Best Catering Companies in Paris for Your Private Event

19 November 2020
19 November 2020
Best Catering Companies in Paris for Your Private Event

When you think of world-class cuisine, you imagine France. And when you imagine France, you imagine Paris. So there are big expectations.

We’ve put together the best of the best catering companies the city has to offer. So which one of these caterers will your guests be talking about when they get home?

Good Morning Paris
Snapshot of a catering dish
Good Morning Paris via facebook

Good Morning Paris does simple things and does them well. They stick to a very Parisian motif: lots of bread, patisserie, coffee and wine.

Further than that, they’ll make your event simple for you too. Their team of exceptional waiters will ensure your event is as stress-free and smooth as possible. They can even take care of decorations and entertainment.

Good Morning Paris caters to all tastes and costs by working alongside your corporate event needs.

Potel et Chabot
Classic and impressive private dining hall
Potel et Chabot via group.accor

Potel el Chabot is an astounding 200 years old. When it comes to private dining, Paris can’t find a more senior company. Their name and history alone will wow your guests. The same caterer that kept the Duc d’Orleans well fed will serve your guests.

Then there is the food to consider. Potel el Chabot boasts satisfying even the most demanding of guests with versatility. Vegan, kosher, pop-up, meal trays? If you can think of it, they can do it.

They’ve also worked in some truly exceptional event venues. From the Orient Express to Pavillion Cambon Capucines, they don’t shy away from any job, regardless of scale.

Reception Prestige
Salmon sushi
Sushi with salmon via receptionprestige

Reception Prestige Led by Chef Raphaël Hoefferlin brings gastronomic know-how and rich food.

They focus on two things: being versatile in tailoring your unique events, and elegant, haute cuisine. They’ve served big names in business, politics and entertainment such as BNP Paribas, Twitter Jimmy Choo, Jean-Pierre Raffarin the former Prime Minister of France and former French Minister Dominique Bussereau.

They are known for high standards of service: big smiles, courtesy, politeness, availability, professionalism, discretion and perfect dress are indisputable prerequisites they guarantee.

Saint Clair le Traiteur 
Sophisticated and gastronomical dish
Saint Clair le Traiteur via convention.parisinfo

Saint Clair le Traiteur can rely on 30 years of experience and success. It builds on modern and creative gastronomy, with an emphasis on authenticity.

Innovation and adaptability are the keys to the longevity of Maison Saint Clair. This catering company keeps an eye on the latest catering trends, while still honouring its heritage. So, it’s an excellent choice for elegant and traditional affairs, as well as more contemporary receptions.

Ducasse Paris
Ducasse elegant room
Ducasse Paris via Ducasse Paris

Ducasse Paris is led from the front by the impressive Alain Ducasse. His ideology on event catering is to achieve harmony between the venue, the menu and the guests.

Whether it's a breakfast, cocktail lunches, dinners or wine tasting, Ducasse demands precision and authenticity for all corporate events.

They are sticklers for seasonal produce, so you know each menu is carefully considered and not pulled from a dusty recipe at the bottom of a drawer.

Wrapping up

There are stereotypes of what French gastronomy is. But it’s clear that there is more depth to French cuisine and catering than we might think from the outside. These catering companies are testaments to that.

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