Hotels In Stockholm For Your International Delegates

13 January 2021
13 January 2021
Hotels In Stockholm For Your International Delegates

For too long, hotels for corporate trips have been afterthoughts. We say enough is enough. A good hotel can be one of the highlights of a trip. You work hard, so you deserve to live like royalty. 

We’ve put this guide together for the best hotels in Stockholm for you and your international delegates to convince you so. 

Nordic Light Hotel

Nordic Light Hotel via nordiclighthotel

Nordic Light Hotel is the full Nordic experience, which is really what you’re after when it comes to hotels in Stockholm. It’s central, meaning you can explore Stockholm’s finest sights and restaurants on foot, and it embraces the Nordic tradition of comfort and design.

There are 159 rooms and ten suites designed by John Tong to reflect Nordic concepts of tranquillity, harmony, and recovery. Only locally sourced materials have been used, with attention to acoustic insulation, comfort, Björk & Berries amenity products and free WiFi.

Their restaurant, LYKKE, focuses on making you feel welcome. It feels like a friendly local bistro. You’ll get to experience flavours from all over our little planet, like southern Europe, the Middle East, and flavours closer to their Northerly home. Regardless if you want a full dinner, a light snack, brunch, lunch or just a drink, it’s an excellent place to hang out. 

Grand Hotel

classy hotel room
Grand Hotel via grandhotel

The Grand Hotel has been a hotel of choice in Stockholm for celebrities, high profile guests, and folk who love luxury since 1874. You’ll find it on the waterfront, overlooking the Royal Palace and Gamla Stan. 

Say you’ve tried their famous smörgåsbord at their Veranda Bar, the award-winning Mathias Dahlgren restaurant, or the miraculous neo-19th century Cadier Bar

The Nordic Spa & Fitness facility is extraordinary, with delights such as a Swedish massage, chiropractors, Chinese medicines and personal trainers. 

The spacious rooms and suites are outrageously fancy. There are terraces, parlours, grand pianos, and king-size beds. 

Diplomat Hotel

elegant suite
Diplomat Hotel via Facebook 

Diplomat Hotel is a singularly unique Art Nouveau palace. It’s right in the city centre and has beautiful views over the Nybroviken waterfront. 

Their gym and retreat facilities go beyond, with sauna, massage, hair salon, gym, and skin care services. 

The restaurant and bar is a real treat. It’s popular with tourists and locals, so you know it’s not tired old hotel food. Their big windows allow you to watch the harbour lazily while you eat and drink. 

The rooms and suites are all delightfully bright and Scandinavian in style. There are over 130 to choose from. They all range in size and amenities, from the luxurious to the insanely luxurious. So all you need to do is select the one that fits you right. 

Hotel Villa Dagmar

Hotel Villa Dagmar via Facebook

Hotel Villa Dagmar is a work in progress that we’re incredibly excited about. Opening in early 2021, It’s a project from your new friend Diplomat Hotel.

Villa Dagmar is an intimate boutique hotel with 70 individually designed guest rooms and suites and a range of restaurant experiences, event and private dining areas, a concept store, a flower shop, a spa and a fitness centre.

We can’t wait to see what new 5 star hotels Stockholm will be home to thanks to this groups in the future! 

Hobo Hotel

suite in stockholm
Hobo Hotel via hobo

Hobo Hotel is a boutique hotel Stockholm can count as a veritable city centre attraction. Its philosophy on community makes it unique. They’ve built a place to create, have fun, and work. 

They have 201 rooms, two bars, a restaurant, events areas, and a nightclub on the weekend. A midnight shopping facility, called the Grandpa Kiosk, is available for everything from newspapers to laptop cases and bespoke t-shirts. There is also a pop-up area for collaborations between artists called SPACEby. 

Their rooms come in 4 categories: Sleeper, Room, Superior, and Suite. Each room is full of fun and useful gadgets and comforts. The unique designs are thanks to German design agency Studio Aisslinger

Hotel J

Hotel J via hotelj

Hotel J is on Nacka Strand, a short journey away from the noise of the city. You are right on the doorstep to the famous archipelago islands, while still being close enough to embrace the city. 

The rooms have a white and blue colour scheme. Very appropriate for its proximity to the sea. There are private balconies, amazing sea views – yes, a sea view only Stockholm hotels could offer, double beds, and super-fast wifi.

Restaurant J is a crucial part of your stay here. It’s a seaside restaurant in the city’s urban archipelago. Using ingredients from the archipelago’s 30,000 islands, it’s unpretentious and delicious – the best of seafood and Americana. 

Njuta Spa is also a lovely part of your Hotel J package. It all takes place in a villa attachment from the 19th century. The service is personalised to each guest, so pick your treatment or trust the masters.

Hesselby Castle

colorful hotel room
Hesselby Castle via hesselbyslott

Hesselby Castle is Sweden’s self-confessed music castle, just outside the city. It’s got 70 different rooms, a restaurant with a capacity of 140 people, and 12 conference rooms for up to 2 to 130 guests. 

The rooms are all named after musical themes, and you’d be a fool to notice the musical decorations. Each room is unique and entirely quirky. They are loud in design like the music the hotel is famed for. 

They put on many activities, like concerts, tastings, team buildings, music studios, lecturers, and parties. And, to seal the deal, they’ve got a sauna and free parking. Magnifique. If you like 5 star hotels Stockholm will do you right! 


Hotel at Six

hotel room Stockholm
Hotel at Six via Facebook

Hotel at Six is a phoenix of a hotel. It stands on the ground of the old Brunkebergstorg, where Stockholm’s high society and cultural elite would meet at the turn of the 19th century. 

There are a lot of rooms here. 343 to be exact. The rooms range in size, from spacious standard to masterpiece presidential suite. Regardless of size, they all share essential features that make luxury. 

The services and amenities at Hotel at Six are second to none. Think duck down duvets, fully stocked minibars, in-room retail shops, high-quality sound systems, flat-screen TV’s, Swedish Anders Hilding king-size beds, steamers in suits, tea and coffee, 24hr fitness centre, and luggage services. 

For eating and drinking, there’s some exploring needed. There’s a restaurant, bistro, two bars, and a rooftop park. Their restaurant is one of the most famed in the city, with one of the biggest and best wine lists you’ll see in the country. 

The rooftop park is 1200m2 and has hosted concerts, cinema showings, and many other activities. A boutique hotel Stockholm can be proud of! 

Näsby Castle

classy and stylish room
Näsby Castle via nasbyslott

Näsby Castle is known as the party castle! It’s been home to countless parties, weddings and meetings. You’ll find it next to Näsbyviken in Täby. So you’re just 15 minutes away from the city. Hotels in Stockholm don’t come much livelier. 

The restaurant is a backdrop to any occasion. Be sure to catch their gentile afternoon teas or popular afterwork sessions. Their menu is relative to the season at hand, and they love using hands-on cooking techniques like pickling, digging and smoking. 

Take a dip off the jetty, a walk around the picturesque grounds, or laze about in their super rooms. They are newly built and have modern touches like Bluetooth speakers. What you’ll love is the 1950’s elegance they recall – fireplaces, private balconies, king-size beds, bathtubs. It’s heaven. 

Wrapping up

We told you! Hotels in Stockholm are on another planet. Hotels are sad little afterthoughts no more. And now time to clean up after our own mess. 

If you book hotels this good, you’re going to need to be convinced to leave them. Well, challenge accepted…

How about a first-class company party? We’ve put a guide together for the best venues for that too.

Featured image Hotel at Six via Facebook

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