7 Great Auditoriums for Hire in Milan

20 January 2021
20 January 2021
7 Great Auditoriums for Hire in Milan

A shot at a big international event doesn’t come along often. So you owe it to yourself and to everyone else to make it memorable.

And if you’re looking for conference venues in Milan, then we’ve got some really cool event spaces to show you!

From cute little theatres to echoing halls, there’s an auditorium for hire in Milan that’s just right for you.

International Conference Venue
Tonaha via eventflare

Tenoha is a 1920’s wallpaper factory in the lovely area of Porta Genova.

It’s a dynamic space that creates real depth and height despite being on a single floor.

The old factory roofs are tall with large ceilings windows that offer an unbridled brightness to events.

It’s an intimate auditorium in Milan for special events. So whether it’s 60 guests sitting, or 100 guests standing, they’ll feel privileged indeed!

It’s trendy to boot and comes with a wide berth of catering options to choose from.

Target Spazio Eventi
milan conference venue with natural light
Target Spazio via eventflare

Target Spazio Eventi expresses sophistication while maintaining a minimal allure. It’s a space that commands respect; and carries the dignity of a museum.

It feels like there are more windows than walls and ceilings. The floor is a polished white too. Combine the two, and you’ve got a place that feels like it’s sparkling.

What gives this venue such a sense of style is its structural secrets. The place is a mix of partitions, beams, floors, stairs, corners and vantage points.

Eventi has a capacity of 30 to 100 guests. Of course, the kind of event you put on is whatever your imagination makes of the space.

So whatever it is you want to do with it, just know they have the latest and greatest technological amenities to back you up. As well as a fully equipped kitchen with great catering options too!

International auditorium for hire in milan
Copernico via eventflare

Copernico is a fascinating auditorium for hire in Milan. It’s a space that sports modern features in a retro guise.

It’s long, narrow set-up with glass walls make it unique by any standard. The wooden seats are cushioned and completely fabulous. And the turquoise walls are an inspired choice.

There are 51 seats, so it’s going to be an exclusive and intimate event you’re hosting.

There is a ceiling hung projector, a flip-chart, and well put together sound equipment.

It’s also right next to Milan’s central station, which is as convenient a location – logistically speaking – as you can get.

Casa Gessi
international conference meeting venue
Casa Gessi via eventflare

No venue could be more appropriate to sit in the heart of Milan’s fashion district than Casa Gessi. It’s hard to explain with mere words. Because it’s more than luxury, and it’s more than just sleek. It’s just… mesmerising.

Casa Gessi opts for a darker lighting concept. It is a perfect blend of plant life, glass, marble and wood fixtures, where no one component hogs the spotlight. I guess you could say they’ve achieved harmony.

Altogether, this auditorium for hire in Milan is 1,500m2, with a capacity of 337 people standing. Or perhaps you would prefer to host a silver service dinner service with up to 120 guests?

The Light Space
The Light Space via eventflare

Nobody knows how the future will look. But The Light Space has put forward a bold vision of what it could be with their unique event space. Holding a business event in a boring old classroom just won’t cut it any more folks!

You have to immediately admire the cinematic qualities of this venture by entering through a sliding glass wall.

And why is it called The Light Space you ask? Well, its ingenious light beam fixtures of course. Alternatively, the wide skylight is the star of the show during the day.

Therein it’s a multipurpose site suitable for all sorts of events, so do with the 200m2 what you will. Just remember you can only invite 120 guests to the future!

Spazio Vetro
Spazio Vetro via eventflare

Spazio Vetro is a luminous venue in Milan.

What is unique to this space is that two of its walls aren’t walls at all – they’re windows. Of course, the natural light they provide is fantastic. But it’s also a great vantage point to soak in the energy of this fine city.

Or, if you’d prefer a more dulcet tone, it can be dimmed and fine-tuned to suit the vibe you’re after.

The wooden parquet floors are a comforting contrast to the unobtrusive steel columns distributed across the space.

It can be left as a sprawling open nest or can be decked out in extravagant furniture and props as you please.

It’s an ample space at 700m2, which means your event can accommodate up to 225 guests standing or sitting.

You’ll have everything you’ll need to put on a first-rate international conference: a bar, catering, sound and TV equipment, and WiFi.

Fabbrica Borroni Balance Room
Fabbrica Borroni Balance Room via eventflare

It’s safe to say that contemporary society has a soft spot for the ’60s. And why not? It’s a period that gave us some pretty cool stuff. Including the architectural gem Fabbrica Borroni Balance Room.

Even the Milanese calendar’s greyest day will see this space is well lit, with a 36-metre long window.

And to make it extra cool, it moonlights as an art gallery. There is a unique art collection on its white walls. It adds flavour while giving your guests something to investigate on their visit.

The venue has a max capacity of 400 people for you to indulge their nostalgia with ’60s modernism.

Wrapping Up

As amazing as these auditoriums in Milan are, are they really that surprising? It’s not a secret that the city has been hosting quality and prestigious international events since they began. We just like reminding people!

Now, would you like to see more? We’ve put together a guide to some great exhibition spaces too. They say you can be spoilt by too much choice, but we say boo to that.

Featured image: Copernico via eventflare

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