8 Group-Friendly Restaurants in Madrid

08 December 2020
08 December 2020
8 Group-Friendly Restaurants in Madrid

Spain is quite a remarkable place. Where else can you order a drink in a bar and receive free food? In our experience, you can always expect good service, and even better food.

As good food is best shared, we’ve put together a guide to group-friendly restaurants in Madrid.

As Spanish cuisine dictates, sharing is caring!

1) Mercado De La Reina

Delicious dish of group-friendly restaurant in Madrid
Mercado De La Reina via mercadodelareina

Mercado De La Reina is a charming restaurant in Gran Via. The location is ideal, the food is good, and the prices are reasonable, too!

The restaurant serves tapas dishes from all over Spain for any occasion. If you’re looking for a gentle start to the day, come in early doors for breakfast. Or you can come after dark for some lively music.

If you’re planning a corporate event, this Madrid restaurant would be happy to accommodate. All that’s left is to give them a call if you need good quality group dining in Madrid.

2) Casa Dani

Close-up of an award-winning omelette
Casa Dani via gastroactivity

Casa Dani has some serious credentials. It has won major titles like Best Bar and Best Omelette in Spain. The restaurant also ranks at a cool third place in Spain and seventieth in Europe on the Cheap Eats List.

It’s a family affair which began in 1991 and they are still going strong. Their mantra is honesty, quality and authenticity. And it rings true. It’s a restaurant with a distinct character and noise we think you’re going to love.

As one of the most successful Madrid restaurants, Casa Dani is very versatile. They have different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and will even produce a custom menu for your private party. They also have a take away option for when you need your fix at home.

3) Bodega de la Ardosa 

Facade from famous family restaurant in Madrid
Bodega de la Ardosa vía cntraveler

Bodega de la Ardosa has been around for 50 years now. It’s a great space with good vibes, and good food. The family establishment has a seductive atmosphere you’ll long for after you’ve left.

The potato tortillas with local glory onion is a must have – it’s popular with locals as well as foreign guests. For those brave enough, the black pudding is also pretty spectacular.

The service is good, and the place is unapologetically friendly. It feels like the beer menu and the clientele are in competition to see who can be more international. And it’s not our place to say, but it’s quite possibly the best place in Madrid to get a Guinness.

4) Juana La Loca Pintxos Bar

Close-up of quality dish of restaurant Juana La Loca
Juana La Loca via facebook

Juana La Loca Pintxos Bar has been offering authentic tavern cuisine since 2001. They describe it as a travelling experience. They use their space and their menu to rally against artificial foodstuffs.

They are pioneers in pinxtos, representing Basque cuisine in the nation’s capital. If you can’t make it to them, they are very happy to do delivery or to cater something more personal for events.

5) La Campana

Facade of La Campana restaurant in Madrid
La Campana via esmadrid

You’ll find La Campana in the narrow streets off Plaza Mayor. It’s essential that you make the effort to try their calamari sandwich. It’s a sacred Madrid restaurant that’s famous for the delicacy.

The little tables provide a very relaxed atmosphere, and it’s common for groups to take calamari sandwiches onto the plaza itself. So if you’re on the move or keen to explore, La Campana is ideal.

Oh, and did we tell you it will only cost you €3 for a sandwich? We thought that might prick your ears up!

6) El Arrozal

Close-up of Paella dish
El Arrozal via escapadarural

El Arrozal is a group-friendly restaurant that knows how to host. You can book it for up to 40 people, and they will even organise shows for pre or post-dinner entertainment. Just speak to them about it – you’ll be charmed, that’s for sure.

They’re unique in that they are known for their ability to accommodate guests with coeliac requirements. That’s no mean feat in Spanish cuisine folks.

Regardless of your dietary requirements, the chefs only prepare high-quality dishes. And we bet you’ll be particularly impressed with the presentation of their plates.

7) La Bola

Typical castillian dish in one of Madrid's oldest restaurants
La Bola via labola

La Bola has been serving stunning Castilian food in the historic centre since 1870, making it one of the oldest group-friendly restaurants in Madrid on this list.

Of course, we all want to experience the latest thing. But you can’t argue with over four generations of perfection. For example, try La Bola’s El Cocido Madrileño. Made with the best raw materials, it is still cooked in the same way as in 1870: over low heat, in individual pots over the embers of oak charcoal.

So when you’re looking for somewhere to take clients or colleagues, impress them with your knowledge of what’s authentic and what’s not – take them to La Bola.

8) Casa Mingo

Chef holding a roasted chicken
Casa Mingo via facebook

Casa Mingo keeps it simple. Beautifully simple. It’s delicious, fun, and comfortingly unpretentious. Casa Mingo has become something of a local icon in the city, thanks to their delightful roast chicken.

They offer two rustic and charming spaces: a gorgeously decorated restaurant, as well as a spacious, authentic cider house.

Depending on the size of your group, both are lovely options for enjoying a home-cooked meal surrounded by good company. So your search for group-friendly dining in Madrid might as well begin and end here.

Wrapping up

As we said, sharing is caring. And when it comes to group-friendly restaurants, Madrid knocks it out of the park.

That’s some pretty impressive restaurants you’ve just read through. But you know what might be even more impressive? Being able to make some amazing Spanish cuisine for yourself.

If that seems like something you could be into, do yourself a favour and check out our guide to Spanish cooking classes in Madrid.

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