Book event venues in Mexico City

Book event venues in Mexico City
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Mexico City

Guide to hosting events in Mexico City

Hello, hello to all our lovely event planners. We’ve got a surprise for you that will make finding a venue in Mexico City a whole lot easier for you.

Welcome to our guide to event venues in Mexico City. We’ve curated this guide especially for you keeping in mind the questions you’ll have and general event requirements. Together, let’s explore the different styles of venues in Mexico City, the types of events you can host, the general size and capacity of the event venues, the areas where you can find them, and much more.

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FAQ about Mexico City venues and events

Is it tough to host a corporate event in Mexico City without knowing Spanish?

While English is commonly spoken in many business and tourist areas of Mexico City, especially in larger hotels and conference centres, not all staff and attendees may be fluent in English. Don’t worry though, there are always translation services you can hire to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

What’s the best way to commute to my event venue in Mexico City?

If you prefer using public transportation, the metro and Metrobus are good options to get around the city. You can also use apps like Uber and Didi to rent a taxi or walk to your destination if you are close enough. If your event venue is in a bike-friendly area, consider using Ecobici, the city's public bike-sharing system.

Is Mexico City safe?

Despite the many rumours, Mexico City is a fairly safe destination with crime rates that are similar to most major cities. Take the usual precautions you would take while travelling such as staying in tourist-friendly areas and being cautious while travelling at night.

Can I drive to my event space in Mexico City?

Yes, you can as long as you have a valid driver’s license from your home country and an international driving permit (IDP). The legal driving age in Mexico is 18 years. Please note that you will need to carry your passport while renting a car in Mexico City.

Do I need a permit to serve alcohol at my Mexico City Venue Hire?

Yes, you do. To obtain an alcohol permit, you will need to go through the appropriate licensing process with the Mexican authorities. The requirements and procedures for obtaining an alcohol permit may vary depending on the type of establishment and the specific state or municipality in Mexico City where your event venue is located.

What is the common business etiquette in Mexico City?

Unlike Europe, Mexico City is a little more lax when it comes to business etiquette. It’s normal for meetings to start slightly later than planned and for organisations to respect business hierarchies.

Mexicans also value indirect communication and diplomacy. Be polite and avoid direct refusals or disagreements. Instead, use tactful language to express your thoughts. 

What is the preferred mode of payment in Mexico City?

Cash is widely used for smaller purchases, street vendors, and markets, so it's advisable to have some pesos on hand. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted in restaurants, hotels, larger stores, and tourist areas, with Visa and Mastercard being the most common. Contactless payments through cards or mobile apps are also becoming increasingly popular

For larger transactions or business-related payments, bank transfers are commonly used. It's best to avoid traveller's checks, as they are less commonly accepted. 

What are the cancellation policies for event venues in Mexico City?

This depends on the venue but most venues don’t accept last-minute cancellations so if you cancel your event venue within 48 hours of your event date you can expect to forfeit your money.

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