11 Hackathon Venues in Paris

23 February 2021
23 February 2021
11 Hackathon Venues in Paris

Paris isn’t just a city of romance, cuisine, and culture. It’s a global business capital. And hackathons are big business.

Did you know that the Greater Paris Region is the top economy in Europe and accounts for around 5% of European GDP?

Well, this is your chance to get in on that action and be seduced by one of the world’s most charming cities while you’re at it.

This article will showcase some of the best hackathon venues in Paris, from big, to small, and everything in between. Consider yourself informed!

1) Architectural Gem with a Raw Design 
Architectural Gem with a raw Design
Architectural Gem with a raw Design via Eventflare

This architectural gem was created just as the industrial revolution was finding its legs. The result? A unique factory barn that’s great for a hack in Paris.

The venue has retained its chic atmosphere, with minimal contemporary additions enhancing the vibe. Additions include sound equipment, WiFi, projectors, and furniture.

So aside from having all the amenities you need for a great hackathon in Paris, you’re giving your guests a beautiful aesthetic to enjoy while they code!

The venue has 450m2 of space, allowing for 240 seated participants. Just a short walk from the Mairie de Montreuil metro station, it’s accessible, too.

2) Chic Blue Space with an Industrial Spirit 
Chic Blue Space with an Industrial Spirit via Eventflare

There’s more than meets the eye here. This 220m2 blue hackathon venue in Paris is a truly chic event space.

There’s a cracking bar, soothing furniture, and the layout can be tailored to suit your function.

It’s got a second to none Bose sound system, lighting system, projector and screen, and WiFi.

You’ll find it in the hip 10th arrondissement. It has a max capacity of 250 participants for standing events, 180 for a private dining event, and 45 people for a u-shape meeting.

3) Playful Room for Creative Encounters 

Playful Room for Creative EncountersPlayful Room for Creative Encounters via Eventflare

This is as close to an adults playroom that you can get. Hungry and creative companies that are young at heart can stop reading. This is it. This is the one!

The space is designed with real thought. It’s playful, ingenious, down to earth, and a big bit of fun. The skylight and the glass-walled doors give this Parisian hackathon venue some more ooh la la.

What makes it an excellent place for a hackathon is it has multiple rooms. So you can comfortably set-up a workshop room, a nap room, and the main hack room.

The venue is 220m2, with a standing capacity of 180 standing and 100 in a theatre layout.

4) Friendly Neo-Tavern for Informal Encounters
Friendly Neo-Tavern for Informal Encounters
Friendly Neo-Tavern for Informal Encounters via Eventflare

This neo-tavern is located in the heart of Parc de la Villette. It’s set in an ’80s postmodern building that oozes charisma from tip to toe.

The venue has an atypical design. The designer threw out the rule book and came up with an event space bursting with colour and quirky fixings.

The terrace is a great perk, which can serve as a place for your brave hackers to take a well-earned break.

It’s an ideal hackathon venue in Paris because it’s spacious and inspiring with its retro charm. The space is over 500m2 and can accommodate 300 participants for a standing event and 200 for a seated event.

5) Spacious White Space with Natural Light 
Spacious White Space with Natural Light via Eventflare

This spacious white space is another gem in the 10th arrondissement. It has large street-facing windows for you and your participants to admire Paris from. The ceilings are high, lending a sense of grandeur to any occasion.

This venue is a great candidate for a hackathon. It’s a versatile blank canvas that you can fashion in whichever way you like, especially with the great audio and visual amenities.

Capacity-wise, you can host up to 90 participants for your hackathon. So it’s best suited for up and coming companies that are looking to make a big statement!

6) Former Post Office with a New York Style
Former Post Office with a New York Style
Former Post Office with a New York Style via Eventflare

Post Offices aren’t places that you automatically think of when you think of cool landmarks. But when we get down to it, post offices do have something quite lovely about them. They’re nostalgic, perhaps?

Well, this former post office has been upgraded to echo a 21st century New York style. The high ceilings and large windows make an intimate space feel spacious and airy.

You’ll find it in the 11th arrondissement, a hive for culture, diversity, and coolness.

This could be your ideal hackathon venue in Paris. It’s kitted out with light control, video projectors, quality internet, and a sound system. The venue also has a bar and great coffee to refresh up to 200 participants.

Perhaps you could bring your hack in Paris to the next level with one of the best catering companies in Paris?

7) Contemporary Glass Hackathon Venue with Chic Decor
Contemporary Glass Event Venue with Chic Decor
Contemporary Glass Event Venue with Chic Decor via Eventflare

This is your chance to hold court in what can only be described as the evil tech villain’s lair in a film with a sizable budget.

Everything just screams sheer class with this contemporary venue. The ceilings are huge, and the walls are panes of glass, not walls at all.

What’s more, the venue comes with top-of-the-range equipment, including AV material, a lighting system and a modular stage.

So, if you’re looking for modern, this could be your perfect hackathon venue in Paris. Oh and, fifty-seven metres in the sky + an upmarket location = serene Parisian views.

The space can accommodate up to 300 people standing and up to 200 people in a theatre capacity.

8) Impressive Hackathon Location with Outdoor Space
Impressive Event Location with Outdoor Space via Eventflare

If a superior view of the Eiffel Tower is a must for your hackathon, then take note of this impressive event location. Scrap that. We can book it for you right now. Over your shoulder, you’ll have views of the La Défense business district that aren’t to be ignored either.

It’s a jaunty venue, with great big disco balls, a leafy and open terrace, stylish windows, and trendy wooden features. Views aside, this would be great for a company hosting a social hackathon.

Amenity-wise, the space is equipped with projection, sound equipment and a WiFi connection. Together, the indoor and outdoor spaces have approximately 250m2 of space and a capacity of up to 300 participants.

9) Trendy Hip Event Venue in Paris
Trendy Hip Event Venue in Paris via Eventflare

Are you looking for the Parisian experience you’ve seen on postcards and in movies? Head to the 2nd arrondissement and book this trendy hackathon venue in Paris.

Your serotonin levels will be through the roof, with all the well-placed plants, floor to ceiling windows, and rustic brick columns. Its natural charm at work, plain and simple.

Moreover, this space provides all the AV equipment you might need, including large screens, a video projector, a microphone, a sound system and a lighting system.

It’s spacious at over 390m2. And capacity-wise, the room can accommodate up to 300 participants for a cocktail reception, 150 for private dining events and 120 in a theatre style.

10) Luminous Flexible Space for Innovative Events
Luminous Flexible Space for Innovative Events
Luminous Flexible Space for Innovative Events via Eventflare

Back in the oh, so cultural 11th arrondissement, we have this luminous hackathon space.

It’s very versatile with removable partition walls that can guarantee privacy or break up the tension during those competitive hours.

One of the venue’s most fabulous features is the great acoustics and lovely views from the vast windows.

It’s an intimate place at just 90m2. So it is suitable for a crack team of hackers, or perhaps a coding workshop?

11) Elegant Hackathon Venue in Paris with Functional Design
Elegant Event Space with Functional Design
Elegant Event Space with Functional Design via Eventflare

Blue velvet is rarely a bad idea. And in this case, it’s an excellent idea. The decor is chic and seriously conducive to a creative and uplifting atmosphere.

The technological amenities are even more inspired, with three Samsung touch screens being the most glaring and coolest examples.

You can opt for tailored catering services, and the venue has room for 50 seated participants and 70 standing. This means it’s best for a lowkey hackathon or a hands-on coding workshop.

The location is a treat too. Located in the 9th arrondissement, the area is known for its sophisticated theatres, shopping, cafes, and old-world flair.

Wrapping Up 

Well, we did warn you. Paris isn’t just a city for romance and tourism. Business and hackathons are very much on the menu. If you’d like to know more about corporate events in Paris, we’re here for you.

After you’ve achieved something remarkable with the keyboard, why not put down your weapon and indulge yourself in something more peaceful? You’re in Paris, after all. Maybe a wine tasting workshop could be just what you need?

Featured image: Playful room for creative encounters via Eventflare 

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