The 6 Best Venues for Your Paris Blockchain Week Side Event

by Akshayaa RaniM,  09 May 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 09 May 2024
The 6 Best Venues for Your Paris Blockchain Week Side Event

This April, tech enthusiasts from around the world will fly to Paris for one of the most anticipated events in the blockchain world. That's right, from 9 to 11 April 2024, Paris Blockchain Week will take place at the magnificent Carrousel du Louvre.

A global gathering of blockchain enthusiasts, The Paris Blockchain Week will not only attract industry leaders and technology pioneers but will also foster an atmosphere of collaboration and exploration.

Beyond the main conference, the impact of side events takes centre stage, providing a unique space for in-depth discussions, networking and immersive experiences that amplify the overall blockchain narrative.

Hosting a side event at Paris Blockchain Week is a prestigious honour, and the first step to making a side event a resounding success is finding the right venue that complements Paris's cultural richness and innovative spirit.

Paris is celebrated for its history, art and sophistication, providing an unparalleled stage for side events that seamlessly integrate technology into the city's cultural tapestry.

Join us on this exploration of side event venues in Paris, where blockchain innovation meets the enchanting spirit of the City of Lights. Let's go!

1. A Creative Event Venue in Paris with Breathtaking Views
A creative event venue in Paris with breathtaking views via Eventflare.jpg
A creative event venue in Paris with breathtaking views via Eventflare

Push the boundaries of technology and creativity by hosting your Paris Blockchain Week side event at this creative venue with breathtaking views.

Conveniently located in Paris' bustling La Défense business district, this exceptional venue has excellent transport links, making it easily accessible to your attendees, no matter where they are in the city.

What's more, you can take your attendees to greater heights, literally, as the venue occupies the prestigious 23rd and 24th floors of an impressive building. As well as accessibility and height, the decor of this venue is another impressive factor.

Creativity is unleashed and the rooms are decked out with greenery, mismatched furniture, bright colours and quirky touches.

What's more, the venue boasts stunning views of the city's dynamic landscape.

As for the details, this Paris side event venue can easily accommodate between 140 and 120 participants. It's also fully air-conditioned and equipped with essential amenities such as a projector, a screen, and a high-speed WiFi connection.

2. An Urban Jungle Space for Paris Blockchain Week Side Events
An urban jungle space for Paris Blockchain Week side events via Eventflare.webp
An urban jungle space for Paris Blockchain Week side events via Eventflare

Blockchain conferences and events are all about the future of technology, but sometimes nature can be a refreshing change. Which is why this urban jungle space can be a unique and interesting venue to host a Paris Blockchain Week side event.

Tucked away like an oasis in the heart of the city, this extraordinary venue covers an area of around 1500 square metres, but its appeal goes beyond its sheer size. What sets it apart is its interior, which has been meticulously designed to resemble a jungle, adorned with lush greenery and vibrant plant walls that give the space a distinct atmosphere.

With 17 different meeting rooms, the venue offers ample opportunities to host side events during Paris Blockchain Week. In the midst of a busy agenda, a terrace offers a refreshing escape, allowing attendees to recharge with a breath of fresh air.

With a capacity of up to 100 people, this urban jungle provides an intimate yet immersive conference environment.

Equipped with essential amenities such as coffee, tea, a well-equipped kitchen, projectors, flipcharts and high-speed internet, this venue is sure to make your side event a memorable one.

3. An Innovative Meeting Space in Paris
An innovative meeting space in Paris via Eventflare.webp
An innovative meeting space in Paris via Eventflare

Are you looking for a venue with cutting-edge design and a forward-thinking atmosphere for your Paris Blockchain Week side event? Your search ends at this innovative meeting space.

Step into the buzz of La République and discover our unique meeting space, where modern chic meets practicality. With its crisp, all-white decor and funky geometric furniture, this spot isn't just a treat for the eyes. It's designed to spark creativity and energy, ensuring your meetings are anything but ordinary. Get ready to leave with a mind buzzing with fresh ideas!

Capacity-wise, it can accommodate up to 120 people seated or 200 standing, and you can easily change the set-up for different blockchain side events in Paris.

In terms of amenities, the venue is equipped with high-tech essentials, such as great projectors and sound systems, to make events fantastic.

You'll also get private meeting rooms for focused conversations or small group discussions. They've also got catering and cloakroom services, so everything is super convenient and taken care of.

4. A Stylish and Intimate Side Event Location in Paris
A stylish and intimate side event location in Paris via Eventflare.webp
A stylish and intimate side event location in Paris via Eventflare

Tread the fine line between tech and style at this stylish Paris side event venue, ideal for intimate crowds.

Located in the heart of the city, just a stone's throw from the iconic Champs Elysées, this carefully chosen venue offers more than just a location but also a vintage and vibrant atmosphere that promises to create a creative atmosphere for participants with decor inspired by the rich radio history of Paris' 8th arrondissement.

As for capacity, this cosy 65m² event space can easily accommodate up to 65 delegates. Its versatile layout can be effortlessly adapted to meet the needs of different side events, from a theatre-style setup to a classroom or boardroom arrangement.

In terms of amenities, this venue offers top-of-the-range sound equipment, period furniture, a projector and whiteboard for brainstorming, and high-speed internet access to keep everyone connected.

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5. An Old Cellar with Authentic Charm for Side Events in Paris
An old cellar with authentic charm for side events in Paris via Eventflare.webp
An old cellar with authentic charm for side events in Paris via Eventflare

Sometimes the old can really bring out the new, right? Like this old cellar with authentic charm, which is a hot property for side events at Paris Blockchain Week.

Step into the charm of Paris's 4th arrondissement with our unique side-event space, where history meets modern chic. Tucked away in a 15th-century cellar, this hidden gem has been transformed into a sleek, contemporary haven. Imagine your event in a space that whispers tales of the past while flaunting a stylish, modern twist. It's the perfect blend of Parisian elegance and cutting-edge design, ready to make your event unforgettable.

The captivating allure of the space is further enhanced by the presence of remarkable Romanesque vaults, enveloping guests in an authentic and charming atmosphere that lends an authentic Parisian charm to Blockchain and Web3 side events.

This unique venue comprises three distinct spaces, each with its own personality - a welcoming lounge area, a stylish bar area and an intimate boudoir, each contributing to the overall versatility of the location.

The venue is equipped with essential amenities such as Wi-Fi, music equipment and a projector, ensuring a seamless and tech-savvy event experience. A designated smoking area is also available for those who wish to step outside.

In terms of capacity, this dynamic space can accommodate up to 200 people for standing events, 50 people for private dinners and 30 people for a conference, providing the perfect canvas for an unforgettable side event in the heart of Paris.

6. A Unique Boat Venue for Meetings in Paris
A unique boat venue for meetings in Paris via Eventflare.webp
A unique boat venue for meetings in Paris via Eventflare

Chart a course for innovation as you navigate the exciting waters of Paris Blockchain Week in this unique boat venue for meetings in Paris.

With a generous total area of 180m2 in two separate rooms, this unique boat venue offers a modular space that lends itself to various layouts. Whether you envision an intimate private dinner, a dynamic conference or a lively cocktail gathering as a side event to Paris Blockchain Week, this versatile venue will effortlessly adapt to the specific requirements of your event.

With a flexible capacity ranging from 20 to 110 people, it offers turnkey solutions tailored to gatherings of varying sizes.

In addition to its adaptability, the venue boasts an enchanting terrace, which is perfect when spring arrives in Paris in April and the weather is warm. The terrace becomes the perfect oasis for outdoor relaxation during daytime meetings, adding a touch of sophistication to your meetings against the backdrop of the picturesque Seine.

In terms of amenities, this venue offers in-house catering, furniture, a projector and screen, excellent sound equipment and ample parking.

Wrapping Up

And with that, we’ve reached the end of this curated list of top venues for a side event at Paris Blockchain Week. From chic urban spaces to historic cellars and innovative boat venues, the possibilities are as diverse as the blockchain innovations showcased. But we’re just getting started.

We have plenty of other event venues in Paris that you can explore and if you’d like to do something low-key and casual for your side event, we’ve got you covered there as well. Discover these fantastic happy hour locations in Paris for a fun networking event. Cheers!

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