something that will capture the heart of all the nostalgists out there. It’s an old city workshop that’s aged like fine wine.

It’s versatile too and charming, with two event spaces, a patio, a spacious bathroom, and a dressing room. It even has wheelchair access, versatile furnishing options, sound equipment, and much more.

And finally, over the 140m2 presented here, you’ll be able to host an event of up to 100 people.

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap on our guide to the most unique event venues in Madrid. As we said, we like to think we’ve offered every size and style.

But remember, this is just a sample of our fantastic collection of venues in Madrid, and we strongly advise you to take a minute to check the rest out!

After that, you’re going to want to have a look at these 32 unique ideas for branded event merchandise. They’ll help you drive your revenue and your brand, trust us!

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