9 Exciting Team Building Activities in Stockholm

04 November 2021
04 November 2021
9 Exciting Team Building Activities in Stockholm

Team building activities serve different purposes, of course. Some are to foster team bonding. Some are a reward for good work. Then you have team building activities that are designed to develop essential team skills. Some are even all of the above.

Regardless of the reason, we’ve made a list that will allow you to achieve any team building outcome you have your heart set on.

We’ve got physical ones, thinking ones, and just plain fun ones! This is your portal to making the most out of your time in Stockholm. Now, get to it, and we hope you find what you’re looking for!

1. Archipelago Kayaking Tour

Archipelago Kayaking Tour via Outdoorvisit

So here we go, the first out our team building activities in Stockholm, an Archipelago Kayaking Tour. If you’re looking for a team activity, you literally can’t get in other cities. This is the one for you.

It’s your chance to get into untouched Swedish nature, for 8 hours of gentle exercise and remarkable sights.

You’ll have the chance to see wildlife such as seals and eagles, a relaxing break on a private island, Swedish fika (coffee and pastries), and a restaurant prepared meal (including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options).

What’s more, you’ll have the chance to improve your kayaking skills with your professional guide, and you can be picked up and dropped off at Stockholms Central Station or from your hotel if you’re part of a private group.

2. Golfbaren

Golfbaren via Facebook

Mini-golf is just regular golf with the annoying things removed. You don’t have to deal with wind and rain, you don’t have to spend an obscene amount of time looking for lost balls, and you don’t carry around a heavy bag.

Golfbaren is mini golf with class. It’s a great game for teams to play because even if you’ve never held a club before, you can join in very easily, it lights a fire under everyone’s competitive spirit, and plus, it’s just good fun!

They specialise in group parties and private rooms for intimate events, so it’s as versatile as your corporate party ideas can stretch.

The food menu is pure Americana – perfect for getting stuck into at a party. The drink menu is beer, wine and cocktail heavy. God forbid you to overindulge and putt for the win; you might start seeing three holes. Always aim for the one in the middle.

3. Escape Stories

Escape Stories via Thatsup

Escape Stories is a dramatic and exciting occasion for team building in Stockholm. It’s immersive, with fascinating plot lines and a beautiful, enigmatic set design. What’s more, they’re versatile experiences, being on location, at the office, or even outside!

There are five immersive games for your team to sink their teeth into. Find evidence in The Lost Manuscript, disarm a bomb in The Cover-Up, infiltrate a bank in The Break-In.

With their portable game, The Escape Box, you can have the fun brought to your hotel, home or office. And finally, in the spring and the summer, you can explore the city’s Old Town in their outdoor game while you try to unlock secret codes in The Da Vinci Quest.

4. Gokart Stockholm

Gokart Stockholm via Facebook

Next up, we have a team-building activity in Stockholm for the adrenaline junkies: go-karting.

We recommend Gokart Stockholm for all your racing needs. It’s a thrilling experience that will light a competitive fire under even the quietest team members.

You can book it for a quick half-hour drop-ins or a full day competitive race package, so there’s versatility for anything you’re looking for.

What’s more, they have segway rental and a food menu consisting of classic American fare from burgers, cheese sticks, and bbq ribs. What’s more, there’s a bar to celebrate with beer and champagne after some hard-fought racing.

And finally, you’ll find it south of Hornstull, conveniently located nearby Globen Metro station.

5. Peak Performance

Peak Performance Team Building via Catalystteambuilding

If you think your team could benefit from climbing Mount Everest but don’t have the time or resources to fly out to base camp, then you can satisfy your urge with Peak Performance.

It’s a collaborative and/or competitive team building game that can be done remotely, face-to-face, or in a hybrid setting.

Key information is delivered to their team tablet each day of the expedition. Teams race against the other teams to make quick and decisive decisions.

The fun isn’t all virtual either. Teams complete a series of physical challenges like timed pop-up tent pack ups, a blindfold climbing harness challenge and sleeping bag stuffing.

It’s a frantic race that will challenge your team’s problem-solving skills, communication, and competitive spirit!


iBuild via Catalystteambuilding

If you’re looking for your team building activity in Stockholm to develop critical workplace skills, you’ll love iBuild.

It’s a competitive and collaborative game that can be brought straight to your office or your meeting space, lasting between 1 and 3 hours.

The premise is simple. You’re put into small teams and tasked with building a model with straightforward elements. It will challenge your team’s communications, strategy development, and execution.

It’s a game that is not only fun but doesn’t allow for any passengers!

7. Moyagi

Moyagi via Moyagi

Karaoke is magical. It’s one of those joyous activities where you don’t have to be good, and anyone can join in. In fact, it’s funner when you can’t sing!

Our hottest recommendation in this city is Moyagi. If you have your heart set on karaoke for your next team building in Copenhagen, then this is it.

They have large private rooms with funky neon lights. They also have a superb street food menu, an elaborate cocktail menu, and fantastic discos! And best of all, it’s located in the heart of the city!

8. Ball Breaker

Ballbreaker via Facebook

Are you sometimes jealous that kids get to go to play areas, and fun parties, while you need to do adult things like board games and charades? Well, Ball Breaker is here to let you indulge in childish fun once again.

There’s bowling, slot care racing, VR gaming, darts, golf, pool, hunting, racing, and shuffleboard. You can book in for one or build a custom package where you can do it all!

They also pride themselves in their vast catering options, from 3-course meals, BBQ platters, Christmas menu’s, bar snacks, wine menu’s, a la carte dining, and more.

And finally, you’ll find it on the island of Kungsholmen, just west of the city centre.

9. Tido

Tido via Facebook

Sadly, this is our final team-building activity in Stockholm today. But, we’re leaving you with a beauty: Tido. Their motto is a simple one: eat, drink, play. Now that sounds pretty nice, right?

It’s a comprehensive team outing experience. They feed you, let you party hard, and give you a superb VR hub and bar games such as ice hockey for you to let loose. They even have a neon climbing wall! Plus, there are cool lounge areas just to chill out and have a good chat!

Their food is divine. It’s a menu that’s been carefully crafted to do a lot but without being too congested. It has familiar classics like pizza, with classy mains like steak tartar and oyster mushrooms, with sides such as fried halloumi, chorizo, avocado toast and shrimp. What’s more, they have a full drinks menu with a superb wine collection and a substantial variety of beers.

Wrapping up

Well, there you have it, our favourite team building activities in Stockholm. We hope you’ve seen some stuff to take to your colleagues.

And if you’ve found the perfect activity, but now you need the ideal venue, then you really need to check out our workshop rooms in Stockholm. We have spaces for every style and every size!

And before you go, how about one last bit of expert advice on us. Our guide to Hotels in Stockholm for your international delegates. Why? Because you and yours deserve the finer things in life.

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