The 5 Coolest Event Caterers in Mexico City

26 January 2023
26 January 2023
The 5 Coolest Event Caterers in Mexico City

So, you’re looking for an event caterer in Mexico City? How convenient, because we know where to find the best ones. And in this little article, we’re going to share them with you.

We’ve compiled a list that includes classic Mexican cuisine, the contemporary voice of the Mexican kitchen, some foreign influences, some large-scale caterers, and some more personal ones.

In short, whatever you have an eye on serving your guests, you’re going to come across something below that will hit the spot. Now read on and enjoy, friends!

1. Tacos El Cipres
Tacos El Cipres Event catering in Mexico City via Facebook

Kicking off our guide to caterers in Mexico City, we have something quintessentially Mexican: tacos!

Yes, let us introduce you to Tacos El Cipres. For those looking to give their guests an authentic taste of local life. Their philosophy sees every event as a “beautiful party” and “ unique and irrepeatable”.

Your guests will enjoy all their favourite classics, like tacos al pastor, barbeques, roasts, taquizas (a platter of different tacos), and more. Plus, they do a whole load of cool drinks and desserts.

And to make the occasion all the more special, Tacos El Cipres make their food in a cool street food stand!

2. The Hidden Kitchen
 He Idden Itchen Aterers In Exico Ity Via Acebook
The Hidden Kitchen Caterers in Mexico City via Facebook

Our next candidate for your catering in Mexico City is Hidden Kitchen. It’s a hip avant-garde dining experience led by star chef Gerardo Aguilar.

They’ve been getting rave reviews from the likes of Huffington Post, Time Out, Yahoo, and more! It’s a corporate caterer in Mexico City for those that want an emphasis on flair, and style.

But beyond looking cool, the Hidden Kitchen is sincerely seen as one of the driving forces behind the new Mexican cuisine.

Plus, they have a client list stacked with some of the biggest brands in the world, from Mercedes to Cartier, Adidas, Google, Perrier, Vogue and more.

And beyond traditional corporate catering, they also offer a Chefs Table experience where you and your privileged guests can eat in the kitchen itself and watch the chefs as they make your food.

3. Kuchen Catering
Kuchen Catering in Mexico City via Facebook

Our next corporate caterer in Mexico City is Kuchen. It’s a team that offers sophisticated, with a speciality for intimate celebrations.

What makes their food so great is that they do an array of classic dishes with a gentle, modern touch and a solid eye for instagramable presentation.

Some of their highlights include all-time favourites like foie gras, tartar, risotto, ceviche, and short ribs.

So if you want to impress your guests with a seated dinner, gorgeous tableware, fancy flowers, and gorgeous food give Kuchen a ring!

4. bilá catering
bilá Corporate Catering in Mexico City via Facebook

If your guests would prefer a more personal experience in their event catering in Mexico City, then it’s our pleasure to introduce you to bilá.

Since 2009 bilá has ventured on her own, providing catering, workshops, and private chef experiences.

The cool thing about bilá’s event catering is that she will cook you what you want. As we said, it’s a personal experience where you can craft a menu – together – to suit your guests.

Whether it’s classical Mexican you’re looking for, wholesome pasta, or something a bit more contemporary, her expertise will cover your every desire (and dietary requirement).

5. Dinara Banquetes
Dinara Banquetes Corporate Caterer in Mexico City via Facebook

Alas, this is our final selection for you to choose from. This final corporate caterer in Mexico City is Dinara Banquetes.

And although they’re a far flight away from Europe, it’s continental food championed here. But that makes sense when you realise that co-founder and head chef – Polo Ramírez Seoane – was trained at the prestigious Cordon Blue school.

So if you’re after event catering in Mexico City that revels in the classics of haute cuisine (particularly French cuisine) then it has to be Dinara. Especially if your guests enjoy seafood and steak dishes. They are particular specialities of chef Seoane.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to event caterers in Mexico City. Which one do you think looks best?

And while we’re here, where are you going to serve all this amazing food? We can help you with that decision too, with this guide to the coolest private dining venues in Mexico City.  

And for any other type of event you’re planning, you can see our whole collection of event venues in Mexico City right here. Happy hunting, folks!

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