Make a Statement in the Quirkiest and Coolest Alternative Venues in Paris

by Akshayaa RaniM,  17 June 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 17 June 2024
Make a Statement in the Quirkiest and Coolest Alternative Venues in Paris

Paris is a city known for being classy. It's the city of lights, love, and undeniable charm, but it also has a quirky side that adds an extra layer of allure to its already enchanting persona.

From its penchant for tiny, tucked-away cafes that look like a page from a storybook to its insistence on maintaining a strict dress code for visiting certain places (yes, even the Eiffel Tower has its fashion standards — it's Parisian, after all!), Paris delights in its peculiarities.

While the city's streets charm you with their ornate street lamps and historical landmarks, they often surprise you with quirky sights like impromptu accordion performances or artists capturing the city's beauty on canvas.

Parisians are a fascinating blend of tradition and trend, effortlessly mixing classic chicness with avant-garde flair. This delightful quirkiness is what makes Paris a living work of art, and its event venues are also a testament to this.

Make a statement at your next event at these quirky and cool alternative venues in Paris.

1. A Playful Rooftop Venue With a Bike on Display

A playful rooftop venue in Paris with a bike on display via Eventflare.jpg
A playful rooftop venue in Paris with a bike on display via Eventflare

In Paris, you don’t have to venture too far to find something unique. This quirky rooftop venue with urban charm is located right in the city centre, and it offers you fantastic views of the famed Parisian skyline.

This unique space in the vibrant La Défense business district is a delightful alternative to traditional event locations. With its eclectic charm and contemporary design, it offers a unique experience.

The venue features expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe its space in natural light and provide breathtaking panoramic views of the Parisian skyline, including the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Inside, the decor is a playful mix of modern design and whimsical decor, with unique elements such as a suspended hot air balloon basket, travel-inspired lounges adorned with vintage maps, and cosy seating areas that evoke a sense of adventure and inspiration.

Capacity-wise, this versatile venue can accommodate a range of gatherings, from intimate meetings to grand conferences. The main space can host up to 140 guests in a variety of seating arrangements, including theatre, classroom, and cocktail setups. Additional modular rooms are available for breakout sessions or smaller gatherings, ensuring a seamless event experience.

This venue is also equipped with all the amenities you could possibly need, including air-conditioning, WiFi, projectors, screens, a bar, catering services, coffee and tea stations, flipcharts, furniture, and staff support. Whether you're hosting a corporate meeting, product launch, or cocktail party, this venue is the perfect choice.

2. An Alternative Event Venue With Flamboyant Interiors in the City Centre

An alternative event venue in Paris with flamboyant interiors in the city centre via Eventflare.jpg
An alternative event venue in Paris with flamboyant interiors in the city centre via Eventflare

Our next event venue, located just a short stroll from the iconic Palais Garnier, is also just as quirky. This alternative venue with flamboyant interiors was designed by the renowned architect Jean-Michel Willmotte and is a true masterpiece. It blends sleek modernity with an inviting ambience, making it the perfect choice for a variety of corporate events.

The main auditorium is a true marvel of spatial design, accommodating up to 280 guests comfortably. Its modular setup allows for multiple seating arrangements so that you can choose the perfect fit for your event. Whether you're hosting a conference or a gala dinner, you can easily switch between theatre-style and banquet-style seating. It also has all the latest AV equipment, so you can rest assured that your event will run like clockwork, whether you're launching a new product or holding a corporate seminar.

Beyond its fantastic auditorium, this venue has several flexible spaces, including lovely meeting rooms and vibrant social areas. The stylish bar area, complete with lush greenery and trendy decor, is the perfect setting for networking events and cocktail parties.

What's more, it also has all the amenities you could possibly need, including air conditioning, a functional bar, a screen, projectors, an in-house catering team, coffee and tea facilities, flipcharts, furniture, staff, WiFi, security, speaker, mics, chairs, conference phones, dining plates and utensils, tables, sound equipment, and outdoor space.

3. A Unique Art Deco Venue With a Massive Swimming Pool

A unique art deco venue in Paris with a massive swimming pool via Eventflare.jpg
A unique art deco venue in Paris with a massive swimming pool via Eventflare

Paris is full of surprises which means that when you search for quirky venues in the city, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon something truly extraordinary.

This unique art deco venue in Paris offers that touch of quirk with a massive swimming pool right in the middle of the event venue!

Experience the glamour of Art Deco with contemporary chic at this exceptional venue located in a vibrant yet serene pocket of Paris. Its architecture is a beautiful blend of Art Deco finesse and modern design, featuring intricate ceiling details, vibrant murals, and expansive windows that flood the space with natural light.

The showstopper is the gorgeous outdoor pool, which will add a touch of tranquillity to any event. The venue's main space, a 200m² brasserie, is a real treat! It's got a captivating and welcoming atmosphere decorated with greenery and eclectic furniture, creating a stylish setting for lunches, cocktail parties, and receptions for up to 120 guests.

There are plenty of lovely little rooms for intimate gatherings, each with a unique ambience and views of the outdoor pool and terrace. Two larger rooms, paying homage to the venue's historical figures, offer flexible setups ideal for seminars, trainings, workshops, or conferences.

For those who want to enjoy the great outdoors, the rooftop solarium offers breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower, perfect for summer cocktails and networking events.

The venue can accommodate up to 700 standing guests and 300 dining guests.

Amenities include air-conditioning, catering, water, WiFi, a bar, security, a stage, chairs, sound equipment, a rooftop, and an outdoor space.

Pro-tip: You know what they say about all work and no play — arrange for some fun by organising a cocktail party at these Bohemian happy hour locations in Paris.

4. A One-of-Kind Glass Floating Venue With Scenic Views

A one-of-a-kind glass floating venue in Paris with scenic views via Eventflare.png
A one-of-a-kind glass floating venue in Paris with scenic views via Eventflare

To give your event attendees an experience they’ll never forget, take your event off the streets of Paris and onto its waters with this one-of-a-kind floating venue with scenic views.

This is the perfect place for your event attendees to experience Paris in a truly unique way on the serene waters of the Seine River, with the majestic Eiffel Tower as your backdrop. It's located in the heart of Paris, just a short stroll from the iconic Arc de Triomphe, offering a perfect blend of modern nautical design and sophisticated elegance.

The architecture is inspired by contemporary yachts with sleek lines and expansive glass windows that provide breathtaking views of Paris's most celebrated landmarks. The interior is adorned with chic, minimalist aesthetics, complemented by metallic finishes and avant-garde lighting, creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

The venue offers multiple breakout spaces, including intimate private dining rooms, a luxurious chef’s table, and a spacious main deck that can be partially or fully privatised to suit your needs.

Let’s not forget the venue’s commitment to sustainability. It's the first 100% electric boat on the Seine, which is great because it means you can enjoy the beauty of Paris while minimising your environmental impact.

5. A Unique Urban Jungle Space for Corporate Events

A unique urban jungle space for corporate events in Paris via Eventflare.webp
A unique urban jungle space for corporate events in Paris via Eventflare

Only in Paris can you find a jungle oasis right in the middle of the busy city—this unique urban jungle space for corporate events is proof of that.

The venue's interiors are like a tropical paradise! An abundance of plants and nature-inspired decor will transport event participants to a magical jungle setting.

Thequirky localehas 17 meeting rooms, each a green oasis enhanced by plants that bring the jungle vibe to life. The chic bohemian lighting adds a lovely, whimsical touch, creating a lively, inviting atmosphere that fosters creativity and collaboration.

One of thevenue's best features is its gorgeous terrace, surrounded by lush greenery. It's the perfect place to enjoy an immersive jungle experience right in the heart of the city!

This lovelyalternative event site can comfortably accommodate up to 100 people, with an expansive 1,500m² to play with. That's not all; the venue also has all the essentials covered, including complimentary coffee and tea, a projector, a flipchart, a fully-equipped kitchen, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

No matter if you're planning a team-building event or a casual meeting, this urban jungle-themed venue is the perfect setting for an exciting and inspiring adventure!

6. An Alternative Event Venue in an Innovative Space With Unique Decor

An alternative event venue in an innovative space with unique decor via Eventflare.webp
An alternative event venue in an innovative space with unique decor via Eventflare

And speaking of a jungle oasis, this alternative event venue in an innovative space with unique decor, in addition to jungle vegetation, adds animals onto the menu!

Located in Paris's vibrant 20th arrondissement, this space is designed to ignite creativity and foster collaboration, boasting a whimsical decor that is sure to enchant any team.

The interiors feature high ceilings and expansive windows that flood the room with natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere. The decor is a playful mix of flamboyance and charm, featuring quirky furnishings and extravagant decorations that set the stage for a truly unique experience.

From playful stuffed animals peeking out from unexpected corners to captivating artwork adorning the ceiling, every detail adds to the venue's whimsical charm. Even the chandelier is a masterpiece, casting a magical glow over the room.

This venue has a stage and essential amenities such as a bar, in-house catering, sound and music equipment, comfortable furniture, and high-speed WiFi, making it ideal for a successful event.

With a capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 50 team members, this space is ideal for small, intimate gatherings prioritising creativity and collaboration.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right venue is just the first step in making your event stand out from the crowd. While these quirky and cool alternative venues in Paris will make a statement, we have more ideas for you!

Check out these fun team-building activities in Paris to add more fun to events. And if you want more event venues in Paris we’ve got plenty of those too. Enjoy!

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