The 7 Best Vegan Event Caterers in Paris

by Akshayaa RaniM,  20 July 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 20 July 2023
The 7 Best Vegan Event Caterers in Paris

Treat your guests to delectable plant-based cuisine at your upcoming event by opting for the best vegan catering in Paris. Yes! You heard correctly, Paris offers you a range of vegan caterers who are skilled at crafting delicious dishes that will offer your guests a sustainable and ethical dining experience.

We’ve put together this list of vegan caterers who are the best in their field. So, sit back, relax, and have a look at our favourite Paris vegan caterers. And, if you need any assistance, just check in with one of our local experts at any given point in time.

1. Le Potager De Charlotte: Paris Vegan Caterers
Le Potager De Charlotte - Paris Vegan Caterers via
Le Potager De Charlotte: Paris Vegan Caterers via

Indulge your guests, or colleagues with unexpected joyful food moments by choosing Le Potager de Charlotte, which serves some great Paris vegan food. Established in 2015 by two brothers, David Valentine and Adrien Valentine, who are passionate about health, animal rights, and the environment, Le Potager de Charlotte aims to provide only the best plant-based cuisines.

So, whether you’re hosting a conference, celebrating a wedding, or simply chilling with friends, get ready to be served the best Paris vegan food made from local, seasonal, fresh, and organic produce.

These two brothers aim to bring back the lost image of plant-based cuisine with a gourmet approach along with cheerful service. Here, recipes are 100% homemade and change according to the season.

Their menu is simply divine, from starters that include hummus and sucrine lettuce or sesame-marinated tofu to main courses that include rigatoni basil and balsamic cream or a seasonal green salad, your guests are going to have a treat.

Oh! And as for desserts, you’ve got options like almond & rice pancake, lemon cashew cream, or a classic chocolate mousse. But that’s not all, they’ve got some great wines (both red and white), cocktails, juices, smoothies, and hot beverages that can be paired with the menu they so carefully created for you.

2. Mesa: For Paris Vegan Food
Mesa - For Paris Vegan Food via
Mesa: For Paris Vegan Food via

This next restaurant is yet another option for vegetarian catering in Paris. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of positivity that harmonizes chakras, karma, and lunar energies. Here, you’ll discover a delightful array of nourishing and eco-friendly dishes that are simply irresistible.

Having Laurent Lovatt and Caroline Rodrigues who are at the forefront of London’s Plant Academy create an amazing plant-based menu, and Mexican chef Victor Medina (ex-Park Hyatt Paris) execute and bring forth these dishes to life, you can rest assured that your guests are going to be served perfection.

Some of their all-time favourites are the crackling lettuce hearts with a hemp-sunflower mixture, smoked mushroom ceviche, and dulse seaweed, or the black rice risotto with oyster mushroom cutlets, fried dulse, and kombucha-infused chimichurri. And, when it comes to dessert, your guests can enjoy a coffee/ raw chocolate ganache accompanied by silky toasted almond butter ice cream and dark cardamom shortbread. Now, isn’t that just mouth-watering?

What’s also exciting are their natural wines. The orange wine from Porgetto Calcarius is a must-try.

3. Citizen V- For Vegetarian Event Catering in Paris
Citizen V- For Vegetarian Event Catering in Paris via
Citizen V- For Vegetarian Event Catering in Paris via

Check out Citizen V for your upcoming vegan event catering in Paris. Located west of Paris, this cute eatery comes with an American diner vibe. Founded by Franck Durand, this diner reflects his conviction to serve a 100% vegetarian menu.

And, with a menu that has just four courses on it, you will be served with great quality. Trust us when we say that you will find the yummiest burgers, hot dogs, Caesar salad, and avocado toast here.

If that’s not tempting enough, try the cocoa brownie - sweetened with dates and accompanied by a dollop of coconut vanilla ice cream. So, give your guest a vegan version of these simple yet remarkable dishes by choosing Citizen V to cater for your upcoming event.

4. Wild & The Moon: For Vegan Event Catering in Paris
Wild & The Moon - For Vegan Event Catering in Paris via
Wild & The Moon: For Vegan Event Catering in Paris via

Now, the next vegan catering company in Paris is all set to impress. Wild & the Moon is a tribe dedicated to nature and food lovers. And, with a team of great chefs, nutritionists, and naturopaths, they seek to enlighten and share their views on real food that is local, seasonal, and promotes biodiversity.

With a selection of amazing cold-pressed juices, plant-based drinks, salads, soups, desserts, snacks, and super bowls that are offered to you in either personalised food boxes or set up as a grand buffet with top-class service, giving your event a posh vibe.

Oh! What’s more, is their alternative to petit fours that both you and your guests are definitely going to enjoy. So, if you’d like to offer your guests nature's healing powers, through plant-based delights, try Wild & The Moon for vegan event catering that’s both nourishing and brings smiles.

5. Elsa ET Justine: Vegan Catering Company in Paris
ELSA ET JUSTIN Vegan Catering Company in Paris via
ELSA ET JUSTIN: Vegan Catering Company in Paris via

With over 10 years of experience in the restaurant, food, and gourmet catering industry, ELSA Et JUSTIN is known for vegan catering in Paris. Having worked with many international chefs, Justin manages the kitchen, and with quite the managing experience, Elsa’s bright face is always there to welcome you at the front boutique.

That being said, ELSA Et JUSTIN has been providing sumptuous catering services for a variety of events since 2015. So, add a bit of savoir-faire to your event in Paris by choosing ELSA ET JUSTIN to serve some of their best dishes made with a whole lot of love.

Now, if you’d like to know what they serve? Well, let’s just say that they offer savory dishes all made from organic cereals and vegetables sourced locally. So, you’ve got a variety of soups, au gratin dishes, salads, quiches, mini ravioli, and much more to choose from.

But, just make sure you place your order 48 hours before your special event and leave Elsa and Justin in charge of creating culinary magic.

6. JAH JAH: For Vegan Catering in Paris
JAH JAH - For Vegan Catering in Paris via
JAH JAH: For Vegan Catering in Paris via

If you’d like a twist to your Paris vegan caterers then you most definitely need to check out JAH JAH. Started in 2014 as a vegan food bike by Coralie Jouhier and Daquisiline Gomis, who loves fashion, food, and art, JAH JAH soon took to the store as people fell in love with their Afro-vegan and Caribbean flavours.

With initiatives like their Jah-Jah Sound System evenings for reggae and afro music fans and the Jahiking hiking club that help educate minorities about the importance of outdoor sports, you could always have them create a similar environment where your guests can enjoy excellent food, and music, and create awareness at the same time.

So, if you’re looking to host a memorable event, JAH JAH with its Jamaican vegan cuisine is all set to impress!

7. Roaming Hunger: For Paris Vegan Caterers
Roaming Hunger - For Paris Vegan Caterers via
Roaming Hunger: For Paris Vegan Caterers via

Give your upcoming event a bit of edge by choosing Roaming Hunger for the best Paris vegan food. Yes, you heard correctly! The Roaming Hunger Agency has almost a decade of experience in elevated food experiences. With a network of over 18,000 food trucks, they can bring forth a culinary vision.

All you got to do is, share your specifications, and Roaming Hunger will give you the perfect options of food trucks you could have at your event. So, be it a simple office party, a wedding, or a corporate gathering, with Roaming Hunger, you can explore vegan BBQs, burgers, pizzas, Tacos, ice-creams, and more.

That’s right, indulge your guests in delicious, one-of-a-kind meals that will boost your event experience while giving your guests a chance to customise their individual orders during your event.

Wrapping Up

But wait, there’s more! Check out our list of private dining venues in Paris that will elevate your special event and give your guests the time of their life.

Also, don’t worry about your non-vegan guests, take a look at our top 5 food trucks in Paris for those meat lovers.

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