The 10 Best Training Rooms in Paris

26 February 2021
26 February 2021
The 10 Best Training Rooms in Paris

The humble training session has cemented its place and importance in the corporate world, and we’re pleased about it.

They’re known to increase engagement, connectivity, creativity, and a sense of dynamism.

And the right venue can take things to a whole new level. You could be the office hero by landing the perfect place.

This article will take you through the best training rooms in Paris. What’s more, we can have it booked and organised for you, oh so conveniently!

1) Playful Room for Creative Encounters 

Playful Room for Creative EncountersPlayful Room for Creative Encounters via Eventflare

If you fancy putting yourself in a venue that laughs in the face of traditional corporate event venues, then this might be the place for you.

It’s a playful room for creative encounters and is full of niche and whimsical decorations that are loud but never overbearing.

It has a slide! That says more than we ever could. But it’s not a play area, mind you. It is a productive place for business.

For example, it has an HD TV screen, HDMI connection and a projector. See, a place of work!

The venue is 220m2, with a standing capacity of 180 standing and 100 in a theatre layout.

2) Cost and Trendy Training Room 

Cost and Trendy Training Room via Eventflare

This training roomin Paris is like a cartoon garden shed turned rainbow office. We love it. The encompassing plywood really works against all the odds. It’s a down to earth touch that relaxes any guest.

Despite looking like an artist’s paint palette brought to fine order, you’ll find it in Place de la Défense. As the major business district of Paris, it’s an excellent place to host a corporate event.

Amenities include AV equipment, a TV, a projector, high-speed WiFi, air-conditioning and hot drink facilities. It’s suitable for smaller groups but can also be tailored to accommodate 30 to 40 people if you fancy levelling up to something more serious.

3) Architectural Gem with a Raw Design 

Architectural Gem with a Raw Design via Eventflare

It’s not every day you have the privilege of being in an architectural gem that has huge wooden roof beams hunkering over you.

Lovely exposed brick walls, antique rugs, colourful chairs, and a raw, chic atmosphere that you can’t help falling for. This old architectural gem gives you all that and more.

This workshop room in Paris has 450m2 of space, allowing for 400 standing guests or 240 seated. It’s also just a short walk from the Mairie de Montreuil metro station.

4) Superb Architect Designed Venue in Le Marais

Superb Architect Designed Venue in Le Marais
Superb Architect Designed Venue in Le Marais via Eventflare

Architects design buildings for other people. This training room in Paris is in a building an architect would design for themselves. Like George Clooney’s old motto, one for them, one for me.

Its sleek, contemporary design collects crisp lines that don’t conform to traditional right angles as most buildings tend to do.

More than 432m2 of space includes a beautiful courtyard, a reception lounge, and four fully-equipped break-out rooms.

It’s located in Le Marais, which is as fashionable as a district can be: boutiques, galleries, gay bars, kosher restaurants, elegant arcades, grassy parks. Magnifique. 

5) Spacious White Space with Natural Light 

Spacious White Space with Natural Light via Eventflare

This training roomin Paris is located in the 10th arrondissement. And what better vantage point than here?

You will surely admire how high the ceilings are, too, lending a sense of grandeur to the occasion. It’s a good place for a workshop and as well as other types of corporate events.

You’ll be happy to know it’s well-equipped with high-quality audio and visual amenities. Capacity-wise, you can hold up to 90 people.

6) Bright and Airy Loft with Industrial Character

Bright and Airy Loft with Industrial Character via Eventflare

Can a space be dreamy? Because we’re quite positive that this training spacein Paris is pretty dreamy. It’s a loft with a bright and airy character.

The floors are a well-kept dark wood. It has retained just the smallest whisper of its industrial past, such as its black iron roof frames. The main mezzanine is also a gallery to it’s glassed off kitchen and breakout lounges.

It’s located in the banlieue of Paris, which is French for suburbs. So if you fancy a trip out of the clustered city and into some fresher air, you have it here.

Any amenities you might need for a training session are available: flip charts, a projector, TV’s, WiFi, a kitchen, lots of furniture, and tea and coffee facilities.

It’s a big old venue with a capacity of up to 30 people. But if you’d prefer to keep it small, that’s entirely up to you.

7) Classic Atelier in a Former Railway Station

Classic Atelier in a Former Railway Station via Eventflare

This classic atelier reaches out to meet you like an archetypal Grandad’s workshop. Atelier is French for a workshop. Former railway station means a former railway station.

A well-worn crafting table takes centre stage and is a sturdy comfort in today’s world. The old railway signs are achingly nostalgic, and the tools on the wall are a nice touch, too.

It is next to the Porte de Saint-Ouen train station, which is on the border of the 17th and 18th arrondissements. So now you have two areas to explore.

This piece of nostalgia can accommodate up to 15 people. And those guests will appreciate amenities such as catering, lovely furniture, and strong WiFi.

8) Exceptional Event Loft in Paris

Exceptional Event Loft in Paris via Eventflare

The old culture of La Boheme dictates that you should indulge in your own squalor. This exceptional event loft in Paris says a firm no to that.

Its white walls and furniture are made all the more charming with gentle wood finishes.

However, it retains its Parisian character by giving you breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower and the Sacre-Coeur.

It can accommodate up to 25 people and has its own kitchen. Such comforts like coffee, tea and fresh water are on hand to help. You’ll also have essentials like a flat screen TV and a projector.

9) Atypical Room for Training Sessions

Atypical Room for Training Sessions via Eventflare

Located in the 17th arrondissement, this obscure-looking training roomin Paris is a real gem!

There are many contrasting styles, but the most prominent is a distinct flair of ‘50’s Americana. With the vintage motorbike and retro gas-pump, you’ll wish you brought your leather jacket.

It has several rooms over several floors, all of which you can take advantage of. The space is the showcase that you’re after, though. It’s not small either, with room for up to 25 people!

10) Vibrant Loft with Supreme Architecture  

Vibrant Loft with Supreme Architecture via Eventflare

We’re leaving you with an eclectic and vibrant loft, just a stone’s throw away from La Defense.

This amalgamation of gorgeous architecture styles will surely let your creative side shine. It’s a former artisan workshop, so it’s purpose-built for your team’s workshop.

It has multiple rooms, which include an in-house bar and patio. Amenity-wise, trendy furniture, a flip chart, an equipped kitchen and a high-speed WiFi connection are at your disposal.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, wow. Awful for us to brag, but we think the title is very apt. All that’s left is to pick which training room in Paris is perfect for you. The rest is up to us.

Do you know what takes a training session to the next level? Good food. Food can lift a straggling spirit and inspire a roaring belly. If you agree, you might want to check out our guide to the best catering companies in Paris.

Featured image: Paris Workshop via Eventflare

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