Where to Host a Side Event For Paris NFT Day

by HarryPrince,  10 March 2022
by Harry Prince, 10 March 2022
Where to Host a Side Event For Paris NFT Day

From nobody knowing about them to everyone and their grandmothers talking about them, NFTs have erupted into the cultural sphere. In January 2022 alone, $4.8 billion worth of NFTs were traded.

And you want to get in on this action, too, right? Well, the world’s largest NFT event is taking place on April 12th in the form of Paris NFT Day. This is an illustrious occasion, a flagship event of the Paris Blockchain Week Summit.

Down below, we’re going to tell you why you should host an NFT event during Paris NFT Day, what kind of events you can and should host, and most importantly, we’re going to show you where you should host them.

We’ll also have some bonus expert advice on how to host an NFT conference along the way, so keep your eyes peeled and enjoy!

1. Why You Should Host a Side Event at Paris NFT Day

Following what we said, in 2021, $25 billion worth of NFT was exchanged. So you should make it your business to host an NFT conference because this is a community that likes to spend.

As for the Paris NFT Day itself, let’s look at some numbers:

  • 2,000+ attendees
  • 100+ speakers
  • 100+ media partners
  • 50+ sponsors

As we said, Paris NFT Day is taking part in a wider Paris Blockchain Week. Which means…

  • 3,000+ attendees
  • 250+ speakers
  • 100+ media partners
  • 70+ sponsors

If there’s a point to be made here, it’s this: the NFT and blockchain community will be here, and while they’re here, you need to poach them for your NFT events!

You have literally thousands of people in Paris looking to find new talent, meet investors, discover hot start-ups, buy or sell NFTs, find artistic collaborators, or create networking opportunities.

This is your chance to create that experience for them. The reasons are many, from earning sponsorship and attendee revenue to growing your brand image or finding new business opportunities.

2. What Kind of NFT Event Can You Host During Blockchain Week

The official Paris NFT Day has identified five different areas of life impacted by NFTs that they are inviting guests to explore:

  • Art: Physical & Virtual Exhibition, Holograms, Tolen Frame, Auction.
  • Luxury: Fashion Show, Wearable NFT and Skins.
  • Metaverse: VR Headset, Roller Blaster, Decentraland.
  • Sport: Athletes community, Experiences, Collectibles, New Projects.
  • Gaming: Competitions.

Of course, you can choose any kind of theme you want for your NFT event during blockchain week. Perhaps choosing something outside of their remit will pull curious attendees away from them and towards you?

As for the types of events they’ll be running, they’ve outlined the following: Experiment, Experience, and network. We understand that to mean conference, workshop/hackathon, and after-work. These are largely in line with what you’ll see at other blockchain weeks. You can’t go wrong with them!

3. Our Favourite Venues For Hosting a Side Event at Paris NFT Day

Paris NFT day is held at Palais Brongniart, the historical stock change of the city. It’s a beautiful piece of 19th century neo-classical architecture.

This is your competition. That means you’re going to need a top venue to lure people away from there and over to your own NFT conference. Well, luckily enough, finding the most exciting corporate event venues is our thing!

Innovative Event Space in Paris For Blockchain Week

 Ernes Hotos Lieu Complet Age Mage
Innovative Event Space in Paris For Blockchain Week via Eventflare

The first of our venues for Paris NFT Day is this innovative event space. You’ll find it in the hip 17th arrondissement, close to the Arc de Triomphe.

This location is ideal if you’re looking to host several NFT Events across different rooms. There are several spaces here, each with its own unique look.

For starters, the attic is perfect as a low-key conference space, with a stunning industrial roof with a large skylight. There’s a breakout room decorated with synthetic grass and excellent lounging furniture. As photographed, you’ll also love the tiered wooden seating area and cobbled store flooring.

You’ll also have an ample open plan cafeteria dining space with the signature industrial skylight and a stylish and towering bookcase wall. The location also includes a private kitchen, projectors, flipcharts, sound equipment, high-speed WiFi, and more. And finally, you’ll be able to host up to 80 people here.

Innovative Space in Paris For an NFT Conference

Innovative conference space in Paris
Innovative Space in Paris For an NFT Conference via Eventflare

Up next, we have this innovative space in Paris for an NFT conference. If you’re looking for futuristic vibes, then this venue near La République is what you’re looking for.

This minimal and uncluttered design is made atmospheric in the extreme thanks to the all-white colour motif. The furniture arrangements are versatile, so you can design the layout as you like. It spreads out over 120m2 and can accommodate up to 120 people for a seated event and 200 people for a standing event.

Plus, you’ll have ample AV equipment to run an NFT event. It has projectors, a professional lighting system, a sound system, and high-speed WiFi. You’ll also have solid extras such as a cloakroom, flipcharts, a private bar, and delicious catering options.

Playful Room For a Creative NFT Event in Paris

Playful room for creative encounters
Playful Room For a Creative NFT Event in Paris via Eventflare

If you want to host a creative, playful, and intimate event at blockchain week, then we have something you should see. In the illustrious 8th arrondissement, we have this playful room perfect for a hands-on NFT event.

This space is perfect for creative and collaborative events, so think of hackathons and workshops for blockchain week. This palace has a magical dynamism thanks to the whacky decor such as the slides, beanbags, yoga balls, neon signs, and the like.

It’s also given a splash of elegance thanks to fixtures such as the large skylights and glass partitions. It spreads out over 230m2 and can accommodate up to 180 people in a standing event and 100 people in a seated event.

Of course, it comes with everything you’ll need for an NFT event, including an HD TV with HDMI connections, projectors, sound equipment, and excellent WiFi. It also comes with a private kitchen for well-earned refreshments!

Contemporary Glass Event Venue For Paris NFT Day

Contemporary Glass Event Venue with Chic Decor
Contemporary Glass Event Venue For Paris NFT Day via Eventflare

Now it’s time for a venue that makes a flagship statement. This contemporary glass event venue is perfect for an NFT conference that shows authority.

You’ll find it in the quintessential 7th arrondissement, with remarkable views of the Eiffel Tower – which is only around the corner – and the rest of the city.

This conference room is an impressive 57 metres high, boasting a 6-metre tall ceiling. The floor-to-ceiling windows are a marvellous feature, as is the chic wooden stage area.

You’ll have first-class equipment here for your NFT event, including professional light rigging, sound equipment, projectors, high-speed WiFi, and more.

Plus, it’s a blank canvas venue, with up to 180m2 to work with. All in all, you’ll be able to accommodate up to 300 people here, and there’s even an excellent catering service too!

Magnificent Venue For an After-work Party During Blockchain Week

Magnificent vibrant venue with Mediterranean style featuring a unique design.
Magnificent Venue For an After-work Party During Blockchain Week via Eventflare

We couldn’t leave you without offering you an after-work venue. Paris NFT Day is a special day and deserves to be celebrated. Plus, hosting an after-work event is an excellent way of getting some serious networking done too!

This magnificent and vibrant venue with its hybrid Mediterranean and Latin style is perfect for a social NFT event. It’s a feast for the eyes, from the skylight to the racing green tile-work, lanterns, neo-folk furniture, and exotic plant life.

Your guests will love the multicultural catering menu and the private bar. Plus, there’s high-speed WiFi and projectors if you want to host a presentation. And finally, over its 450m2, you’ll be able to accommodate up to 500 people in a standing event and 280 people in a private dining event.

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap on our guide to where to host a side event for Paris NFT Day. If you like what you’ve seen, you can see a whole lot more of our venues in Paris here.

Once you’ve chosen a venue, your journey has only just begun. Next, you’ll need to read this article on how to host a blockchain conference!

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