The Best Areas in Prague for Hosting Events

12 March 2021
12 March 2021
The Best Areas in Prague for Hosting Events

Whether it’s for a weekend break, a group of beer enthusiasts, or a pilgrimage for baroque architecture, there’s always a good reason to go to Prague.

It’s an old city that is both loved and lovely. What you’re about to see – if you didn’t already know – is that Prague is a perfect place to host corporate events.

This article is a guide to the best areas in Prague for hosting events. By the time you reach the end, you will be in a great position to start booking your perfect venue in Prague.


Are we all aware of the Ugly Duckling Syndrome? Well the first of our areas in Prague is very much of that ilk. Žižkov was once a very unremarkable, working class part of Prague’s tapestry. Now it has flowered in full bloom.

And what’s more, it’s distinctie. For example, the iconic TV Tower was once voted the second ugliest building in the world. Now, that’s impressive.

This area is named after Jan Žižkov, a one-eyed warrior who was taking care of business way back in the 15th-century. This Czech hero never actually lost a battle. His remains lie in the National Monument. If you feel like paying your respects, you’ll find it atop Vitkov Hill. Well worth the trek.

Where to Host an Event in Žižkov

Green Oasis in the Heart of Prague
Green Oasis in the Heart of Prague via Eventflare

Both glamorous and impressive, this green oasis is in the heart of Prague. The glass ceiling is beautiful, and the decor is chic.

This space can host up to 250 for private dining. In addition, the venue also has an outdoor area for smaller meetings or just to hang out.


Smíchov is hunkered on the west bank of the Vltava. It’s a charming area that is pleasantly relieved of tourists. Trendy cafes and restaurants have taken over its maze of industrial chimneys and warehouses.

Where to Host an Event in Smíchov

Hip Industrial Conference Hub with Breakout Areas
Hip Industrial Conference Hub with Breakout Areas via Eventflare

This hip industrial space has a touch of colour that makes it hip and cheerful. You can see this in the light fixtures, the gleaming wooden floors, the plants and the colourful chairs.

This venue comes with a bar, terrace, lounge and three meeting rooms you can turn into breakout areas. In other words, the perfect location for conferences, workshops, meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Staré Město

Staré Město – also known as the Old Town – is as idyllic as Cinderella’s ball gown. It’s a fairytale destination for millions of tourists every year.

But don’t think its Gothic architecture, Old Town Square, Jewish Quarter, and Astronomical Clock are only for travellers and holiday-goers.

It’s a place where you can conduct corporate events too! The convenience of having Prague’s best sights all around you is a pretty special bonus, though.

Where to Host an Event in Staré Město

Creative Workshop Space with Natural Light via Eventflare

This creative worship is bursting with charm. It’s full of natural light from the large windows and is made all the more delightful by a gleaming yellow wall and colourful chairs.

The room can host 20 people in a theatre layout and 12 people in a boardroom set-up. The venue comes with all equipment necessary to make your meeting shine.

As for your amenities, you’ll have a projector, a magnetic whiteboard, and three niche dry-erase tables.

If you’d like to see more amazing stuff like this, we’ve written a guide to the best workshop venues in Prague. You should really check it out.

Nové Město

Nové Město is the baby area in Prague. Anyone who has younger siblings knows the baby of the family is the most spoiled and the most difficult. Not Nové Město though.

You’ll find Charles Square – the biggest in the city – right here, as well as the iconic Wenceslas Square. It’s here where some of the most important moments in Czech history have transpired, such as the Velvet Revolution in 1989.

If you want to satisfy your historical curiosity while you’re here, you should check out the National Museum. As well as having a whole host of cool historical artefacts, it’s got a huge taxidermy collection if you want to see something truly unique.

Where to Host an Event in Nové Město

Modern Blank Canvas Space with a Timeless Design
Modern Blank Canvas Space with a Timeless Design via Eventflare

This modern blank canvas is right in the heart of the New Town. Its design is timeless, sporting a contemporary industrial look. It has huge windows and a lovely roof terrace, allowing you to see the best of the city.

Whether you’re organising exhibitions, conferences, photoshoots or cocktail receptions, this blank canvas will do you proud. Plus, the venue includes AV equipment, air-conditioning, a stage and a cloakroom. Capacity-wise, this space can host events up to 750 people.


Vinohrady was once covered in vineyards, which makes sense, as that is what its name translates to. Corporate events hosted here will benefit from an international flavour.

As the most international area in the city, you’ll experience wonders such as Japanese bistros, Vietnamese restaurants, Parisian cafes – and who could go without Irish pubs?

Where to Host an Event in Vinohrady

Elegant and Luminous Venue for Private Encounters
Elegant and Luminous Venue for Private Encounters via Eventflare

This elegant and luminous venue is bright and unpretentious. Its classical core is made unassuming by quirky furnishings. You’ll love the glorious chandelier and chess-like black and white chairs.

Amenity wise, you have access to a TV, a flipchart and great WiFi. It’s a versatile space suitable for conferences, brainstorms, workshops, meetings, and seminars.

It has a U-shape capacity of 18 people, a boardroom capacity of 25 people, and a theatre capacity of 35 people.


Champions never concede defeat, and neither do the best areas. Karlín was decimated by floods in 2002, but it fought back. Its phoenix-like recovery is beautiful.

Before that, it had a rep as the bad kid in town. Nowadays, it is as charming and beloved as any other area in the city. It’s great for picnic spots, and has some great bars and cafes too.

Where to Stay in Karlín

Nature-Inspired Hotel with a Modern Decoration
Nature-Inspired Hotel with a Modern Decoration via Eventflare

This nature-inspired hotel is just a short walk from the Old Town. Guests will marvel at the beautifully designed modernist interior. It’s also great for larger teams; there are 214 spacious rooms!

Amenities will include comfortable beds, a Samsung Smart TV, Nespresso coffee machines, a kettle and strong WiFi. Plus, the stupendous bathrooms offer a rain shower and organic natural products.

The hotel also has a bistro bar where you can try typical Czech dishes paired with God-tier cocktails.


Our final area is one for the cool cats. For hipsters and off-beat people; for startups and up-and-comers; or, just people that want to see something new. It’s awash with alternative bars and trendy cafes for you to explore until you drop.

The Výstaviště exhibition grounds are nearby, offering a fascinating glimpse into Prague’s past as one of the great Habsburg cities.

It’s a creative hub that will be a credit to your events. And if you need a break, Letná Park is a beautiful place to be.

Where to Host an Event in Holešovice

Trendy Loft with a New York Style in Prague
Trendy Loft with a New York Style via Eventflare

This venue is a stunning vision of what interior design can be. Styled to look like a cosmopolitan New York apartment, your guests will love this place.

It’s well fitted and equipped, with a fully stocked bar, parking spaces and WiFi. Capacity wise, this venue can host up to 130 people.

Wrapping up 

Now you have an idea of what the different areas in Prague are all about. And as we said, you’ll be able to start booking your perfect venue in Prague with our streamlined booking service!

So you’ve decided your corporate retreat is going to be in Prague. The next thing on your to-do list is to book the perfect hotel. Thankfully, we’ve put together a guide to the best hotels in Prague – we hope you see something you like!

Featured image: Trendy Loft with a New York Style via Eventflare 

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