7 Awesome Venues in Paris for Your 2024 Olympic Pop-up Event

by Akshayaa RaniM,  05 July 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 05 July 2024
7 Awesome Venues in Paris for Your 2024 Olympic Pop-up Event

Prepare to be captivated! The 2024 Olympics is right around the corner, and it's high time to start planning your phenomenal pop-up event. It's time to make your mark at the Olympic and Paralympic games.

With Eventflare, that dream event in the world's most romantic city - the French capital - Paris, beckons. Envision the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop, the Seine River setting the mood, and the charming Parisian ambience playing host.

Is your heart racing with anticipation yet? Let's uncover the most awe-inspiring venues Paris has to offer and make your Olympic pop-up event a grand spectacle to remember!

1. Eco-Friendly Olympic Pop-up Venue

Eco-Friendly Olympic Pop-up Venue via Eventflare.jpg
Eco-Friendly Olympic Pop-up Venue via Eventflare

Well, here we go! The first of our Olympic pop-up venues is an eco-friendly space - so if you’re into sustainability, this one’s for you!

Here, you can immerse yourself in a sublime juxtaposition of history and modernity at Europe's largest low-carbon campus, nestled on the banks of the Seine and walking distance from La Défense business district.

Engulfed by verdant greenery, this venue, previously an iconic paper mill, epitomises sustainable refurbishment, breathing new life into the space.

Promising to inspire and invigorate teams at your Paris 2024 Olympic event with its dreamlike allure, the venue offers spacious rooms perfect for any event.

Equipped with air-conditioning, WiFi, a screen, and a projector, and capable of accommodating up to 400 standing or 350 in a theatre layout, it's not just versatile—it's exemplary.

Discover more about this bright, colourful, and eco-friendly venue by getting in touch today!

2. Atypical Paris 2024 Pop-up Space With Quirky Decor

Atypical Paris 2024 Pop-up Space With Quirky Decor via Eventflare.png
Atypical Paris 2024 Pop-up Space With Quirky Decor via Eventflare

If you're set on an atypical and distinctive Parisian venue - something conceptual, reminiscent of Willy Wonka - then you’re going to love this.

Nestled close to the Étienne Marcel subway station, it's a chic space that effortlessly blends a hip, burgundy-themed décor with practical amenities.

High ceilings, impactful pillars, and tasteful furnishings create an eclectic atmosphere, offering a backdrop that guests will remember.

The venue comfortably fits up to 250 people, making it an ideal choice for luxury stores, concept stores, intimate dinners, business luncheons, or vibrant cocktail parties.

Added conveniences such as fast WiFi and a top-notch sound system are also at your disposal.

In short, it’s one of the most memorable—and Instagramable - pop-up venues in Paris. So if you want to stand out, you better book it up fast before someone else does!

3. Unique and Spacious Pop-up Venue in Paris

Unique and Spacious Pop-up Venue in Paris via Eventflare.png
Unique and Spacious Pop-up Venue in Paris via Eventflare

If you want a blank canvas on you to express your brand identity on, then this outstanding art gallery in Paris is truly one of the finest Paris 2024 pop-up spaces you could find.

With its serene and contemplative atmosphere, this luminous space is absolutely brimming with potential.

Its architecture and lighting are masterfully designed to draw attention, making it an inviting canvas for any event.

As you wander through its spacious interior, the unique acoustic experience is sure to captivate you. It's not just a venue, but an experience—a space where imagination comes alive.

Whether it's exhibitions, conventions, or meetings, this venue offers adaptability and inspiration.

Feel the potential, and experience the space. This is not just an opportunity, it's your next success story waiting to happen. Get in touch with us now!

4. Unique Paris 2024 Pop-up Venue

Unique Paris 2024 Pop-up Venue via Eventflare.jpg
Unique Paris 2024 Pop-up Venue via Eventflare

Nestled within the serene and historic Marais district of Paris, this newly renovated and unique venue is a testament to exquisite French charm and modern functionality.

Situated at the foot of Saint-Gervais church, it offers an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity amidst the city hustle. Comprising 210m2 of space split into two public-access floors and a private showroom, each room is handsomely equipped with shop windows, adjustable lighting, and anti-intrusion systems.

The building's façade, listed in the directory of national historic monuments, adds an authentic touch of grandeur.

With six interconnected rooms, this venue is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of themes and atmospheres, and its 17 linear metres of display windows make it ideal for showrooms and pop-ups.

Not to mention, the venue is fully fitted with original art-hanging systems, perfect for art exhibitions.

To top it all off, the venue's amenities include hot drinks and a kitchen, adding to its allure.

And with that, there’s nothing left to say; expect to come and experience the vibrancy of one of the most unique Paris 2024 pop-up venues!

5. Cheerful Space With French Elegance for a Paris Olympics Pop-up Experience

Cheerful Space With French Elegance for a Paris Olympics Pop-up Experience via Eventflare.webp
Cheerful Space With French Elegance for a Paris Olympics Pop-up Experience via Eventflare

Do you want the essence of Paris to ring loud and clear during your Olympic pop-up event?

Cool, then come with us and experience the charm of Paris like never before with this cheerful venue for your Paris Olympics pop-up experiences.

Nestled on the picturesque banks of the Seine River, this vibrant space encapsulates the elegance and allure of the city, promising an unforgettable gathering.

Its spaciousness allows for up to 202 attendees for dining or 450 standing; this venue is brilliantly equipped to handle anything from gala dinners to corporate events.

The provided amenities, including a bar, projector, WiFi, sound equipment and kitchen, ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience.

So why wait? Make your next event truly special by immersing your guests in the heart of Paris with Eventflare.

Get in touch for more information!

6. Hip and Trendy Paris Pop-up Space With Colourful Interiors

Hip and Trendy Paris Pop-up Space With Colourful Interiors via Eventflare.webp
Hip and Trendy Paris Pop-up Space With Colourful Interiors via Eventflare

Chicness is never far away in Paris, and if it’s chicness you desire, then this is one of the best Paris pop-up spaces for it!

Immerse yourself in the heart of Paris, at an uber-stylish venue just a stone throw away from Hotel Novotel Paris Gare de Lyon!

This trendy restaurant, with its cool concrete floors, vast glass windows, strikingly painted walls, and contemporary furnishings, is the epitome of urban chic.

The vibrant and colourful ambience perfectly complements any event, be it a cocktail reception, after-work party, or a special dinner.

Boasting a generous 310m2 space, two terraces, and able to accommodate up to 450 guests, this venue ensures your event will be remembered.

And the cherry on the cake? It's equipped with WiFi, a kitchen, a dance floor, an L-acoustic sound system, and a DJ booth!

For those with a more intimate gathering in mind, fret not. A smaller, equally picturesque venue is available at the same location.

Basically, this pop-up location has it all!

7. Stunning Olympics Pop-up Store Covered in Glass

Stunning Olympics Pop-up Store Covered in Glass via Eventflare.webp
Stunning Olympics Pop-up Store Covered in Glass via Eventflare

So, for one last time, say hello to something special: a stunning piece of vintage style covered in glass.

Experience the unique allure of the 19th arrondissement of Paris with this chic glass-fronted venue, an ideal choice for Olympic pop-up stores.

The location promises a flood of natural light, offering a captivating view of the surrounding cityscape and creating an intimate setting for your events.

Plus, it has a generous capacity of 250 guests for standing events or 150 for sit-down settings, the venue is perfect for product launches, afterwork parties, and private concerts.

Further enhancing the appeal is the provision of amenities including a stage, professional sound system, music equipment, and a range of catering options.

For smaller, more intimate gatherings, there's an original lounge in the same building.

With chic, contemporary, and stylish elements, and the advantage of natural light, this venue is all set to make your pop-up store a grand success.

Wrapping Up

Okay then, guys, how did you like our guide to the coolest venues for your Olympics pop-up event?

Be sure to check out the rest of our amazing event venues in Paris for any of your other special activities.

And remember, you can book your entire Olympics side event all in one place, with Eventflare!

And just before you go, one last tip: Our guide to the best vegan event caterers in Paris - because every good pop-up event needs good food!

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