The Best Areas in Madrid for Hosting Events

by HarryPrince,  17 March 2021
by Harry Prince, 17 March 2021
The Best Areas in Madrid for Hosting Events

There are secret corners to discover everywhere, even in the cities you know like the back of your hand.

Madrid has a population of 3.2 million. It’s big. And there’s a lot to uncover that even the locals might not know about.

But you’re a studious person; you’re reading this article. That means you’re probably the type that wants to know more. And you will.

This guide will teach you about the best areas in Madrid for hosting events. We’ll also give you recommendations of venues available for each one.

La Latina 

Let’s kick off with one of our favourite areas in Madrid: La Latina. Built on the site of an Islamic hill fort, it’s one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods.

The streets are an endearing maze of tight lanes and cobbled streets. Brightly coloured apartment blocks define the architecture of the area.

It’s also home to Madrid’s largest flea market, El Rastro. Another iconic landmark you’d be a fool to miss is San Francisco el Grande Basilica.

You can walk to Centro and Retiro in 10 minutes. A night exploring bars and tapas is in order here. Your guests will especially appreciate the bars that live along the Calle de Cava Baja.

It might also be a good option if you’re looking to save on accommodation. There are plenty of middling and budget options in the hotel department.

Where to Host an Event in La Latina

Vibrant Venue with a Classic Spanish Look via Eventflare

To match La Latina’s historical qualities, we thought we’d recommend this vibrant and authentic Spanish looking venue.

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to admire how rustic this space is. Anyone with a soft spot for vintage things will love polished wooden floors, arched doorways and folkish blue wallpaper.

You can do all manner of things with it, such as after-work parties, photoshoots, a private dining event, or maybe a reception?

Amenity-wise, this space comes with a fully equipped bar and an optional catering service.


Chueca is one of Madrid’s coolest neighbourhoods. It’s named after the main square, Plaza de Chueca, an ode to Spanish composer and author Frederico Cheuca.

This neighbourhood is famously known as the LGBTQ+ neighbourhood. Madrid Pride begins and ends here.

Where to Host an Event in Chueca

Bright and Versatile Venue in Gran via Eventflare

Observe the best of Chueca with 360-degree views from this bright and versatile venue.

As you can see, this space has truly spectacular windows. They come to an arch from the floor, making even and wide gaps in the thick stone walls.

It’s a bit of a Russian doll this venue as it can transform into three different spaces. It’s versatility allows you to host anything from workshops, to brainstorming sessions to conferences, photoshoots and more.

It’s next to Gran Via and can accommodate up to 50 people.Amenity wise you’ll have a flatscreen TV, high-quality furniture, WiFi, and catering options.

Barrio de las Letras

Barrio de las Letras is up next. You might hear the locals refer to it as the Huertas. The neighbourhood is just to the east of the city centre.

Retiro Park, a former property of the Royal family, is this area’s prized possession. It’s one of Madrid’s largest and grandest parks – royalty doesn’t know any different. And it has just enough enclaves to make it both mysterious and charming.

This area was once frequented by a certain Mr Ernest Heamingway. And we understand why! It’s full of pleasant bars and plazas. So if you want an event with a literary feel, why not Barrio de las Letras?

Where to Stay in Barrio de las Letras

City Hotel Inspired by Fifties Glamour
City Hotel Inspired by Fifties Glamour via Eventflare

Make your stay in Barrio de las Letras extra glamorous by booking this 50’s inspired hotel. It is a listed 1920’s building, and the design is so refined, folk of the past would be jealous.

What a way to live, if only for a day or two. You’ll get to dine like a real Madridista in the bespoke tapas bar. Plus, your room will be decked out with air conditioning, a safe, minibar, strong WiFi and more.


Areas of Madrid all have a proud, unique character. Malasaña, Cheuca’s neighbour, in particular.

When you visit, you’ll see a hip and happy Madrid neighbourhood. If you took a time machine back to the ’80s, you’d see something a little different. It was a rough part of the world back then.

The Movida Madrileña movement was most active in this area. It was a counter-culture that came to life when Spain regained its democracy after the death of Fascist dictator Francisco Franco.

Malasaña is happier now, though. It has become a haven for young and fiery designers. Your guests will love the vintage shops, chill bars, restaurants, and unique boutiques that the area is awash with.

Where to Stay in Malasaña

Contemporary and Central Stay With Marvelous Rooftop
Contemporary and Central Stay With Marvelous Rooftop via Eventflare

One of the best ways to see Malasaña is from a good rooftop. This contemporary and central hotel has such a rooftop.

No two rooms are the same. This contemporary hotel consistently surprises you with an eclectic style.

It has all the necessary amenities such as strong WiFi, a minibar, a safe and more.


Lavapiés is the most multicultural area in Madrid. If you’re into international cuisine, this is the place for you.

While you’re there, make sure you check out the local street art, hip bars, and ridiculously cool cafes.

After a day of fine art, the night has traditional bars a-plenty if you’re done with the hipster ones. Or how about a classic film at Cine Dore?

Hosting a corporate event here will add a touch of authenticity and rawness, which is not easy to come by!

Where to Host an Event in Lavapiés

Versatile and Luminous White Event Space via Eventflare

Lavapiés is great, and so is this luminous and versatile space. It used to be a garage before it was transformed into this large, dynamic event space.

It’s great because it’s a multi-purpose event space, ideal for conferences and workshops. Plus, you’ll also have catering options, technical equipment and staff to help with all your needs. In effect, this venue is peace of mind. It can accommodate up to 300 people too!


Many of us enjoy a bit of extravagance. And as far as areas in Madrid go, Salamanca is the most extravagant. This area is not to be confused with the city of Salamanca in Western Spain, of course.

Take the Golden Mile, for example. All the finest international and Spanish designers ply their trade and wares here.

If you’re more worried about food than fashion, Salamanca has Michelin-starred restaurants and designer cocktails.

It’s also home to one of Madrid’s finest bar-restaurants, Casa Dani. To read more about this Madrid icon and more, check out our guide to Madrid’s best group-friendly restaurants here.

Salamanca can be adorable too! Check out the Mercado de la Paz to see a down to earth and bustling market.

Where to Host an Event in Salamanca

Luminous and Artistic Space with two Floors via Eventflare

Salamanca is proud to present this luminous open space with gleaming white walls. A combination of simplicity and sophistication, this creative location is perfect for burgeoning ideas.

Simple, soft colours and wooden flooring give this venue a refined, intimate and welcoming feel.

There are four rooms for breakouts or whatever your imagination has in store. Plus, there’s a kitchen and a main hall available for hire. So it’s possible for events of any size. All you have to do is tell us your idea, and we’ll sort it.

Las Salesas 

When a film is successful, it usually gets a sequel. That’s kind of what happened here. Chueca, which you now know quite well, is so popular, it produced this brilliant hang out place.

Slightly more gentle than Chueca, it’s an excellent place for strolling, designer shops, and intimate cafes. If you’d like your event to be laid back and boujee, Las Salesas is one big, fat tick.

Where to Host an Event in Las Salesas

Stylish Meeting Space with Brick Walls via Eventflare

Going out on a high, we’re recommending this stylish meeting space.

Why is it so stylish? Well, because of the gorgeous red brick walls, the vintage decorated pillars, refined wooden furniture, and the upholstered sofas. And that’s just for starters.

It can accommodate up to 8 people in a boardroom setting and 20 in a theatre setting.

Need Extra Help? 

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Wrapping up 

Madrid will feel less of a stranger now that you’ve become acquainted with its best areas. If you want to see more of Madrid’s amazing venues, they’re only a click away!

Now that your heart is set on Madrid, you’ll need somewhere nice to stay. Luckily for you, we’ve written a guide to the best luxury hotels in Madrid.

Featured image: Contemporary and Central Stay With Marvelous Rooftop via Eventflare

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