8 Top Venues For Pop-Up Events in Paris

14 September 2021
14 September 2021
8 Top Venues For Pop-Up Events in Paris

To make something finite is to make it desirable. That is the in-built genius marketing of the pop-up event.

And if you want to make an event even more attractive? Well, host it in Paris, of course!

We’re here to help you make this winning combination a reality. So here is a guide to the top venues in Paris for hosting pop-up events in Paris.

We have unique venues for every taste, just wait and see, now let’s get started!

1. Vintage Venue For Pop-up Events in Paris

 Intage Venue With Quirky Accents
Vintage Venue For Pop-up Events in Paris via Eventflare 

So first up, we have this vintage venue with its quirky accents. It’s a one-of-a-kind space, so naturally, it’s well suited to one-of-a-kind pop-up events.

Your guests will be charmed by the colourful wallpapers, nostalgic wooden furniture, playful lights, and vintage furnishings. All in all, it comes across as a retro living room full of warmth.

Moreover, its local menu offers homemade gourmet products, which make the gathering even more memorable. The location also offers a private bar, a video projector, fast Wi-Fi connection and modular furniture.

And finally, over its 100m2, you’ll be able to host a standing event of up to 200 people and a seated event of up to 100 people.

2. Intimate Pop-up Space in Paris With Brutalist Aesthetic

Intimate Pop-up Space in Paris With Brutalist Aesthetic via Eventflare

Up next, we have this intimate pop-up space in Paris, with an entirely unique Brutalist aesthetic. If you have a strong concept you want to awe people with, pair it with this imposing and atmospheric venue to seal the deal.

Like a haunting movie set, it’s an eerie piece of magic you can’t take your eyes off. It’s stripped off typical furniture and fixings, leaving a curious blank canvas for you to showcase something special.

It is fully soundproof and equipped with surround sound, DJ mixers, a skylight, two broken wall bars, and essential amenities such as a cloakroom and a smoking room.

And finally, over its 130m2, you’ll have a standing capacity of 110 and a seated capacity of up to 33.

3. Classic Atelier Turned Pop-up Venue in Paris

Former railway station full of historic decorations
Classic Atelier Turned Pop-up Venue in Paris via Eventflare

From the grey cinematic atmosphere of our last venue, we’re taking things in a more wholesome direction. Say hello to this classic atelier turned pop-up venue in Paris.

This nostalgic little space is set in a former railways station, just a few steps away from the Porte de Saint-Ouen metro station.

It’s an excellent venue for intimate pop-ups, with a capacity of up 15 people. It’s a special space decorated with vintage tools, signs, rustic wooden flooring and a beautiful retro workshop table.

What’s more, this venue comes with attractive catering options, versatile furnishings, drinks services, and excellent WiFi.

4. Pop-up Venue For Hire in Paris on the Canal Side

Cozy glasshouse with bohemian touch
Pop-up Venue For Hire in Paris on the Canal Side via Eventflare

If a good view is essential for your next pop-up event in Paris, then you’re going to love this picturesque venue on the canal side.

It’s set in a magnificent glass conservatory, filled with classy vintage furniture, quirky lampshades, and colourful plants. What’s more, there is an open patio where your guests can linger by the water.

You’ll have a total floor space of 60m2 and a total capacity of 50 guests. Plus, you’ll have high-speed WiFi and superb catering.

5. Spectacular Outdoor Venue For Pop-up Events in Paris

Spectacular Outdoor Venue For Pop-up Events in Paris via Eventflare

Hungry for more quintessential Parisian beauty? Because here’s a spectacular outdoor venue that perfectly personifies this cities timeless charm.

This idyllic venue has nostalgic cobblestones, colourful furniture, beautiful vegetation. Plus, it has a market roof from the 19th-century covering the space, so although it’s outdoors, your events here will be safe from ill weather.

It’s ideal for vibrant and social pop-ups where people can mingle and network at will, mainly because you’ll have a bar, catering options, and a grand capacity of up to 200 people.

6. Beautiful Pop-up Space in Paris With Glass Roof

Luminous loft with glass roof, wooden beams and white interior.
Beautiful Pop-up Space in Paris With Glass Roof via Eventflare

For those that appreciate spaciousness and brightness, what about this beautiful pop-up space in Paris with a glass roof?

What we have here is a stunning loft space on the Canal Saint-Martin. It’s a two-level space with a charming garden, built from large wooden beams and glass, the best of old and new construction techniques.

It’s versatile to host any kind of pop-up imaginable here as Amenity wise you’ll have a projector, an LCD TV, sound equipment, a DJ booth, microphones, and a fully equipped kitchen. And finally, it has a total capacity of up to 300 people.

7. Multipurpose Pop-up Venue For Hire in Paris With Industrial Character

Multipurpose venue with an industrial character in Paris. Industrial open space with colourful walls.
Multipurpose Pop-up Venue For Hire in Paris With Industrial Character via Eventflare

Up next, we have this multipurpose pop-up venue for hire in Paris with an uber-cool industrial character.

This fantastic event venue is in a former freight station. It has a wrought-iron framework, tall ceilings, and concrete flooring that give it genuine industrial authenticity. Meanwhile, it’s been given a groovy makeover with bright splashes of green and pink.

What’s more, it has a mezzanine, breakout areas, a bar, a sound system, versatile furniture, a DJ booth, and excellent WiFi. And finally, you’ll have a whopping total capacity of 1,800 people.

8. Unadorned Pop-up Venue in Paris

Unadorned event space for various occasions in Haute Marais, Paris. Urban blank canvas venue in exhibition, pop-up event, showroom
Unadorned Pop-up Venue in Paris via Eventflare

Our final venue for your next pop-up venue in Paris is a fascinating one. It’s an unadorned event space that is a true black canvas venue.

It is a historic and rustic space that has been transformed into a contemporary Parisian gallery space. This mesh of two different worlds makes for a truly mesmerising experience for all visitors.

Arched cellar spaces, exposed rustic wooden wall trusses one moment; large modern windows and sophisticated light fixtures the next. It’s magnificent.

You’ll have a capacity of 100 people here. Plus, you’ll have picture rails, a sound system, spotlights, a kitchen, and great WiFi!

Wrapping up

So there you have it, 8 top venues for pop-up events in Paris. And that’s just the start of it. We have so much more venues in Paris on our platform. Check them out at your leisure!

And one final tip for you event planners out there: a guide to the best catering companies in Paris for your private event.

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