Cool Courtyard Venues for Hire in Paris

31 March 2021
31 March 2021
Cool Courtyard Venues for Hire in Paris

Lovers of the outdoors might tell you that all courtyard venues are cool. We’re going to go one step further — courtyard venues for hire in Paris for the coolest.

The Parisians love their terraces, gardens and courtyards. So that means we’ve got lots of fantastic ones to choose from.

Get to know them right here in this article. Whether it’s for a casual after-work event or a formal reception, we’ve got you covered. Now, shall we?

1) Prestigious Courtyard Venue for Hire in Paris 
Prestigious Courtyard Venue for Hire in Paris
Prestigious Courtyard Venue for Hire in Paris via Eventflare

I know we said cool, so how about old-school-cool? Because historical Parisian palaces are as old-school-cool as it gets.

The courtyard is encased by regally decorated stone walls and plays host to high manicured hedges, trees and plants. You’ll also see statues of animals, fountains, and columns. The palace itself is the most picturesque background you could hope for.

One would think this venue would be by royal appointment only, but it is very available to you right now.

It’s an extremely versatile venue, too; host any possible corporate event you could think of!

2) Andalusian Patio Courtyard in Paris
Andalusian Patio Courtyard in Paris via Eventflare

Get a small taste of the rustic Andalusian countryside right in the heart of Paris. This courtyard is a humble affair that is both charming and pretty cool!

Trees and beautiful white walls surround this Andalusian patio courtyard. A relaxing atmosphere for an intimate private dining event, perhaps? What could be more homely than sitting down to a meal with multicultural and miss-matching furniture?

It’s a modestly sized venue at 90m2, allowing up to 50 people for a standing event and 30 for a private dining event.

3) Lovely Terrace for Celebrations 
Lovely Terrace for Celebrations
Lovely Terrace for Celebrations via Eventflare

Up next, we’ve got a unique and lovely terrace that is full of charisma.

It’s a rustic patio with stunning trees and vintage steel furniture. These colourful tables and chairs complement the groovy sun shades and eccentric lampshades that hang over your head.

It’s in the heart of the loud and proud 18th arrondissement. That makes this private and secluded interior garden the perfect place to hide away and enjoy the company of your colleagues.

It’s another smaller courtyard at 80m2, with a maximum capacity of up to 70 people.

4) Gorgeous Courtyard in Paris 
Gorgeous Courtyard in Paris via Eventflare

Up next, we’ve got a gorgeous outdoor patio that is open 365 days a year! It’s full of designer furnishings put together in a Mediterranean style. What’s more, it’s a stone’s throw away from the Opera Garnier.

We love the exposed brick and stones walls, as well as the vintage street lamps that illuminate the place.

Capacity-wise, it can accommodate up to 150 people for cocktail receptions, after-work meetings and private dining.

5) Large and Atypical Courtyard in Paris 
Large and Atypical Courtyard in Paris
Large and Atypical Courtyard in Paris via Eventflare

We’re leaving you with this large and atypical studio in Paris. But as wonderful as this creative studio is, we’re here to talk to you about its courtyard.

It’s a Mediterranean style courtyard, surrounded by French windows and a plethora of plant life. The patio is very homely and is ideal for intimate team days out.

To the rear of this events studio, you’ve got a space that feels like someone’s garden. It’s a nice escape from the cynicism of overly worked venue spaces. The whole venue adds up to 180m2 and can accommodate up to 50 people.

Wrapping up 

As we said, this list showcases the coolest of the cool. And we’d know, event venues are our business! If you want to see even more cool outdoor spaces in Paris, then follow this link here to our platform.

And if you want to make your event the best event in town, why not hire one of the best private catering companies in Paris? Thankfully we’ve put together a guide for that too!

Featured image: Lovely Terrace for Celebrations via Eventflare

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