The 7 Best Event Caterers in Medellín

21 October 2022
21 October 2022
The 7 Best Event Caterers in Medellín

Hello there, and welcome to our guide to the best event caterers in Medellín. It’s a topic very close to our hearts. Because we love Colombia, and we love good food.

It’s vital information for event planners. Because let’s be honest – in this day and age – poor event food just isn’t acceptable anymore.

So to help you create the perfect day for your guests, we’ve written this guide to our favourite caterers in Medellín.

Now then, all you have to do is read on, choose your favourite, and just like that, you can tick another thing off your to-do list!

1. Hatoviejo
Hatoviejo Event catering in Medellín
Hatoviejo Event catering in Medellín via Facebook

So, kicking off our guide to caterers in Medellín, we have Hatoviejo. Hatoviejo is an iconic fixture of the city, dating back to 1982.

Their mission was to give the people of the city a cosy atmosphere to enjoy traditional Paisan culture.

And as it happens, they succeeded in their mission. So much so that they’ve opened two further locations in Medellín since then.

Their menu is loaded with the best of traditional Colombian cuisine, like Bandeja Paisa, Ajiaco, Sancocho, Mondongo, Sudado, and so on.

However, it’s not an entirely local experience. Hatoviejo also offer a selection of international barbeque and grill dishes too!

The experience is rounded off by stunning Paisan design in their service and even live entertainment if the spirit takes you!

They’ve won some impressive awards too – don’t just take our word – winning prizes like “Best Restaurant in Antioquia” by La Barra magazine in 2011 and the Rosa De Los Vientos prize, granted by the Colombian Tourism Journalist Association.

2. Soy Chef
Soy Chef Corporate Catering in Medellín via Soychef

Soy Chef is event catering in Medellín for those who love choice. And when we say choice, we mean it. Because at Soy, they do everything!

From breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even vacuum-packed catering, they can cover any kind of event, size and style. So if you want something healthy, something to go, something to graze on, or a formal seated meal, they’ll make a personalised solution for you!

But what’s really cool about this event caterer in Medellín is that they do exciting speciality-themed packages. Whether you want specific regional food around Colombia or something from further afield: Italian, Mexican, or Asian, you can have whatever you desire. They even do a Christmas dinner service!

3. Pimienta Catering & Eventos
Pimienta Caterers in Medellín via Minube

Pimienta is an excellent choice if you’re looking for corporate catering in Medellín that is passionate about using local produce.

They are particularly good with fish. We recommend trying their ceviche and their baked salmon with cumin and achiote.

And as well as working with top-quality ingredients, they know how to present it in style. You can see for yourself from their spectacular finger sandwich buffets and dazzling fruit displays!

4. Gourmet Catering Medellín
Gourmet Caterer in Medellín via Facebook

Gourmet Catering Medellín is your choice if you’re looking to give your guests crowd favourites. It’s food to put a smile on people’s faces.

Their signature products are their chocolate boxes. They’re colourful packages stacked with doughnuts, cookies, cakes, and chocolate bars. And, of course, in true Colombian style, they’re served with hot cocoa – the perfect treat to share between colleagues or new friends!

And if you’re looking for something more in the shape of the main dish, they do hearty classics like burritos, barbeques, corn on the cob, grilled steaks, and Arroz de mar. So, in short, this is an event caterer in Medellín that gives people homely food that everyone loves!

5. Pizca
Pizca Event Catering in Medellín
Pizca Event Catering in Medellín via Tripadvisor 

Our next slice of corporate catering in Medellín is for those who like the homely things in life.

At Pizca, they make all their food using ‘grandma’s recipe’. Using her recipes, you’ll find some of the tastiest and best-priced Colombian cuisine in all of Medellín.

Their philosophy on food is built on a love for the freshest ingredients possible and a dedication to traditional Colombian cuisine.

And a little tip from us, we particularly love their omelettes and their ajiaco (Colombian chicken and potato soup).

6. Alamo Catering

Alamo Event caterer in Medellín via Facebook

For those of you who are planning a large event and need event catering in Medellín that knows how to take care of a lot of people, you’ll want to check out Alamo.

They’re pros with over 8 years of experience carrying out major occasions. And best of all, they’re not scared to mix it up. They’ve done everything from haute cuisine to homely family buffets.

One thing they pride themselves on is their artistry. So if you want your guests to be in awe – Instagramming and hashtagging at your event – then you need to collaborate with Alamo.

And as well as food, they can also provide kitchenware rental and excellent staffing options too.

One thing that makes Alamo a great event caterer in Medellín is that they offer a customised menu for your event. Whether it’s a 5-course banquet, a buffet, or an informal lunch, they’ll prepare your corporate catering in Medellín to suit your needs.

7. Dela Rama’s Cakeshop & Catering Services
Dela Rama’s Cakeshop & Corporate catering Medellín via Facebook

Yes, friends, sadly, we’ve arrived at our final caterer in Medellín for today. However, don’t be glum, because this last recommendation from us is a little surprise. Here we have Dela Rama’s Cakeshop for those looking to throw a corporate celebration!

At Dela’s, they specialise in making custom cakes, so you can show your colleagues and your friends you care with a piece of personalised culinary art!

Wrapping up

Well, friends, there you have it, our guide to the best event caterers in Medellín. Regardless of who your select is, your guests are in for a treat, trust us.

Now your next mission is to choose the perfect venue in Medellín. Just follow this link to see our fantastic collection. We have something for everyone.

And before you go, we know you’ll be interested in reading our ultimate Colombian food guide. It’s full of vital information to make you sound like a local culinary expert.

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