The 5 Best Venues for Your Team Party in Paris

by Akshayaa RaniM,  04 December 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 04 December 2023
The 5 Best Venues for Your Team Party in Paris

Bonjour, event planners and party lovers! If you’re on the search for the best team party spaces in Paris, fret not—we’ve got your back.

Paris, a city pulsating with timeless allure and joie de vivre, sets the scene for a team party like no other. Whether you’re orchestrating a corporate milestone celebration, a team meeting gathering, or a team-building escapade, we’re here to unveil the captivating spaces that will elevate your event to extraordinary heights.

So, join us to explore the finest venues in Paris, ensuring your team party is enjoyable and elegant. Let the celebration begin!

1. Grand Event Space with Swimming Pool in Paris

Grand Event Space with Swimming Pool in Paris via Eventflare.jpg
Grand Event Space with Swimming Pool in Paris via Eventflare

If you’re aiming to organise a team party that embraces the mantra “go big or go home”, we got the perfect venue for that. This luxurious event venue is nestled in the chic 16th arrondissement of Paris, just a short distance from the Ponte d’Auteuil subway station.

Boasting a colossal swimming pool, soaring glass ceilings, vibrant lighting, and chic furnishings, this exceptional venue, with a touch of grandeur, sets the perfect stage for a myriad of events.

With a spacious layout to host up to 700 guests, this lovely space is the epitome of sophistication, ideal for gala dinners, cocktail receptions, large team meetings, product launches, conferences, and exhibitions. Additionally, you can also enjoy the amenities, which include high-speed WiFi and a state-of-the-art sound system, while catering and drinks are at your disposal upon request.

2. Large Team Party Venue with Industrial Structure in Paris

Large Team Party Venue with Industrial Structure in Paris via Eventflare.webp
Large Team Party Venue with Industrial Structure in Paris via Eventflare

Are you in the quest for an unforgettable venue to host your next team party in Paris? Discover this distinctive space, a truly unparalleled gem situated in the heart of Paris.

Showcasing industrial aesthetics with its lofty ceilings, expansive glass walls, and robust concert floors, this expansive venue is the focal point of its iconic 20th-century building. Its considerable height and scale make the space highly tailored to suit a diverse array of events.

Best for large conferences, trade shows, cocktail receptions, team meetings, product launches, fashion spectacles, award ceremonies, and corporate parties, the vastness of the venue can fit up to 2,000 people comfortably. Moreover, you can also indulge in the perks of an excellent WiFi connection, with additional services available upon request.

3. Versatile Team Meeting Venue in Paris

Versatile Team Meeting Venue in Paris via Eventflare.jpg
Versatile Team Meeting Venue in Paris via Eventflare

Nestled on one of the most stunning streets in the historic Marais district of Paris, this unique venue has recently undergone a thorough renovation, paying homage to its identity. Situated at the base of the Saint-Gervais church, this event space spans 210m2 across six rooms and an alcove, creating an ambience of calm and serenity in the heart of Paris.

The first floor is divided into two public-access spaces, totalling 140m2, with each room featuring street-facing shop windows and views of the side garden of the Saint-Gervais church—these spaces are thoughtfully designed with facilities such as hot drinks, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality are seamlessly integrated.

As for the second floor, it houses a private showroom encompassing 70m2, spread across two rooms, an alcove, a small kitchen, and a restroom. Adorned with lighting systems with adjustable intensity and anti-intrusion systems, the space offers the perfect canvas for a spectrum of events, from art exhibitions to team meetings.

Despite having remarkable design, what truly sets this venue apart is its unique features: the building’s façade is listed in the directory of national historic monuments, and the space emanates warmth and brightness with views overlooking both the street and the garden. Additionally, a configuration of six interconnected rooms facilitates events that’s ideal for different settings and themes.

With over 17 linear metres of display windows, it serves as the perfect look for showrooms and pop-ups. The space can be transformed into the best art exhibition venue, equipped with original art-hanging systems, secure stepladders, adjustable intensity lighting, and anti-intrusion systems.

4. Private Team Party Space in Paris with Chic Décor

Private Team Party Space in Paris with Chic Décor via Eventflare.jpeg
Private Team Party Space in Paris with Chic Décor via Eventflare

Unlike the above large event spaces, next is a venue that’s best for a smaller crowd. This lovely chic lounge in the City of Light exudes magnificence and sophistication, offering an unparalleled panoramic view.

Beautifully furnished and adorned with meticulous attention to detail in a “club spirit”, this space is tailor-made for board meetings, team parties, full-day collaborations with a select group, or an exclusive evening affair hosting around 20 individuals.

Even better, you get to enjoy personalised service, an exceptional cellar, availability of national press, and state-of-the-art equipment, elevating your event into a timeless experience. With its opulent gold accents and cream-coloured furnishings, this petite yet cosy room transforms into a spectacle of grandeur and elegance.

5. Elegant Space in Paris with a Touch of History

Elegant Space in Paris with a Touch of History via Eventflare.jpg
Elegant Space in Paris with a Touch of History via Eventflare

Lock in this remarkable venue for your next event that’s within an elegant Napoleon III-style pavilion, a mere 5-minute walk from the iconic Champs Elysées. Distinguished by its graceful ceiling height, intricate mouldings, a large chandelier adorned with crystal drops, mirrors embellished with cabochons, and marble fireplace, the classical charm and appeal of this venue are bound to captivate you.

With large window framing views of the enchanting park, coupled with access to a delightful terrace, this space is highly coveted by event organisers looking to host conferences, presentations, seminars, inspiring team meetings, private dinners, team buildings, after-work gatherings, and cocktail receptions, accommodating a total of up to 100 people.

Wrapping Up

There you have it—our thoughtfully curated list of team party venues in the City of Love. We hope one of these places spoke to you and can be transformed into the perfect location for your upcoming event.

If you want to be given more choices before you can decide, do check out other team party venues on our platform.

But if you have no idea what’s the first step to hosting a team party, you can read our helpful tips on How to Choose the Perfect Event Venue in Paris.

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