8 Great Boardrooms in Madrid for Hire

18 December 2020
18 December 2020
8 Great Boardrooms in Madrid for Hire

Before you start yawning, hear us out. Corporate events can be fun. Lifeless, clock-watching meetings won’t cut it for us, and it shouldn’t cut it for you either. To give you just a taste of what corporate events can be, we’ve put together a guide to eight great boardrooms in Madrid. 

Meetings, brainstorming sessions, workshops and conferences can be inspiring, fun, and engaging experiences. Trust us. 

1) Impact Hub
Open industrial meeting space with natural light
Impact Hub via impacthub

Impact Hub has excellent credentials; it’s the largest network of entrepreneurship communities. They have cultivated a unique system of co-working and boardroom spaces that are perfect for collaborating. 

Their extensive roster of residents is a testament to their good work and environment. 

As well as that, they offer in-house advice and resources to help your business. So get some peace of mind with this professional space. 

As well as physical corporate events, they also offer online and hybrid events services. Their passion for combining physical and digital worlds makes for a unique event experience. 

2) Artiem Hotels
Luminous meeting room with parquet flooring and industrial ceiling
Artiem Hotels via artiemhotels

Artiem Hotels has no-nonsense, built for (multi)purpose boardrooms. There are buckets of natural light, and the modern design has subtle industrial touches. Perfect for productivity. 

The area is 61m2 and can accommodate up to 35 people. It is ideally suited for your all-important meetings in Madrid. They even kit you out with screens, projectors, stationery, flip charts and speakers. Pick from various catering and refreshment options to keep your team going, too.  

Spaces for teams don’t usually come this diverse either. Artiem also offers more off-piste events like yoga or other physical activities. 

3) monbull.
Quirky and cozy meeting space in Madrid
Monbull via Monbull

monbull. has all the charms of a loving home in the lively Salamanca district. So you’ll be relaxed, and firing on all cylinders when you start talking shop. 

But it’s not just a sweet home of a venue; it’s a seriously flexible boardroom with all the corporate necessities. We’re talking a super-fast WiFi connection, air conditioning, flip charts, a TV screen and projector.

4) Capicua 101
industrial white event space with colour accents
Capicua 101 via capicua101

Capicua 101 has a lovely open space with Colgate white walls. A combination of simplicity and sophistication, this creative location is perfect for burgeoning ideas.

Located in one of the most exclusive areas of Madrid, it is a space where intimate gatherings will take place successfully. The use of simple, soft colours and wooden flooring give this venue a refined and welcoming feel. 

The venue can be prepared for any event you have in mind. There are four rooms, a kitchen and a main hall available for hire. So it’s possible for events of any size. All you have to do is tell them your idea, and they’ll sort it. 

5) Gran Vía HUB27
Snapshot of the lounge of a cosy meeting space in Madrid
Gran Vía HUB27 via granviahub

Gran Vía HUB27 is as luxurious as it gets. It’s a boardroom in the heart of Madrid and is sure to awe your guests. The huge windows are art in their own right and give you the perfect view of Gran Vía.

They offer more than 300m2 of space for any event you may be organising. It’s a proposition that really will make you think as grand as possible. 

Their service is intimate and personal, so you’ll really feel cared for. Not forgetting, the catering is as exquisite as the decor!

6) Sharing Co. by Allô
Lounge area of a co-working space in Madrid
Sharing Co. by Allô via sharingco

Sharing Co. by Allô is in the lively area of Chamberí. It’s an elegant and modern spot that aims to inspire. This co-working spaces has boardrooms of different sizes, which can adapt to any meeting you’re planning. 

The rooms are perfect for small-scale meetings such as board meetings, brainstorming sessions or seminars. 

The white walls and wooden floors add some cosiness and will make you feel at home. What’s more, contemporary furniture and decoration which bring a trendy touch. The venue also offers a kitchen, audiovisual equipment and high-speed WiFi.

7) LBK99 Las Cortes
Conference room with Mediterranean accents and a warm atmosphere
LBK99 Las Cortes via lbk99

LBK99 Las Cortes, near Las Cortes, is a multipurpose boardroom in Madrid. It comes with every possible amenity for workshops, exhibitions, conferences and private dinners. 

Its charm comes from the rustic decor. The exposed brickwork is trendy to a tee. 

What’s more, this space also has a catering service, which you can enjoy from morning to night. Make sure you wrap up your day with one of their delicious cocktails!

8) The MUN Hub For Business
The MUN Hub For Business
The MUN Hub For Business via Eventflare

The MUN is a boutique co-working space in the charming area of Las Delicias. And fortunately for you, it’s also a bright and versatile venue for boardroom meetings.

Its pleasant aura is thanks to the contemporary furniture, joyful lighting fixtures, and the many lovely plants that are placed throughout. The defining features of the MUN hub however are its gorgeous stone pillars.

There are open communal spaces and private boardrooms for you to choose from. Meetings here will be made all the more productive with the great catering options, and exemplary refreshments.

You’ll also have the joy of a projector, TV screens, whiteboards, and WiFi. And finally, it has a maximum capacity of up to 50 people.

Wrapping up

You must be pretty inspired by now, right? These boardrooms in Madrid showcase the diversity on offer in the city – and we’re pretty pleased with them! 

We guess you’ll need somewhere equally as amazing to stay. And hey, we’ve thought of that too. Check out our guide to the best luxury hotels in Madrid to complete your stay! 

Featured image: Impact Hub via esmadrid

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